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22 January 2012 @ 10:23 pm
Fic: Empire State of Mind – Chapter 10: Las Madres  
Title:  Empire State of Mind – Chapter 10: Las Madres
Author: agentb81
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Brittany/Santana
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 7000
Disclaimer: Glee is copyrighted and belongs to the creators and Fox. As this work is an interpretation of the original material and not for-profit, it constitutes fair use. Use of other personalities is not a reflection of their real lives and is completely fictional. Title taken from Jay-Z and Alicia Keys’ Empire State of Mind, this fiction does not use any other material from the song.
Summary: AU Two very different young women find themselves in the big city of New York about to embark on the biggest career moves of their lives.
Spoilers: None.
A/N: For Lizzy.
A/N 2: Thank you to my good friend startled_always aka @frognutter who helped me figure a few things out on this chapter and also came up with the title.

Previous Chapters: Prologue / Chapter 1: Sweat and Tears / Chapter 2: Hustle and Bustle / Chapter 3: Will and Hope / Chapter 4: Tiptoe / Chapter 5: Entwined / Chapter 6: New Beginning / Chapter 7: Two Become One / Chapter 8: Unholy Trinity / Chapter 9: Stripped

Mothers. They are the first person we ever have a connection with.  We live within them for nine months. They go through excruciating pain to experience the most magical moment of their lives and the result is you. A little bundle of joy to love and to cherish for as long as you both shall live. Even beyond. That is how it is supposed to be. They nurture you, teach you, educate you, shape you into the human being you are to become.  They are your family.  Everyone is unique and ultimately families exist in all manner of combinations.
You grow up, you form opinions, you form attachments to people and to different ideals. You make your own choices, you pay your own prices, you bask in your own successes and dwell on your own misfortune. You may not live the life your Mother imagined, you may not have chosen the ideal career or romantic partner. You may struggle and feel an overwhelming sense of guilt for trying to be happy. Happiness is the one thing your Mother wants for you from the moment you were born. But the reason for one person's happiness may be another's disapproval.
For two women alone out of eight million people in New York City, their Mothers could not be more similar and dissimilar at the same time.  They love their daughters, yet question some of their life choices; unsettling the family unit, a far cry from those early stages of their child's lives. Yet the two girls in question were able to find one another in a world of seven billion people, and a country of three hundred million people. It would appear these two lives had taken similar paths until they finally crossed on that fateful night.

Santana was pottering around her apartment, tidying up, putting things away. Rarely did she have time to just concentrate on home making. She had worked late the previous night, Brittany picked her up before they both made their way to the blonde's home.  The chef had returned to her own abode following a hearty brunch and post food cuddles. As much as the blonde had insisted she stayed, Santana joked that her laundry would end up walking itself to the washer if she didn't attend to it soon. Brittany pouted in an attempt to make her girlfriend stay. Two orgasms later, a dishevelled Santana made her way home with a grin to rival the Cheshire Cat.
As the brunette picked up a pile of dirty laundry, her cell phone began to ring. Groaning, she reached awkwardly into her pocket, balancing the clothing against her chest with one arm. All attempts to keep her face out of the pile was futile as she held the phone to her ear, expecting it to be her girlfriend.
"So a whole night and a repeat morning performance not enough for you babe?" she laughed, launching the clothes in her arms onto the bed.
"Too much information Santana Lopez."
"Mom!" exclaimed the brunette, her eyes widening comically. "I, I . . ."
"Was expecting someone else?" her mother finished for her. "As I suspected."  she sighed before continuing, "So am I right to assume you've met someone?"
"Err yeah." replied Santana, still slightly stunned that her mother be calling her on a week day. "Mom, why are you calling?"
"Just checking in with my daughter." Eva Lopez replied, "So who is she?" Santana sighed as thoughts of her girlfriend flooded her mind. "She must be someone special, I mean remember the last thing you said to me before you left?"
"Don't be smart Santana."
Santana smirked, she still had a knack of winding up her mother. She was pleased she had not lost that trait. "Ok, ok," she rolled her eyes, hearing the impatient puff of air on the other end of the line, "I said I was coming out here to concentrate on my career."
"And?" the elder Lopez urged.
"And," the young brunette sighed, "No women."
"And may I remind you why you said that?"
"No." Santana answered bluntly.
"I saw her you know." Eva began. "We passed on Rodeo Drive. She was alone. She was such a lovely girl."
