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Fic: Sorry 9/?

TITLE: Sorry 9/?
PARINGS: Addison/Izzie
SUMMARY: They like to talk . . . Set in the middle of Season 3.
NOTES: There is a lot of dialogue in this, I apologise now if parts don’t make sense or it’s hard to keep track, but I fancied something a bit different.

“You wanna what?”
“I want to make a complaint.”
“Because it’s my duty.”
“Your duty?”
“Your duty to whom?”
“To other members of staff.”
“I still don’t understand.”
“I’ve been sexually harassed, what don’t you understand?”
“Everyone knows about your affairs with hospital staff, why should I believe you?”
“Ok, fine, I’ll go straight to the Chief.”
Bailey rolled her eyes.
“You go to the Chief, you’ll end a career, usually the one with the shortest life span, do you understand me?”
“It’s the right thing to do.”
“When have you cared about the right thing to do Karev? Everyone knows you went on a date with Montgomery, even the Chief! Besides, it’s plain to see you clearly aren’t her type any more. She only has eyes for one intern, and it certainly ain’t you Romeo. You don’t have a leg to stand on Karev, now get out of my sight!” Bailey barked at the tall dark intern.


“Dr Montgomery can I speak with you?” Bailey asked as she sat down next to the neonatal surgeon in the hospital cafeteria.
“Alone?” Bailey nodded towards Izzie.
“Ok, I’m going, I have cappucino to fetch and dry cleaning to pick up. And if I’m really lucky, I get to watch Sloan use his lame pick up lines on the nurses.” Izzie said as she stood. “I’ll see you later Ad. . . Dr Montgomery, Dr Bailey.” And with that she left. Addison smiled whistfully, lost in her own thoughts as she watched her girlfriend walk away.
“Oh, you have it bad.”
“Huh? Yeah, yeah I do.” The attending sighed.
“Then what I’m about to tell you is a load of bullshit.” Bailey didn’t mince her words.
“Okaaay?” Addison was intrigued.
“Someone came to me with a complaint about you.”
“A complaint? About me? Who? Why?”
“Alex Karev. Sexual harassment.”
“Huh? Are you serious?” Addison’s face was a mass of confusion and disbelief.
“I told you, it’s bullshit. I don’t believe him, but I thought I should warn you.” Bailey uncharacteristically put a hand on Addison’s arm who in turn flinched. “Are you ok?” Bailey enquired. Addison sighed. She rolled up the arm of her white doctors coat to reveal a purpling mark.
“It is bullshit, because he harassed me.” The redhead stated. Bailey inspected the mark.
“I’m taking him off your service. Are you going to make this official?” Bailey pointed to the bruise.
“There’s no point, for one he’ll scream self defense, secondly, I have to think of Izzie.”
“Look Addison, I’ve told him not to go to the Chief with this and if he as any sense, he won’t. But he might make things difficult, though I highly doubt any one will believe him, everyone has seen how bitter he is since you and Stevens . . . you know.”
“I don’t know what’s the matter with him, I can’t work out if he’s still got a thing for Izzie, but then he acted hurt when I told him I wasn’t into him . . . he used to be sweet sometimes.” She paused, “He told me I didn’t deserve her.”
“Look, I’m only here listening to this because you delivered my baby. But I’ll say this; if anything, I think it’s his pride that’s hurting, it can’t be easy for him to see his ex and sort of ex, together. It doesn’t excuse his behaviour though.”
“I guess you’re right.” Addison agreed.
“You can have Stevens for the rest of the day, it doesn’t sound like she’s doing much learning today.” Bailey offered.
“Thanks Miranda, I appreciate it.” Addison said sincerely.
“I’ll stick Karev with Shepherd, at least he can’t complain about preferential treatment.” She smiled sarcastically.


