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Fic: Empire State of Mind – Chapter 8: Unholy Trinity

 Title:  Empire State of Mind – Chapter 8: Unholy Trinity
Author: agentb81
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Brittany/Santana
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 6000
Disclaimer: Glee is copyrighted and belongs to the creators and Fox. As this work is an interpretation of the original material and not
for-profit, it constitutes fair use. Use of other personalities is not a reflection of their real lives and is completely fictional.
Title taken from Jay-Z and Alicia Keys’ Empire State of Mind, this fiction does not use any other material from the song.
Summary:  AU Two very different young women find themselves in the big city of New York about to embark on the biggest career moves of their lives.
Spoilers: None.
A/N: For my Twitter Fam, you guys are amazing!

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The week had flown by in very much a blur. When they say ‘New York minute’, it is absolutely true. The pace is incredible, everything happens quickly, everything happens now. However, it was also the longest week either girl felt like they had ever endured. Brittany’s birthday weekend felt like an eon ago. The afternoon following the meal had been less than eventful, Brittany’s parents would be in town for two more nights before returning to Lima, Ohio. Valerie was keen to spend as much time with the birthday girl as possible, Ray and Santana both bystanders in a mother’s quest to spoil her only child. The dancer had enjoyed the afternoon spent with the people she loved most, her parents and her girlfriend. She was overjoyed that Valerie had taken to Santana, smitten with the dazzling personality of the Latina who was working her hardest to impress the older woman. She offered cooking tips, new recipe ideas and the secret to a perfect Thanksgiving Dinner.
The evening rounded off with drinks at a quiet cocktail bar off the beaten track near to the Pierce’s hotel. Following a couple rounds of drinks and a series of farewells, Santana proceeded to walk the birthday girl home. Linked arm in arm, they enjoyed the spring evening, revelling in each other's company, somewhat relieved to be alone again. The day had been crazy and overwhelming for the brunette, yet she persevered for Brittany's sake and even began to enjoy herself.  Upon reaching Brittany’s block, the blonde gingerly invited Santana up to her apartment where they continued to laugh and talk into the night. With it also being Easter, the girls took advantage, divulging in chocolate and cake until they overdosed. Having been cuddled up on the sofa, caresses and smooches eventually had them wrapped in one another’s arms in the comfort of Brittany’s bed. Sleep, however, was not an immediate option as hands and lips began to explore each other’s bodies as if for the time. The touches were tender and intimate, remnant of the actions from the previous night. It was sweet, loving and ultimately everything both had come to expect with each other. It was the perfect end to the perfect weekend.
Santana lay on the sofa with her feet in Brittany's lap, the blonde gently stroked the bare legs of the brunette. Santana had arrived at the blonde's apartment several hours ago and neither wasted any time in tearing the other's clothes off, so desperate to touch each other after a tumultuous week apart. They had laid satiated in a post coital state, limbs tangled, hair in disarray, listening to laboured breathing and pulsating heart beats. And Santana's growling stomach which earned an adorable giggle from the blonde. She leaned over, capturing Santana's lips with her own, instantly seeking accesses with her tongue, eager to distract the other woman from her obvious hunger. The brunette moaned into the kiss, her hands busy, pulling the dancer flush against her body, the cool sheen of perspiration a welcome contrast to the hot stickiness from moments earlier. Santana lazily responded to Brittany, swirling her tongue in the blonde's mouth, duelling with the dancer's own tongue, their lips gliding over one another. A repeat performance excited the blonde tremendously and she had every intention of delivering.