"She cheated on me Mom." the chef stressed through gritted teeth. Santana knew that her parents were very fond of her former girlfriend. They had been dating for almost a year, the longest relationship Santana had endured, before she caught her in the arms of another man. It transpired the guy was a former boyfriend who had recently come back to town. They had been secretly seeing one another for four months behind Santana's back, the girlfriend blaming Santana's unsociable working hours for the affair. "It's been two years Mom."
"So you must know how overjoyed I am to hear that you've finally moved on, particularly as you were dead set against any sort of romance." Mrs Lopez beamed. "So, who is she, what does she do and when did you meet her?" she asked inquisitively. Santana knew the subject would not be dropped until she satisfied her Mom with the relevant information.
The brunette sighed in defeat, "Her name is Brittany, she's a performer on Broadway and I met her on the opening night of the restaurant." If Santana could see her mother now she would see her 'I told you so' grin and raised eyebrow. "Don't say a word." the brunette warned.
"You clearly have the wrong impression of me darling." Santana could hear the smirk in her voice. She knew it well, she was her mother's daughter after all.
"Mom," Santana sighed again, despite them frequently clashing over certain things, she did miss the banter she shared with her mother. "I appreciate you looking out for my welfare and your somewhat unhealthy interest in my love life, but please, let me just get on with it. I moved out here for work and, now don't take this the wrong way, to be away from you and Dad. I couldn't handle you interfering the whole time." she said.
"Santana," Eva began.
"Please let me finish," Santana interrupted, "Apart from moving to Europe to train, this move was the best decision I've ever made and it was made because of my career. I love my job Mom, I know you don't understand it, but I love it and because of it, I got to meet the most incredible girl I could ever dream to have met. She's so sweet and beautiful and patient and she loves me for everything I am and encourages me for everything I want to be. It was that day Mom, one day that has changed my life forever and for the first time in forever I am happy. I love my job and I have an incredible girlfriend. All I need now is for you and Dad to accept that I'm a chef. I cook food, I make people happy and I love it. I know you consider it to be a less prestigious job and even training with amazing chefs in Paris and London didn't seem to change your mind. Why can't you understand that it's more than just a job to me?"
"Santana." Mrs Lopez sighed, she had heard the spiel a number of times before. She had always considered a chef someone she would employ and therefore not a good enough job for her daughter. Since birth she had high hopes of Santana following in the family business, become a doctor, or at the very least another highly thought of, highly paid professional. "I, I . . ." it was her turn to stutter, a rarity for the elder woman to be at a loss for words.
"Mom, I've been nominated for a James Beard award."
"I don't know what that is."
"I didn't suspect you would." Santana spat with sarcasm. "It's like a massive awards thing in the industry, Google it." she suggested. "Look Mom, it would mean the world to me if you could come, I got you and Dad tickets."
"Have you won?"
"I don't know yet Mom." the chef replied with frustration.
"When is it?" Eva attempted to sound interested.
"Next weekend."
"Oh well that's too short notice Santana." Eva suggested passively.
"I sent you an email like two weeks ago!"  the chef yelled.
"Oh. I did mean to read that." the elder woman admitted. Santana was beyond frustrated, she did not expect anything less of her mother, yet sometimes she hoped, just a little bit that she would at least try. "I'll have a word with your father, but I can't promise anything." Santana sighed in defeat, she knew it was worthless trying to convince her Mom to attend what could be the greatest night of Santana's career to date.
"Britt's going, but she doesn't know I've been nominated. It's a surprise." Santana sounded deflated, "Because you know, she actually cares about what I do."
"Santana . . ." her mother warned.
"It's ok Mom, I understand." The brunette could feel the tears welling in her eyes, threatening to spill over.  She looked up, willing them to stay where they were. She did not want to cry on the phone to her mother, because of her mother. She had wasted too many tears over her parents already in this lifetime. Just once, she wanted them to be proud of her. "Err listen, I err, I have to go." her voice was straining, she knew she had to hang up the phone before Eva said anything that would tip her over the edge.
"Ok honey, I'll talk to you soon." her mother stated.
"Bye Mom." Santana said and tore the phone from her ear before she could hear the response. She hit the end button and flopped backwards onto the bed.

