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Fic: The World is a Stage - Part 24/?

Title:  The World is a Stage 24/?
Author: agentb81
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Brittany/Santana, Brittany/OC
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2800
Disclaimer: Glee is copyrighted and belongs to it's creators and Fox. As this work is an interpretation of the original material and not for-profit, it constitutes fair use. Use of other personalities is not a reflection of their real lives and is completely fictional.
Summary:  Sort of AU/Future fic, the lives of Santana and Brittany in their early twenties.
Spoilers: References to Seasons 1 and 2.
A/N: Thank you so much for sticking with this, I truly appreciate it :)

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“Tell me the truth.”


Santana was lying on her bed, her hands clasped over her stomach, her eyes facing the ceiling and glossed over, deep in thought over the events that had kept her busy the last few weeks. She turned her head to the side, Brittany mirrored her actions.


Having been sent home, the ride home had been quiet, thoughts had been racing through the Latina’s mind, she was approaching exhaustion, emotions were creeping up on her and she felt the tears sting her eyes as she swung the car into the drive way. It was becoming too much. Without so much as a word, she left the car, entered her home and headed straight for the bathroom for a shower. Brittany lingered behind, noticing the shift in mood, she narrowed her eyes in thought, putting it down to the actress being overworked. She was yet to decipher how her girlfriend had received her fresh bruise, but she trusted Santana to tell her when she was ready.  The dancer walked into the kitchen and prepared some hot tea, something the two had become fond of during sleepovers at Brittany’s house when Valerie would make it as a treat. The Dutch influence was not lost and Santana found it endearing and embraced Brittany’s heritage with enthusiasm. The blonde was pleasantly surprised to find an array of teas in Santana’s kitchen cupboard when she had first come to stay. Making her way back up to the bedroom, she found Santana lying on the bed, clad in just a towel, her damp hair splayed across the pillow, her eyes focused on the ceiling above. Brittany set down a cup of tea beside the Latina.

“I made you tea.” She stated. Santana’s eyes not wavering.

“Thank you.”

“Your pillow will get wet.” Brittany observed as she manoeuvred round to the other side of the bed.

“Yeah.” Santana agreed.


The blonde sighed. She knew something was up. She had greeted Santana with a huge hug and at the time Santana had seemed enthusiastic to see the blonde. However following a brief meeting with Quinn and a studio representative, Santana had sulked out of the lot, barely whispering a word to the other woman.


“You didn’t have to come with me.” The brunette stated.

“Mike said it was fine.” Brittany shrugged before taking a sip of tea. She kicked off her shoes, set her tea down and lay back onto the bed beside her girlfriend. “Tell me the truth.” She said after a silent few minutes. She sensed the Latina shifting and turned her head to look at the brunette, deep brown eyes stared back at her, a hint of sadness protruding. “Let me be the strong one San.” As the words washed over the Latina’s ears, her lip trembled, her brows furrowed and hot tears began to fall from her eyes. Brittany’s heart broke a little, seeing the woman she loved so tormented hurt her, yet she also felt a tinge of guilt. Santana seemed to have been getting on with her life so well and since the blonde had propelled herself back into the actress’s life, she had brought a whole lot of drama with her. She had failed to think of the implications and the impact it would have upon her former best friend. Brittany scooted across the bed and gathered the brunette into her arms, soothing her with whispered words of comfort and gently stroking her fingers up and down Santana’s back. It was weeks of pent up emotion, she had managed to keep it together for so long since the first moment she saw Brittany, through the ordeal of trying to be her friend and harbouring feelings for her, to the trauma of the drama and violence she suffered at the expense of Bryan. How she had coped during Brittany’s illness was completely beyond her.  Brittany had practically died on the operating table, yet she had remained composed, willing the love of her life to get better, and she did and it was blissful.  Being together again had somehow pushed any anxieties and turmoil away until this latest ordeal. She cried. She sobbed, she clung onto Brittany for dear life, letting the tears flow. All the pent up hurt and anger she had harboured was now set free.


Several hours later, they remained entangled with one another on the bed, Santana had drifted asleep from sheer exhaustion. Brittany too had fallen into a slumber, however she had awoken and was now stroking the brunette locks of the head that rested on her chest. Santana’s arm was thrown over the blonde’s waist, desperately clinging on, never wanting the blonde to leave her again. She knew deep down the two had been through far too much to ever be apart again, she just needed to be close to Brittany, she needed comfort and this was exactly what the blonde was providing her with. The dancer’s hand stilled slightly as she noticed the sleeping beauty’s eyes flutter before she stirred. Brittany tilted her head to gain a better view of the brunette’s face, her eyes were puffy, a frown remained upon her features. It seemed even in sleep, Santana could not shirk away from her torment. Brittany stroked her finger down the side of Santana’s face, tucked her fingers under the Latina’s chin and pulled her closer until their lips met. Santana sighed in her sleepy haze, yet she knew perfectly well what was happening. She kissed the blonde back with fervour, pouring everything she had into this moment. Santana broke the kiss momentarily, her eyes flickered open and met the brilliant loving blue eyes of her true love.

“I love you.” She whispered, not trusting her hoarse voice to speak louder. Brittany smiled adoringly.