The dancer lay fully against her lover, pinning her to the mattress. Santana ran her finger nails up and down Brittany's bare sides as the blonde snaked a hand between their bodies. Venturing lower, the dancer could not resist the feel of Santana once again, it was like an addiction. With little warning, she thrust two fingers into the already wet brunette, the inviting juices urged Brittany on. Santana gasped at the contact, momentarily releasing her lips from the blonde. However, she reattached herself, kissing the dancer with an added fervour. Her legs widened, pulling Brittany impossibly closer, their breasts rubbing against each other as Santana began to rock against her girlfriend's rhythm.  Santana arched her back, urging Brittany to enter her deeper, harder. The blonde obliged, sensing the chef's need. She worked Santana's clit with her thumb, massaging it, tweaking it, pinching it, causing her girlfriend to buck against her own hips. Brittany moved to straddle one of the brunette's legs, desperate for her own contact. She hissed as Santana thrust her thigh upwards, the friction causing a delight to the senses. Ever mindful of her girlfriend's desires, the brunette manoeuvred her own hand down and swiftly into the blonde's heat. She quickly synced her pace with Brittany's, working her into a frenzy. Brittany's forehead dropped against Santana's shoulder as she pumped her fingers in and out of the brunette. Santana could feel her girlfriend was close, her own muscles clenching tightly around Brittany's fingers, they were both so close. In unison they burst, the crescendo riding high before cascading. Blue eyes penetrated brown, a magnitude of emotions silently communicated between the two, each baring their souls to the other. So raw and exposed, so heart warming and true. Brittany collapsed onto her lover, unable to move another muscle. "I love you." she strained to hear the affection of the other girl, her whole body buzzing and alive with electricity, yet completely drained and void of energy. She managed a lazy smile, her nose tickling Santana's neck. She kissed it sweetly, feeling Santana's arms tighten around her waist. "I love you too."
Santana didn't want to move, she was so content and blissful. Being near Brittany had an incredibly calming effect on her, particularly after being so intimate.  She could have happily stayed in bed, in fact, she would have preferred that as her limbs and eyes were both heavy with sleep. However, her stomach had other ideas and Brittany decided pizza was the way to go. She had post sex munchies and nothing satisfied her more than a huge pepperoni pizza. She had quickly learned it was also Santana's favourite topping, making the blonde fall for her just a little bit more, if it was even possible.
Brittany continued to stroke the smooth tan legs, her eyes following her fingers with a satisfied smile. There was a knock at the door, causing the brunette to lift her head from the cushion.  "San, can you get that? It'll be the pizza." Brittany said, her voice hoarse from lack of use.  She had suggested she would fix the drinks whilst the brunette collected the food as it was the chef's domain. Santana rolled her eyes, pizza in a box was hardly her thing, but she leaned up and kissed the cute blonde. The Latina swung her bare legs off Brittany and stood, straightening out her t-shirt and running a hand through her hair. Her bare feet slapped lightly against the hardwood floor as she approached the front door. Without looking through the peep hole, she flung it open before frowning. The guy before her, messy, mousy brown hair, brown eyes and dressed in a shirt and chinos stood, his mouth hung open, his brow furrowed.
"You don't have pizza." Santana stated confused.
"Err nooo." he replied with equal bewilderment, "Does Brittany Pierce live here?" Santana frowned, wondering who would be asking for her girlfriend at this time of the evening.
"Who are you?" the chef asked suspiciously, narrowing her eyes. Her hand remained on the handle of the door, ready to close it instantly should she feel the need. Her stomach growled, disappointed by the lack of food. Santana shrugged when the guy looked at her questioningly. "Well?" she repeated upon receiving no response. Something about the guy irked the Latina. Here he was, dressed like a prep boy, at 8.30 in the evening asking for her girlfriend.
Obviously nervous under the brunette's stare, the visitor stuttered as he began to speak. He was wringing his hands in anticipation. "I . . . I'm . . ." he began, something distracted him and he looked beyond Santana into the apartment.
"Danny?" Brittany shrieked from behind the brunette. Santana's shoulders slumped, realising she was standing before the blonde's high school sweetheart, her first love and the blonde seemed excited to see him.
"Brittany!" the guy replied, stepping over the threshold, shoving Santana to the side. The brunette crossed her arms over her chest and stared incredulously at the intruder. Her eyes bore into the back of his head 'oh no you didn't' echoed in her head. "You look amazing, your Mom said you had blossomed, but wow, you're even more beautiful than I remember." He and Brittany found themselves wrapped in an embrace, the blonde trying to keep some air between them. Santana could only watch as the guy pawed her girl. She stalked closer, disliking and distrusting the guy instantly.
"Ok, break it up." she called, Brittany's eye's found Santana's and offered an apologetic smile, "this isn't some scene from Grease." The blonde pulled away from Danny, avoiding his gaze, she stood closer to Santana, appreciating the closeness of her girlfriend.
"I love that movie. My Mom named me . . ."