Brittany sang softly as she gathered the sheets from her bed. If Santana was going to do laundry, then so was she, her logic believed that they would be doing the laundry together. She smiled to herself as she recalled exactly why her sheets required changing in the first place. It had been a pleasant evening. She followed her ritual of visiting the restaurant for a drink following her evening performance. Santana met her at the bar when she clocked off and the two decided to meander home, hand in hand in the pleasant spring evening air.  With the love birds both having a free morning the next day, they made the most of the time they spent together, embroiled in one another, re-exploring each other's bodies with renewed passion. The past couple of weeks had been exhausting in terms of their work and their relationship and being able to unwind like they did was perfect timing. As Brittany flopped back onto her bed with a satisfied sigh, her cell phone rang. Smiling wistfully and closing her eyes, she lifted the device to her ear.
"Missing me already?" she asked seductively.
"I always miss you dear."
"Mom!" exclaimed the blonde, clearly not expecting her mother's voice to answer.
"Yes of course." Valerie paused for thought, "Were you expecting someone else?"
"Err no?" It came out as a question and Brittany mentally slapped herself for being so obvious. "Anything I can help with you with Mom?" she asked sweetly.
"I'm just calling for a catch up with my daughter." Valerie replied. "So who were you expecting Brittany?" The elder blonde would normally tell her daughter she was not born yesterday, but it was not necessary, Brittany knew her mother better than that.
"Santana came earlier." she cringed at the double entendre. She was not exactly lying.
"I see." Valerie replied. Brittany frowned, something was slightly off with her mother's tone. Usually she would sing Santana's praises, ask how the chef was and how the restaurant was doing. The short reply had the dancer frown with concern. "I saw Daniel at the coffee shop in town yesterday."
"Oh," Brittany sat up immediately, her eyes wide with concern, "you did?"
"Yes, he had some very interesting things to say."
"He did?"
"Yes." Valerie said sharply. "He said I needed to talk to you, that you turned him down because you were dating someone else."
"Arh." The blonde said. She was actually thankful that Daniel had not outted her relationship with Santana.
"So, who is he?" Valerie asked with excitement, "Is it that guy Noah from the show? Or Mike, I know Mike has a soft spot for you." Brittany sighed. It was the same old story. The moment her mother had caught wind of her being in a relationship with someone, Valerie automatically assumed it was a guy. No matter how many times Brittany tried to convince her otherwise, her mother would not accept her daughter was also attracted to women. It was becoming tougher for the dancer to handle.
"Mom, it's not Puck, or Mike, or anyone from the show."
"Then who is it dear, it's not like you have an opportunity to hang out anywhere else, unless it's one of Santana's friends from the restaurant." Brittany rolled her eyes at her mother's ramblings, only she did not stop there. "Oh it is isn't it, is that handsome Matre D fellow or the hunk from the bar?" The blonde stifled a laugh at the possibility of Kurt being her boyfriend.
"No Mom," she sighed, time to bite the bullet. "It's San."
"Sam? Do I know Sam?"
"Not Sam, Mom, San." she let out a breath before continuing. "Santana, I'm in a relationship with Santana and I love her Mom." She was met with silence. "I appreciate you looking out for my welfare and I love you Mom, but Santana makes me insanely happy. I've been so concentrated on my career that I forgot what it was like to really love someone and I know you have difficulty understanding, but please try." Brittany pleaded.
"Brittany," began Valerie.
"Please let me finish Mom, while I can." Brittany stated quietly, yet firmly. "You know that I'm attracted to both men and women and you knew this moment could come. Yes I've dated girls and I've dated guys and I've tried to respect your upbringing and your beliefs. I love her Mom, I know you don't understand it, but I love her and because of it my whole life feels brighter. My performances have been the best they've ever been, my voice is stronger, my dance is on a level I never thought was possible and it's all because Santana's given me that extra confidence and the happiness to succeed. I love my girlfriend and I have an incredible job. All I need now is for you to accept that I'm in love with Santana. I really wanted to tell you this in person. I know you like Santana Mom and I know you love me and just because San and I love each other, it doesn't change who we are, if anything, it makes us better people, because we bring out the best in one another. Please try to understand." Brittany concluded with a sigh. Words were never her strong point, she was always so much better face to face with someone, able to read their emotions and show through her own exactly what she was feeling.
"Brittany." Valerie sighed. In truth she did know that one day Brittany could tell her she had fallen in love with a woman, but for so long, she also knew she could equally fall in love with a man, and it was that hope she clung on to.  "I, I . . ." she stuttered, at a loss for words. On some level she knew her daughter's friendship with Santana ran deeper than usual friendships. The way they had interacted with one another on Brittany's birthday had Valerie's suspicions raised slightly, though denial was prevalent within the elder Pierce and had a strong hold over her thoughts. It had not been easy for Valerie, she had tried so hard to understand Brittany's lifestyle, accepting that it wasn't a choice, but who she was. The reality now was Brittany was admitting to being in love and happy with Santana. The dancer had kept her love life low key in the past, never really mentioning anyone she was dating and in some respects not knowing was easier for Valerie to handle. But now it had all changed.