“So, have I been a good girl?” Izzie asked wiggling her eyebrows.
“Why do you say that?” An amused Addison asked.
“I’m here aren’t I? I’m not running round like a lapdog. Has this got something to do with what Bailey wanted at lunch time?” the blonde inquired.
“Derek needed a pair of hands, the other interns were busy and well, you don’t have a pair of hands at the moment.”
“Yes, thank you for pointing that out.”
“Iz, you can be very useful here, there are babies in the NICU that need monitoring, that’s an important job, and one which I daresay you are particularly good at.” The redhead smiled in encouragement.
“Did you ever want kids?” Izzie asked innocently.
Addison paused, looking down, trying to gather her words, “Yeah, I did. I still do. I put my career first for so long and then when I was ready, it was too late.”
“It’s not too late Addie.” Izzie reasured, her hand rubbing up and down the attendings back. Addison looked up, gazing into Izzie’s soft, inviting brown eyes, “What about you? Do you want kids?” It was Izzie’s turn to react indifferently, thoughts swimming through her head. She took a long pause before responding
“I . . . Addie, there’s something you should know.” She looked up, Addison wearing a frown.
“Ok,” She took Izzie’s hand, “whatever it is, I’m not going anywhere.”
Izzie was encouraged to continue. “When I was 16, I had a baby, she was so small and beautiful.”
“What happened?” Addison squeezed her hand.
“I gave her away.” Izzie reminisced regretfully, “I had to, I was 16, living in a trailer, my mom high as a kite, I couldn’t provide for her.” She felt ashamed, she refused to look at Addison. She felt a smooth hand under her chin, gently lifting her head until she had no choice but to look into her lovers clear blue eyes. What she saw wasn’t the hate or disgust she had expected, but an amazing warmth and love. “You did what you had to do. I would have done the same thing in your situation.”
“You would?” Izzie asked.
Addison nodded in agreement, “Sure, and I can imagine how difficult a decision it was for you.”
“Like you wouldn’t believe.” Izzie sighed, so relieved she could share such personal information with Addison. “And in answer to your question. Yes.”
“Question?” Addison was searching for a clue.
“Yes I want kids.” Addison smiled at Izzie’s revelation, pleased that her previous experience hadn’t put her off.
“You’d make a great mom.” The attending stated, a proud smile on her face. Izzie blushed and put her head on Addison’s shoulder.
“You would too. I haven’t thanked you for taking care of me.” The intern sighed.
“You don’t have to say it, you show it.” She stroked the top of Izzie’s head. “I think it might be a good idea to do some work Iz, let’s not give anyone a reason to reassign you.” Addison said, squeezing Izzie’s hand. The young doctor groaned, she treasured her personal time with Addison, there had not been much of it since her latest set back.
“Ok. Promise me we’ll spend some time together later.”
“I promise.” Addison smiled as she stood, putting her hand out to pull Izzie up with her.


“I was just saying, Derek didn’t ask for Alex, Bailey reassigned him.”
“And you have no idea why?”
“No, none, no idea.”
“Did you even ask him?”
“No, it’s not really any of my business.”
“I can’t believe you Mere, you’re in a prime position and you’re not abusing it.”
“What, do you squeaze Burke for information?”
“All the time, only he doesn’t know it.” Cristina beamed.
“Hey Izzie!” Meredith yelled to Izzie as the blonde walked into the intern locker room.
“Hey guys.”
“Are you with Montgomery?”
“Errrr, yes?” Izzie asked confused.
“Not with with, but with, as in assigned to.”
“Oh, then, yes.”
“How did that happen?”
“Addie said Shepherd needed someone.” The blonde replied.
“Oh you see that? Something’s going on here.” Cristina conspired.
“What do you mean?” Izzie asked.
“McDreamy told Meredith he didn’t request Alex, but Bailey had just reassigned him.”
“Huh.” Izzie thought.
“Hey guys.” George greeted. “Who’s up for Joe’s tonight?”
“I’m in.” Meredith said.
“Me too.” Chimed Cristina.
“Iz?” George asked.
“I don’t know George, I haven’t seen much of Addie lately.” She sighed.
“Oh come on! You’ve been with her most of the day!” Cristina accused.
“We were working!” huffed Izzie.
“Bring her with you.” George offered. Meredith stared disbeliveing at him. “What’s your problem Mere?” George asked, drawing attention to Meredith. They all turned to look at her.
“What? Nothing. Bring her with you Iz.” She conceded.
“I’ll ask her. But I’m not promising anything.” Izzie said shaking her head.
“Whether she’s there or not, I need a drink after the day I’ve had.” Cristina conceded.
“Actually, where were you today?” Izzie asked.
“The damn pit, it was lame. I got stuck with Torres for half the time.”
“Get over it George, I don’t like her, she doesn’t like me, we are not friends.” Cristina summised.
“Has anyone seen Alex?” Geoge changed the subject, the atmosphere dropped. “Did I say something wrong?”
“You haven’t heard?” asked Meredith.
“Heard what?”
“Things are going on and Meredith won’t ask McDreamy what.” Cristina accused.
“Hey, Izzie’s in a better position than me.” Meredith yelled.
“Why do you say that?” Asked Izzie.
“Because I heard Bailey turfed you out of the cafeteria to talk to Montgomery.”
“Will someone tell me what’s going on?”
“That’s what we’re trying to figure out George.”
“So what does that make you, Bailey’s Angels?”
“Give us a break Bosley, although, not a bad idea.”
“Are you serious Meredith?”
“What, I always kinda liked Farrah Fawcet.”
“Ok, this is not helping us progress. Right, so what are the facts?” Cristina chimed in.
“I don’t think we should be discussing this here.”
“Izzie’s right, let’s take this to the office.” Meredith said.
“The office being?”
“Joe’s, Bosley.” The three women yelled in unison.

To be continued . . .
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