"Yadda yadda, I'm sure it's a really interesting story, but I don't care." the Latina spat.
"San, this is . . ."
"Danny, Daniel, whatever. Got it." The brunette sighed with boredom. She folded her arms again and sent another evil stare toward the Lima boy. Brittany ignored the obvious discomfort of the brunette and continued with her introductions.
"This is Santana," Brittany linked an arm through the brunette's who rewarded her with a warm smile, "she's my," the blonde paused for a moment, "friend." Santana turned her head to the dancer and looked at her disbelievingly, Brittany winced as she saw the hurt cross Santana's brown eyes before the chef shrugged her off. "She's a chef. She's been on TV." Brittany's enthusiasm was waning with Santana's obvious mood. The chef snorted. "She's amazing." Brittany gushed with pride.
"And you're expecting pizza?" Danny replied sceptically.
"Yes we are having pizza."
"Santana likes a day off sometimes from cooking, she does it a lot." Brittany explained.
"That's right." the brunette sing songed, "Me and Britts here were having a little quiet time on our only day off together this week and I'm pretty sure you weren't invited." she said sternly.
"San." Brittany warned.  Santana huffed again, moving away from the former sweethearts and made her way back to the living room, plopping herself down onto the sofa, imitating a petulant child. Brittany followed with Daniel in tow, she sat next to Santana, slightly embarrassed by her irrational behaviour. She sent a stern look toward the brunette who in turn rolled her eyes before silently conveying an apology.
"Sit down Dan." Brittany instructed, pointing toward the unoccupied chair opposite. He tentatively moved toward the chair and sat on the edge.
"I don't want to intrude." he offered weakly, feeling somewhat embarrassed.
"Really?" Santana let slip, wincing as she felt her girlfriend's eyes on her. "I should go." the brunette said, she pulled herself up from the sofa. "You two obviously have a lot to catch up on." Upon reaching the door she turned back to the room, her eyes set on Daniel. "Send my regards to Valerie." she said bitterly. The words clearly aimed at her girlfriend. Brittany was bewildered and jumped up from the couch immediately, offering her guest an apologetic smile.
"I'll be right back." she offered. Sighing, Brittany hastily continued her path in Santana's dust.
Reaching the brunette in the hallway, she grabbed a handful of the chef's t-shirt and spun her around to face her. Santana had never seen Brittany angry before, the brunette's eyes were wide and she actually feared the words that would come from the blonde's mouth. Surprisingly, the tone was softer than she was expecting, "Santana, please stay." the fact Brittany had used her full name was warning enough that the blonde was displeased, however, the soft hand that had found it's way into her own told her the dancer genuinely wanted her to stay. Santana's features softened as she took in the turmoil behind the blue gaze. Santana was suffering with her own internal struggle. She could feel the cogs turning in her head, her jaw was set. In the other room was Brittany's newly single ex high school boyfriend and judging by his greeting, he was hopeful of a reunion. Santana knew Brittany's heart belonged to her, but she did not want to sit and watch while this stranger hit on her girl, busting in on their date.
"I can't Britt, you know I can't." she vocalised sadly.
"I love you." Brittany stated with loaded simplicity.
"I know babe." Santana started with a sad smile, "I love you too." she added a gentle squeeze to the hand in her own for emphasis.
"Then stay." the dancer stated. To her it was plain, so easy. "I've barely seen you since my birthday. I need you San." Brown eyes drifted down, she could feel the well of emotions stirring around her heart, threatening to flood the unshed tears. Looking up, she never saw such pleading through a gaze. "Please, we've had the most amazing evening so far. I don't want it to end like this."
"Ugh." the brunette conceded, unable to refuse the blonde with a pout like that. "Fine." She smirked as memories of the previous few hours flooded her mind.
"There's just one more thing you should know." The dancer said shyly, swaying slightly on the spot. Santana raised an eyebrow with uncertainty and trepidation.
"Of course there is." she smiled ironically.
"My Mom is like in the same Church group as his Mom." Santana narrowed her eyes, snatching her hand back she folded her arms across her chest, she knew where this was headed. Brittany had only introduced Santana as a friend and that hurt like hell. Now she knew why. "Can you not like say anything about us?"
"Seriously Britt?" the chef asked, her stern stance was an attempt to intimidate the blonde.
"I need to tell her in my own time."