"Mom, Dad knows." Brittany said, biting her lip nervously. "But don't get mad, I wanted to tell you myself."
"You told him and not me?" Valerie spoke with assertiveness.
"No Mom, he guessed and we couldn't deny it. He told me I had to tell you." the young blonde said.
"And you waited until your ex boyfriend told me you weren't interested because you were dating someone else?" Valerie accused, "That's not fair Brittany."
"I know, I'm so sorry it's happened this way, but you totally blind sided me with Daniel!" Brittany accused.
"You knew he was coming to town Brittany, I told you."
"Yes," Brittany sighed, "but you didn't tell me he wanted to get back together with me and was going to physically force himself upon me!"
"He did what?" Valerie asked with shock.
"He forced himself upon me Mom because you told him I was still interested!" the dancer said, her voice cracking with emotion. There was an extended pause on the end of the line.
"I'm so sorry sweetheart." Valerie said audibly deflated.
"You can't interfere with my life like that Mom. If it wasn't for Santana, I don't know what I would have done."
"Did, did she take care of you?" it hurt to say, but Valerie forced it passed the lump in her throat.
"Yes." Brittany stated. "She makes me feel safe and loved."
"Brittany," Valerie began, she took a moment to find her words, "all this is a lot to take in." she admitted. "I do love you Brittany. I, I have to go, I'll call you later in the week." the elder woman concluded.
"Ok Mom." it had been an emotional phone call for the both of them. Brittany knew it was a lot for her mother to handle in one telephone conversation. She was grateful Valerie had Ray to help her. She was unsure if Valerie would call her,  her tone had seemed distant and unsure, but Brittany kept her faith. "Bye, I love you."
"Yes dear, goodbye."

"Are you crying?" Brittany asked, stunned.
"What?" Santana sniffled, "No. Are you?"
"No." she choked. "I'm not crying."
"You're crying."
"So are you."
"Why are you crying?"
"My Mom." The blonde replied, taking a deep breath. "Why are you crying?"
"My Mom." sighed the brunette.
"Do you need a hug?"
"Yeah. Do you?"
"Yeah. Hurry up and open the door. I need it now."
Santana bolted toward her front door, skidding in her socks to a stop on the hardwood floor, crashing into the obstacle keeping her and Brittany apart. She fumbled with the lock, her phone lay heavy in her hand, causing another obstruction from the girl she loved. Finally heaving open the door, the blonde fell into her arms, instantly wrapping her arms around the chef's lithe body.  "I need this so much."
"You told her?" Santana mumbled into her girlfriend's neck. Brittany's reply was a simple nod. The brunette hugged the taller girl closer to her body, ensuring she knew that whenever and whatever, she would be there for her.
Reluctantly Brittany pulled back, fresh tears appeared in her eyes. Santana smiled sadly at the blonde and reached up to gently wipe away a loose tear. "Do you think we fell in love too quickly?" Brittany asked. Taken aback the Latina frowned and tilted her head, attempting to understand the question she had just heard. Sensing her confusion, the dancer continued. "I mean, we haven't been together very long."
"No, I don't." Santana answered almost immediately. "I mean, I may have taken some convincing, but I was just scared and yeah at first it was all happening too fast, but you can't help your feelings Britt, there's no slow motion or pause button." she shrugged. "What did she say?" the brunette asked suspiciously, referring to Brittany's conversation with her mother.
"Not much, actually." the blonde replied. "Can we sit?" she motioned towards the living room. Santana nodded, took Brittany's hand in her own and guided her through to the couch.
"Are you doubting us?" Santana asked, her voice broken.
"No!" Brittany all but yelled, she threw herself at Santana who let out a shaky breath of relief, the rest of the air being knocked out of her as the blonde pulled her into another tight hug. "No, absolutely not. I'm just trying to see it from outside of us."
"You don't need to Britts." Santana said, she pulled the blonde's hands away and held them in her lap, her eyes trained carefully on the bright blue orbs before her. "The heart knows what it desires. And mine wants yours." she smiled warmly. Brittany too smiled, fresh tears appearing in her eyes. "I know this is still new to us, and we're going to meet challenges, but we'll face them together. You've taught me to open my heart again Brittany after my past and letting my head rule for so long. But you make me insanely happy and that's not something I'm renowned for. I can't tell you happy my Mom is about us." she chuckled. Brittany's eyebrows shot to meet her hairline.