"But she knows about you. I don't understand." Santana stated, regretting the last three words as she watched Brittany's face fall with disappointment. Dropping her arms and shaking her head at her own faux pas, she reached out to take Brittany's hand. "I mean . . ." the blonde refused contact.
"I know what you meant." the blonde said.
"Brittany, please,  I didn't mean it to sound like that." 
"Is everything ok out here?" Both girls turned their heads upon hearing Daniel's voice.
"Yeah," Brittany said, "I'll be right there, just give us a sec." Daniel nodded with a smile and returned to his place in the living room. The blonde returned her attention to Santana, who was now slipping on her pumps. "You're leaving." Brittany's flat tone was disappointed and resonated resign. She could see Santana had made up her mind, and as stubborn as the chef was, she was not going to back down this time. Running was the easier option.  "Santana."
"Don't make this any harder Britt." Santana replied, "you need to go and sort out whatever that is in there. If I can't be allowed to love you then I can't be here. Your parents are one thing Britt, I get that, I really do, but he wants you back and you're pretending I'm nothing to you. That hurts." The brunette opened the front door, the pizza guy standing the other side, hand raised to knock. "Here." She handed over a couple of notes before taking the pizza box. Turning to Brittany, she handed over the food. "Enjoy the pizza." she said before turning to the open door. "I'll call you." were her parting words. Brittany swiped at the tears on her cheek as she watched the wooden door close after her girlfriend.
Disappointed would sum it up perfectly. Upset would also be a good word to describe how she was feeling. But deflated just about summarised the blonde's current state. Taking one last look at the closed front door of her apartment, she turned her slumped shoulders back towards the living room. She had a guest to entertain and pizza to eat before it cooled. But suddenly, she wasn't hungry any more. Brittany gave herself a mental pep talk,  and stood tall, plastered a smile across her face before re-entering the living room. She placed the box on the table and opened it wide. "Help yourself." she said, less than enthused.
"Is everything ok Britt?" Daniel asked, his eyes soft with concern.
"Everything's fine." she replied, emotion dead in her eyes. Daniel shrugged and took her word, he leaned forward and took a slice of the pizza. Santana's favourite pizza. Brittany proceeded to the sofa, taking a seat, shifting uncomfortably as she retrieved the object she had sat on.  Santana's cell phone. She sighed heavily, knowing one way or another she would be seeing the brunette again tonight and now she had the perfect excuse. Swiping her finger over the screen, she saw a new picture staring back at her. Ray had taken the photograph in the restaurant the previous week at Brittany's birthday lunch. Santana was laughing hysterically at something Brittany had said, grabbing a hold of her arm whilst the dancer looked at her lovingly with a wide smile and bright blue eyes. It was perfect.
"Are you sure you're ok?" Daniel asked, pizza tumbling about his mouth. It was one of Santana's pet hates, people talking with food in their mouths. She frowned and shook her head.
"Why did you come here?" she asked, placing the handset on the coffee table in front of her.
"Your Mom said I should come see you while I was in the City, she said you might be interested in going on a date or something." he replied with a hopeful smile.
"My Mom said that?" Brittany asked, enraged by the audacity of her mother. Without waiting for a response she continued. "But why did you come? You could have said no."
"Are you for real Brittany? Have you seen you?" Daniel said, swallowing the remnants of his food. "You're totally hot, I mean you were hot in high school, but now you're just banging." he said.
"Is that all I am to you?" She asked, curious.
"No, no," he started back peddling, "Of course not. I mean we were so good together you and I, we ruled the school."
"We're not in school anymore." Brittany stated. "Do you remember why we broke up?" the blonde asked. She was intrigued to hear Daniel's side of the story, she had not spoken to him since they had parted.
"Yeah, you moved away, you didn't want to be in Lima any more and I got a real good job." Brittany scoffed, Daniel could be a salesman in any city, but Brittany could not be a performer in Lima, she had given him every opportunity to go with her, but he was a home boy and he wasn't going anywhere.
"We grew apart Danny, we wanted different things," she began, "I wanted to dance and sing and see more of the world, you wanted to stay at home with your parents in Lima, it was never going to work."
"I can move, I'll move to New York." Daniel said quickly with desperation. Having spoken with Valerie about Brittany and learning of her success, he was eager to meet up with the dancer again and hopeful of a romantic reunion.
"For what?" the blonde asked.
"For you." he stated. Brittany sighed, this was not going the way she had hoped. He was talking about moving to New York already and she had not even shown the slightest bit of interest in him. She wanted to know what he was thinking, how it had come to this after so long. She also knew she would have to let him down gently, for his temper was not something he was renowned for keeping so well. There had been several incidents on the football field at school Brittany could instantly recall. 'Damn you Santana Lopez.'  the blonde thought, having needed the brunette to stay.
"Daniel, it's not going to happen." she said the words before her brain even engaged with what she was saying.
"What?" he asked, startled by the blonde's abruptness. She had never before been so decisive in her actions or her words. "Why?"
"I can't be with you." she started, "I don't feel anything for you, I don't want to go on a date with you." Brittany explained as plainly as she could.
"But your Mom said . . ."
"Don't listen to my Mom." she said with an ironic laugh. "My mother warned me against you once upon a time, remember?"
"Yeah, I do." he said, "Why can't it be like that again?"
"Danny." Brittany said, her head tilted to the side with interest. "If you had not seen my Mom and if she had not said what she did, would you have even thought about me?" she asked. The room filled with silence, Brittany could see that Daniel was thinking clearly about his answer. "That's a no, right?"
"I don't know." he stated, "I hear all the time that you are doing so well. Lima is so proud of you and you're like famous here, you have a billboard in Times Square."
"So you came to see me because I'm making a name for myself?" Daniel shrugged. "That's a yes." scoffed Brittany. So many times she had been burned by people wanting to know her for her fame. She had never expected it from someone who was once in love with her. Santana had never been so prominent in her thoughts as she was now. Never had she missed the brunette more than she did in that moment.  "You know I have spent so much time trying to figure out if people are interested in me or the fame. I don't think we can even be friends Danny." she concluded. Daniel stood from his seat and moved over to the space Santana had once occupied. The blonde frowned, unsure of his intentions.
"Come on Britt. We can be together, just let me prove to you I have changed." he all but begged.
"No Danny, I can't." she stated.
"Give me one good reason why!" he demanded, scooting closer to Brittany on the sofa. The blonde inched away, now up against the armrest. Her thoughts remained on her girlfriend, wishing she was wrapped tightly and safely in Santana's arms right at that moment, Brittany cried out.
"I'm in love with someone." she said, "And we're together and so happy, so this, is just never going to happen Danny." Daniel paused and looked at the fear on the blonde's face, he stood, not quite sure where to put himself, embarrassed by his behaviour.
"But your Mom never said . . ."
"My Mom doesn't know." Brittany replied quietly. "Yet."
"Why?" he asked confused.
"Because it's Santana." she stated, risking a look at Daniel. "Santana and I are together."
"Oh." was his reply.
"So yeah, Mom doesn't know yet, but she will." Brittany said positively, now more determined than ever to put her mother straight.
"Is that why you broke up with me, because you're a dyke?" Daniel asked spitefully. "Is that it? You're only going to be dating girls now?"
"Don't say it like that." the blonde said, hurt by the stinging words. "That's not why we broke up, we've been through the reason. And it will only ever be Santana." she smiled, her heart fluttered at the thought of a future with the brunette. It was heart warming and soul enriching. Daniel rounded the coffee table, perching on the sofa, mere inches away from her.
"Are you sure about that? Because maybe you forgot what it was like to be with me."
"Daniel, please, can you go, you're scaring me." Brittany said, cornered by the tall muscular guy.
"Come on Britty, it can be like old times. This is your chance to make your mother happy." he smirked. Brittany frowned, that statement was so wrong on so many levels. He leaned forward, pushing Brittany back, his hands on her shoulders. She could smell the stale aftershave on his sweaty skin. The blonde winced and scrunched her eyes closed, disbelieving this was happening and wishing that she had convinced Santana to stay while also cursing the brunette for being so stubborn. It was the thought of her girlfriend that gave her the strength to shove him backwards, the adrenaline kicking in. Her rage was building and in Brittany, that was a rarity.
"Get out of my home!" she yelled, jumping up from the sofa.
"Britt . . ."