"You told your Mom?" she appeared surprised.
"Yeah." Santana shrugged, "Sort of by accident." Brittany knew of Santana's relationship with her parents and the only reason Santana had not informed them of her relationship with Brittany was because of the shameless gloating she would be privy to. Brittany had mused over how reversed hers and Santana's relationship with their mothers were. "She loved it." the brunette rolled her eyes.
"I wish mine did." Brittany smiled sadly.
"Hey, look, our Moms are like totally opposite, yours is so proud of you and your career but is a little more uptight with your sexuality."
"That's an understatement." muttered the blonde.
"And mine," Santana continued, "thinks chefs are the hired help, but is totally cool with my sexuality. Even if she does meddle too much."
"In that respect they're the same." Brittany giggled. "I told her what Daniel did, she apologised but I think she was secretly pleased you were there for me afterwards."
Santana dropped her head remembering the aftermath of Brittany's encounter with Daniel, and her own misunderstanding with Quinn. The three women had put that incident behind them and the restaurateur was the picture of professionalism and poise having apologised profusely at her behaviour. Santana on the other hand, could not help but feel the anxiety that engulfed her every time Brittany's ex boyfriend's name was mentioned. He had caused all sorts of unsettlement in the first place, particularly after what had happened to Santana in the past. She could not help but feel the same dread that flooded her the moment she had caught her ex girlfriend in the arms of her supposedly former boyfriend. Sensing Santana's discomfort Brittany pulled the brunette into her body.
"Hey," Brittany said softly, her fingers working their way into the silken raven locks on her shoulder, "Santana," she cooed loving the way the Latina's name rolled off her tongue. "I know you know I love you." she cringed at the sudden verbal explosion, no matter how much time she spent with the other woman, Santana had a way of creating waves of excited nervous energy within her. Santana shook slightly  against her girlfriend as she stifled a giggle causing Brittany to smile widely.  Putting that behind her, she continued, "My Mom makes me think and I don't really like that. But when I think of us, I know it's right. I feel like sometimes I don't even deserve you or that it's like a dream and one day I'll wake up and you'll not be there, I'll never have known you and that makes me sad." Santana hugged Brittany closer, aware the blonde wanted to continue, but wordlessly letting her know she was there. "To quote one of my favourite movies, you had me at hello. Although hello wasn't exactly one of the first words you said to me. But I can't say it better than that and I know it took you time to open up because of things that have happened in the past, but you let me be your friend and I know you don't do that easily or much and that for me is the biggest thing, because then we became best friends and then we became us. I fell so easily in love with you Santana because you gave me you and every day I feel blessed and honoured to have your heart. I see you Santana and even though we have so much to learn about each other, I can't wait." She sighed, "My Mom may find this difficult, but she already sees what an amazing person you are and I know she'll come around."
The words hung in the air for a moment, Santana digested them. She made sure they would stay imprinted on her mind forever, because any tiny elements of doubt or fear she had before were now as good as erased. Brittany constantly showed her and told her exactly what she meant to the blonde and it always gave her the confidence to knock down her own proverbial walls and let the dancer guide them both forward. It felt exhilarating to relinquish such control and although she would often step forward with trepidation, Santana knew it was the right path. Brittany was accurate, what they had was right.
"I love you." Santana stated honestly, lifting her eyes to meet the crystal blue she adored. She placed a peck on the lips she cherished and pulled back, taking a moment to take in the beauty that was Brittany. "What were they?" she asked.
Brittany's brow creased, "What were what?"
"The first words I spoke to you?" she asked curiously, she remembered the very first moment she laid eyes on the blonde, but what the brunette had said was very much a blur.
"Err yeah." the blonde stated.
"What?" Santana asked, puzzled. "What did I say?"
"You said 'Err yeah'." Brittany repeated. "I said, 'Long day?' and you replied, 'err yeah'." the blonde clarified.
"All I remember was your incredible eyes, your beautiful blonde hair and your big smile. And the beer of course." Santana laughed.  "Ohmygod you were totally hitting on me."
"Maybe I was hitting on you, it worked didn't it? In the end." Brittany chortled along. "And of course you would remember the beer."