"I don't want to hear it, you've said enough." she said, pacing across the hardwood floor. "And you can tell who the fuck you want, because I don't care, I love Santana and no one is going to get in the way of that."
She heard the front door click shut for the second time that night. Sitting on the sofa, she had her head in her hands. Why had she let Santana run out on her? She needed her more than ever tonight, she needed her girlfriend by her side, but the Latina's head was ruling her heart and she had run. Brittany was hurt, but right now she would do anything to feel the brunette in her arms again, to tell her everything would be alright and to tell her she loved her. Despite the heartache Santana had caused her, Brittany picked up the cell phone that lay on the table. She was going to find her girlfriend. She needed her.
Sam placed a beer on the bar, it had little time to settle before Santana swiped it up and set it to her lips.  She was upset, refusing to engage in any light conversation with her work colleagues. It was not the wisest decision to show up at the restaurant. She had walked aimlessly through the streets of New York. The weather was finally turning; it was warm, spring was finally here, yet her heart felt like a cold winter's night, dark and despondent.  She closed her eyes and gulped at the thought of leaving her girlfriend with Daniel, Santana was well aware of what people said about first loves. The brunette trusted Brittany implicitly, she had never done anything to make her think otherwise and since meeting, the dancer had been incredibly devoted to the chef. What she found hard to comprehend was the fact Brittany had constantly been open and carefree about who she was and her feelings, never afraid to show Santana how much she meant to her. Yet she was hiding what they had from Valerie, and because of that, from Daniel also. It frustrated Santana.  It also upset her, how Brittany felt compelled to hide their relationship when Valerie was aware of her daughter's persuasions. Taking another sip of her beer, she willed the throb in her head and the ache in her heart to disappear.
"Hey." Came the voice from beside her. She looked up into concerned hazel eyes. "Come up to the office." Quinn said and walked away. The brunette picked up the bottle of beer and followed her colleague.
The room was large, a desk, a computer, a bookcase and sideboard adorned the office. Against one wall sat a two seat leather sofa with a coffee table in front of it. Quinn gestured for Santana to take a seat. She sunk into the leather, the material cool against her bare legs. "You have legs." Quinn smirked as she took a seat beside her friend. The brunette cocked an eyebrow, causing the other woman to blush slightly. "I mean . . ." the blonde began.
"I know what you meant." Santana replied, "I'm not usually in the habit of showing them off to my colleagues."
"Why are you here?" Quinn asked gently, she was sat facing Santana, one leg tucked underneath her, an arm rested on the back of the sofa. Santana let out a heavy sigh as if all her troubles rode the expelled hot air. "Is it Brittany?" The chef nodded. "Do you want to talk about it?" she asked, partly knowing the answer already.
"Not really." Santana shrugged, "But you know, I guess I need to."
"We have progress." the blonde joked, gently nudging Santana's shoulder with her hand, causing the brunette to turn and look at her. She smirked, understanding the manager's joke, only it wasn't.
"Argh." the Latina let out, "I'm just so, so frustrated right now. And she's back there, with her ex boyfriend eating my pizza."
"This is serious." Quinn stated. "You don't share food with anyone." risking a death glare. Instead she received a small chuckle, everyone knew how precious Santana was with her food.
"Touché." Santana grinned. "But seriously, the ex is in town, he wants her back."
"You trust her right?"
"Completely." the brunette replied without hesitation.
"Then what's the problem?" Quinn asked.
"I don't trust him, you should have seen him Q, all wholesome and American, a mother's dream."
"Aha." the blonde said as she rose to her feet, "There lies the problem." she observed. Quinn moved over to the sideboard, picking up the bottle of whiskey, she unscrewed the lid and poured out two glasses.
"Jeez Quinn, you're just a magnitude of clichés." she said, taking the offered glass. Quinn resumed her position on the sofa with a shrug.
"Shut up and drink." the blonde smirked, putting the glass to her own lips. She smiled and sighed feeling the warmth of the amber liquid burn her throat. "That's so good."
"Mmmhmm." Santana agreed, mimicking the restaurateur's actions.
"This all has something to do with Brittany and her Mom doesn't it?" Santana's silence spoke volumes. "She's not happy with you two being together?"
"She doesn't know."
"Oh." Quinn stated with slight surprise.
"Her Dad knows and he's been great, he's an amazing guy." Santana began, "But Valerie is a whole other story."
"So tell me, I have all night." Quinn offered a genuine smile.  The chef began her tale, starting from the beginning, how Valerie knew of Brittany's attraction to guys and girls, through to the events of Brittany's birthday lunch, sparing details of the most incredible night of Santana's life. Never before had she felt so connected to someone and essentially because of that, today had been so much harder to swallow. She spoke of the way Daniel had showed up, the blonde's reaction, her own words and how she ended up at the restaurant. Quinn watched her carefully, listened intently and remained silent until the chef had finished.  Somewhere in the middle, Quinn had refilled the glasses and placed the bottle on the coffee table before them. Santana looked at Quinn, unable to read her stoic features and took another nervous sip of her drink.
"How would you feel if Sam was in his apartment having dinner with his ex?" the brunette asked thoughtfully.
"I wouldn't care." Quinn snapped, "We broke up." and shrugged.
"What?" Santana gasped in shock, "When? Why didn't you tell me?"
"I just did and this isn't about me, This is about you." The blonde slurred slightly and pointed at her colleague.
"But . . ."
"No," Quinn cut her off, "it was going nowhere, we're cool, now you Miss Lopez are a jerk."
"Excuse me?" Santana asked, her eyes narrowing.
"You are such a drama queen, I swear you've been hanging out with Kurt too much." The blonde stated bluntly. "You need tough love Santana, I'm not going to panda to your woes." the Latina sat with her mouth agape. "I'm serious San, did you hear any of what you just said?"
"I . . . I . . ." lost for words Santana pondered the scenario again, the events running through her mind. "Shit." she stated simply. "I'm a lousy girlfriend." Quinn didn't say anything, she simply watched as the brunette figured it all out for herself. "The whole time I was thinking about me and how I was feeling, but not once did I consider her." Santana continued, she could feel the tears forming in her eyes, images of Brittany's forlorn features plagued her mind. "I'm so selfish and she's been so patient and understanding with me. I suck. I actually suck."
"You don't suck Santana, you just need to see it from her perspective. How do you think she felt when you ran out on her, leaving her to deal with the ex on her own?"
"I can't do this." Santana shook her head violently from side to side, "Why can't I do this?"
"You can do this San, come on, pull yourself together." Quinn nearly yelled.
"I think I like Kurt's pep talks better." the chef chuckled.
"You just need to talk to her, apologise for being an ass." the blonde was becoming aggressive with her words, the alcohol blurring her senses.
"Why are you insulting me Quinn? Really? What have I ever done to you?" Santana spat.
"You need to realise that Brittany loves you, all of you. But you need to be there for her when she needs you too." The manager said, "Don't pass on something that could be so great." she sighed wistfully. Santana frowned, she knew how Brittany felt about her, that was undeniable, what the Latina needed to realise that the blonde would need her to be the strong supportive one too. However the last statement Quinn made felt off. It was true for sure, but it was obvious and she was far from passing up on a chance to be with Brittany, especially as they were actually together and so far very happy.
"We're not talking about Britt anymore are we?" the chef asked suspiciously. "What's going on Quinn?" The blonde shifted in her seat, the hem of her dress rising with the movement, Santana couldn't help but notice, her eyes lingered a little too long and Quinn noticed, her confidence shifting. She tilted her head to the side, taking in Santana's appearance, the short denim shorts, the soft cotton white v-neck t-shirt.  The restaurateur subconsciously licked her lips before taking a sip of the devil's potion. She placed her glass on the table and shifted closer to Santana. The Latina blinked, unsure of Quinn's motives.
"What are you doing?" Santana croaked as Quinn's hand found itself wrapped in the raven locks. "Err Quinn."
"Shh, you need to see how amazing you are Santana." the blonde edged closer.
"Quinn stop." Santana pleaded. "Stop it." she repeated as Quinn's face closed the gap between them. The Latina put out a hand, warding off the encroaching blonde.  It all happened simultaneously in slow motion; as Quinn lurched forward, the door to the office opened and Santana's only out was to throw herself off the couch. She landed ungracefully with a thud on the floor.
"Santana?" the voice floated through the air from the door settling uncomfortably with the brunette. Never before had silence been so deafening.

Tags: brittana, brittany/santana, esom, fanfiction, glee

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