"I was so nervous." Santana reminisced, "Here was this stunning woman sitting beside me, talking to me when I looked like absolute crap." the brunette continued, "I don't usually have conversations like that with strangers, but you made it so easy. You do make everything seem so easy Britts." she gushed. "And I'm so sorry for being so selfish over the whole Daniel and your mother thing."
"Hey," Brittany replied with a shrug as if dismissing the statement, "We've been through this, I know you're sorry and I understand. It's over, ok?"
"Ok." the chef smiled weakly, still feeling pangs of guilt whenever the subject was mentioned. However Brittany had accepted her apology and was keen to move on from the incident. "I could lay here all day with you. I don't want to go to work."
"Are you serious?" Brittany asked, startled. "I have never heard you say you don't want to go to work!" exclaimed the dancer with pure excitement. "It must be love!" she laughed, digging Santana in the ribs teasingly.
"Hey, cut that out." Santana retaliated, she started to tickle Brittany's sides, earning a shriek from the blonde. "You sound like my mother!" she continued her assault on the taller girl, gaining more momentum, she moved to straddle the dancer, her nimble fingers  finding each of her lover's sensitive spots.
"Stop it!" shrieked the blonde, "San!" she begged in a high pitched tone. "Please San, I'll do anything!" she blurted causing the brunette to raise her eyebrow.
"Anything?" Santana asked with a smirk.
"Anything." Brittany replied, struggling for breath between laughter.
"You promise?" the brunette asked, her hands speeding up with their torture. Brittany wriggled and squealed, trying to break free from Santana's grasp. The blonde was laughing so hard, her eyes were squeezed shut, her hands grabbed at the chef's wrists but the Latina was unrelenting. Santana too chuckled heartily, there was nothing she loved more than hearing Brittany laugh, the joy emanating from the blonde was uplifting and heart warming. Santana made it her mission to make Brittany laugh or at least smile as often as possible. Her beauty was simply radiant, Santana suddenly stilled her motions and gazed adoringly at the angel below her. As the blonde's giggles subsided, she carefully cracked her eyes open, suspicious of the sudden end to the assault. When saw the awe inspired brown orbs  gazing lovingly at her, Brittany smiled shyly.
"What?" Brittany asked innocently.
Without a sound, Santana leaned down and closed the gap agonisingly slowly between the two women. She latched her lips onto the blonde's, her eyes closed in anticipation and let a small sigh of satisfaction upon contact. Brittany too closed her eyes, she would never tire of feeling the brunette's full lips upon her own, or any part of her body. Aside from Santana's eyes, her lips were most definitely the dancer's favourite part of the Latina's body. As well as her dimples which caused the blonde to melt every time she even thought about them. Then there was the Latina's neck and collarbone, so elegant yet kissable. Arms, Brittany thought, Santana's arms were incredible, the warm comfort and safety they offered her were beyond anything she had ever imagined. The arch in the brunette's back before meeting her backside was another thing the dancer marvelled, the smooth lines of the Latina, so sumptuous and inviting. Brittany felt herself quiver as she continued to kiss her girlfriend, the thoughts causing her arousal to heighten. Without thought, her hands began to trace paths over the chef's body, settling on her ample bosom. Brittany met Santana's groan with her own pleasurable moan. The Latina's breasts were definitely high on Brittany's list. Santana's thighs clenched tightly against the dancer's legs causing the blonde to gasp, instantly recalling the strength and the muscles of those very thighs, the smoothness of the skin and ability to make Brittany squirm. Those legs also held a prominent spot on the dancer's list. Particularly when said legs were wrapped tightly around her waist. Brittany groaned again in anticipation of a repeat performance from earlier that day, and the previous evening. The couple simply could not get enough of one another. Despite their busy schedules, they always managed to make up for it on their down time.
Determined to keep her promise to the Latina, Brittany mustered all her strength and flipped Santana over so she was now laying on her back, the blonde hovering over her, a victorious smile plastered across her face.
"B." Santana gasped as the blonde continued to paw at her breasts, her lips now firmly attached to the Latina's neck, working their way down and over her collar bone.
"Mmmhmm." Brittany barely registered Santana had spoken anything, she had felt the vibrations of the chef's voice against her lips. She continued to lick and nip and kiss Santana's soft skin, causing the Latina to pull Brittany closer with her thighs.
"B." The brunette gasped.  "Fuck." she panted as the blonde thrust herself against Santana's centre. "Fuck it." Santana resigned. She had been trying to gain Brittany's attention, wary she would be late for work and for the first time in her life, she did not care. Although she did, and would feel immense guilt later on, right now she needed to be with Brittany and nothing would come between them. "I need you." she panted against the blonde hair tickling her chin. She fastened her ankles around Brittany's back, pulling her impossibly closer, bucking her hips against Brittany's, desperate for contact. "Britt." she said, with pleading desperation.
The blonde obliged, but not before one final suck and nip, leaving a fresh mark on her girlfriend's neck. Smirking, she lifted her lips from the Latina's skin and raised her hazy, lust filled blue eyes to meet brown. She smiled lazily upon seeing the pleading sparkle in Santana's orbs. She placed a soft loving kiss on the brunette's pouting lips before loosening Santana's legs from her waist. She grabbed roughly at the waistband on the Latina's jeans and unfastened the fly buttons with ease, there was a knack and she had it down with so much practice.  It did not go unnoticed by the brunette who smiled wildly as the cool air hit her legs, the further down Brittany pulled her pants, along with her underwear. With the offending items finally free, the throbbing within Santana intensified, she needed Brittany to touch her now. Reaching out, she caught hold of Brittany's wrist and pulled her closer, the blonde raised a questioning eyebrow, amused by her girlfriend's desperate attempts to get her closer. Not wanting to punish her lover further, the dancer settled herself back between the Latina's impossibly wide legs, purposefully thrusting her knee high into the Latina's groin. Santana gasped with pure unadulterated pleasure. The blonde smirked with satisfaction, having barely touched the chef who wriggled, fighting for friction, anything to scratch that itch.  
The Latina cried out as Brittany immediately plunged two fingers into her, easing through the slick wetness. She captured Santana's lips, swallowing the cries of pleasure, muting the other woman as she thrust her tongue into her mouth. Santana bucked and grinded, creating a rhythm with the fingers that pumped in and out. Brittany adjusted herself and straddled Santana's thigh, her own need for friction becoming too much. She loved to pleasure her girlfriend so much, and more often than not would feel her own desires building the higher the Latina became. Brittany continued her assault, Santana pulled the blonde's body closer before suddenly pushing the blonde backwards. Shocked, Brittany's fingers stuttered, her palm slamming against Santana's engorged clit. The brunette whimpered before tearing at the blonde's shirt, yanking it off with vigour. "Too much clothing." she explained breathily, wanting to feel the blonde's skin. Brittany smiled, pulling the shirt free, momentarily losing contact with the brunette. "Now make love to me." The Latina's husky voice washed over Brittany's ears, spiking the hairs on her neck, causing her to shiver and goose bumps to appear. She sighed with renewed satisfaction, happy tears forcing their way into her eyes. Smiling she leaned down, reconnecting her lips with Santana's and kissed her languidly, exploring her mouth with her tongue softly and lovingly. Her fingers, having landed on the brunette's stomach, crept lower, tickling and scratching at the Latina's skin, whose t-shirt had risen and bunched just beneath her breasts. Santana moaned again as Brittany's fingers entered her for a second time. This time there was less urgency, the blonde putting all of her effort in gentle caresses and strokes. She lifted her lips from Santana's and grazed her ear, nuzzling the silken locks.
"I love you." She whispered, her breath tickling the Latina. Santana moaned again, the butterflies in her stomach carrying her impossibly high. Brittany's rhythm speeded up, pumping and curling her fingers. As the brunette's breathing became more laboured, Brittany began to circle Santana's clit, gently applying more and more pressure. She could feel her lover was close, so close. She captured Santana's lips once again as the pressure below intensified. The Latina's mouth broke free as she let out a cry of pleasure, her body shuddered and muscles clenched tightly around Brittany's fingers. The blonde attacked Santana's face, peppering it with sweet loving kisses as the brunette rode out her orgasm.
Santana's eyes fluttered open to greet the piercing blue gaze of her girlfriend. She smiled lazily as she reached up to caress the blonde's face. Brittany closed her eyes at the contact, enjoying the soft touch of Santana's smooth skin against her own. "I love you." the Latina whispered before leaning up to kiss the blonde's lips. The dancer obliged, deepening the kiss, connecting the two once again. Reluctantly, Brittany pulled away.
"I love you too." she mimicked. "And as much as I want to stay wrapped up with you forever . . ." she drifted off, her eyes glancing at the clock on the wall quickly, "we have work." she concluded, her eyes landing back on Santana.  The Latina's eyes widened comically at the realisation she was now in fact late for work and should have been there ten minutes ago.
"Shit!" she exclaimed. "I really got to go." she said, making no attempt to move. Brittany smirked.
"You sure about that?" the blonde laughed as Santana hugged her closer.
"Yeah, just taking what I can before I get up."
"You're so cute." Brittany gushed, earning a raised eyebrow from her girlfriend.
"Not cute." Santana warned.
Brittany shrugged, she knew she would get away with it, Santana could never be mad at her. And just as Santana wriggled to free herself, Brittany realised something. This was the first time Santana had not put work first. The Latina had earlier stated she did not want to go into work that day and Brittany retorted jokingly. Santana knew she was late, yet she was in no immediate rush to leave her girlfriend. The smile that stretched across Brittany's face was quite possibly the biggest and brightest the blonde had ever worn. Santana chanced a glance at her girlfriend, she too smiled, the infectious grin upon the dancer's features was simply too adorable. "What?" Santana asked.
"Nothin'." Brittany replied coyly, earning a quizzical glare from the brunette. "Did I tell you I love you?"
"Yeah, like all the time." Santana laughed reaching in for another kiss.  "I love you too, like, loads." she offered with a warm smile. "But I guess I have to make an appearance at work some time today.
"I know." Brittany grinned before looking around for her shirt.
"Hey," Santana placed her hand on the blonde's shoulder, "I'm sorry about," she blushed as she paused, "you know . . ." Brittany ducked her head and placed a sweet kiss on the Latina's cheek.
"It's fine," she shrugged, "I'll dance it off later." she added with a wink.
"Are you coming by the restaurant after work?" Santana asked hopefully.
"Of course, I don't think I could stay away." Brittany replied.
As far as Tuesday nights go, it was suddenly unusually busy. Santana had a flurry of food orders fill the kitchen. Her staff were working under pressure, to deliver high quality with the abnormal quantity of food that was being ordered. It was early May, no public holiday to speak of, the shows on Broadway and in theatres in the surrounding area were yet to finish for the evening. The Latina just could not understand the sudden influx. She had staffed the day accordingly and now found herself short and running around doing twice as much work. Quinn burst through the swinging doors and entered the kitchen with purpose, Santana glanced up quickly as she was plating up an order, thankful she could not see a returned dish in the restaurant manager's hands. The next worse thing that could happen would be a verbal complaint. But she was confident in her staff and in her dishes, she inspected every single one before she called for service.
"Fabray," began the Chef, "to what do we owe the pleasure? And can you tell me why the hell it's so fucking busy out there? My guys are busting a gut in here."
"You think it's easy for front of house? Kurt is almost, almost, breaking a sweat out there." Quinn replied with a smirk.
"Jeez, it must be crazy." Santana replied on the understanding the Matre D broke sweat for no one or any thing, he was usually the epitome of calm when it came to his job.
"Yeah some theatre ended production early." the blonde shrugged.
"In all my time here, that's like never happened." a passing Finn commented.
"Tell me about it, it's mayhem, the talk of the town."
"What happened?" Santana asked casually.
"It's not pretty by any stretch of the imagination," Rachel had chosen the perfect moment to enter the kitchen. "but I heard from a very reliable source that a lighting rig collapsed, hurling from the ceiling of the theatre and injuring one of the poor unsuspecting performers, the lead I believe." she relayed waving her hands around. "There was blood everywhere. Literally."
Santana frowned, that didn't sound good. It did not sound good at all. "She's exaggerating. Eight year old girls are not the most reliable of witnesses Rachel." Quinn said, rolling her eyes again as she casually popped a strawberry into her mouth. "We know it wasn't that serious. Besides, it happened during the interval, no one out there actually saw it."
"Is this eight year old girl smart enough to know what show she was seeing?" Santana asked, her nerves visibly on edge. Quinn's eyes widened, understanding the urgency of Santana's question, she herself had not spent too long listening to the whispers of the patrons and was not sure of the answer.
"Yes of course, I mean she may be a child who may or may not tend to exaggerate, but she's not stupid Santana."
"Fuck this." the chef cursed, throwing down the knife in her hand. Quinn winced as the metal hit the steel worktop with a clang and watched as the Latina stomped towards the kitchen doors.
"Oh." Rachel said as realisation dawned on her. The blonde looked at her incredulously before shaking her head. "It was Brittany Pierce's show."
Santana froze in the doorway, just as she crossed the threshold into the restaurant, the swinging door hitting her hard in the back. Her teeth clenched at the contact while simultaneously all colour drained from the chef's face, Rachel Berry's words ringing in her ears, 'It was Brittany Pierce's show.'

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