“I love you too.” The blonde replied.  Santana moved to straddle the blonde, she sat up and took in the tired features of the dancer. She leaned forward slightly, brushing the errant silken locks from Brittany’s perfect features, tenderly caressing her fingers down the dancer’s cheeks and over her soft lips. Brittany smiled underneath Santana’s fingertips, her eyes clouding over with want. The change in Brittany’s eyes spurred the Latina on, her own eyes downgraded in shade, darkened by the lust radiating from the blonde beneath her. Her eyelids grew heavy, her lips upturned ever slightly into her trademark smirk and she descended upon the blonde, quickly capturing her lips with her own in a heated kiss of passion. She figured this was the next wave of soaring emotion she was about to display and one which would cement and clarify everything she felt for Brittany. It had been five long years and Santana was determined to make up for lost time.


Santana, aching for further contact lay her body flush against the blonde’s and continued her oral assault, Brittany hugged an arm tightly around Santana’s waist, wanting to feel the brunette’s body as close to her own as physically possible. The feel of Santana’s body flush against her caused a sated warmth shoot through her entity. Santana’s hands began to roam, one finding it’s way into the tangled mess that was Brittany’s hair, splayed over the cotton pillow. Her other hand had sneaked it’s way in between both woman and had laid it flat on the dancer’s taut, muscled stomach. Brittany gasped as the cool skin of Santana’s palm touched her torso and sent a jolt of electricity through her being. Santana began to run her fingernails along the bare skin, up and under the tank top the dancer was wearing.  She glided her hand upwards, the material gathering around Santana’s wrist the further north her hand travelled. Brittany momentarily broke the kiss and looked into Santana’s warm chocolate coloured eyes before flipping her lover over and straddling her stomach in a role reversal.  Santana gasped at the sudden movement and watched hypnotically as Brittany reached for the hem of her tank top with both hands and whipped it up and over her head as the garment revealed more of the blonde’s soft toned skin and her plain white bra that covered Brittany’s naturally marvellous breasts.  Santana lazily raked her eyes over the body before her and reached up, behind the blonde to masterfully unhook and remove the bra with one hand.  The actress placed her hands Brittany’s stomach and glided them slowly up the lithe body, all the while training her eyes on the beautiful blue orbs belonging to the blonde.  Her soft tanned hands reached Brittany’s breasts and started to pay ever so close attention to them, gasping as she massaged them and idly pinched at her nipples, fond memories came flooding back to the brunette, whose eyes once again were threatened with tears.  As the blonde threw her head back in pleasure, Santana regained her composure and took the opportunity to sit up properly and launch a physical attack on Brittany’s neck, nipping and licking the salty perspired skin. 


A lone hand travelled south and crept into the waistband of the blonde’s sweatpants.  Sensing what was about to transpire, Brittany pushed Santana back once again. “Take them off.” Santana ordered. Brittany moved with rapid pace and had thrown her sweatpants and panties across the room before she landed on top of Santana.  It was Brittany’s turn to pay attention to Santana’s neck as the brunette’s fingers continued their descent, slipping in between Brittany’s slick folds.  The dancer hissed at the contact of Santana’s fingers with her clit and moaned when the other woman guided two fingers inside of Brittany.  The blonde wanted the encounter to be as equal as possible. She ripped the plush towel from Santana’s body which had become loose, the brunette wincing as she heard a crash in the background. Brittany’s eyes momentarily widened before she shrugged and pulled Santana closer, the other woman gasped and closed her eyes as she felt the skin of the blonde’s toned stomach and rounded breasts rub against her own.  Santana continued to thrust her fingers whilst reaffirming her assault on Brittany’s mouth. Realising she was somewhat behind, Brittany began to mirror Santana’s actions, her deft fingers snaked down the Latina’s body, making their way quickly inside of Santana.  They set a steady rhythm, breathing, heart beats and fingers working to the same tempo, merging completely into one entity.  Santana’s mouth became firmly attached to the blonde’s neck, it had always been a particular favourite of hers, it drove Brittany wild, her head dropped back revelling in the warmth of Santana’s tongue on her skin.  The actress continued to draw patterns with her tongue, driving the dancer crazy with pleasure.  All the while, Santana remained focused, matching the rhythm Brittany’s fingers set, the blonde too, skilfully keeping in time as she suffered the assault of Santana’s eager tongue. The dancer was writhing with pure pleasure, once again feeling Santana against her skin, she had dreamed of a reunion like this, only the reality was on another level and Brittany wanted it to last forever.  Santana continued her oral assault before finally reaching Brittany’s mouth, the blonde grateful of being able to taste the brunette once again. They kissed like there was no tomorrow.  They panted and pleaded as if they hadn’t been touched before.  They moaned and they groaned from the continuous building tension, the rising heat and the unbridled passion before finally came the ultimate explosion. The waves came crashing, cascading, the feeling of euphoria penetrating their bodies again and again. They collapsed. Brittany fell unceremoniously on top of the worn out brunette. Their breathing ragged, their hearts racing, then came the sighs of content.


Santana smiled lazily, Brittany was a goddess, there was no doubt in her mind and with that thought It was safe for her to say no one could ever match Brittany’s prowess in bed, she was easily the best lover she had ever had.  It was crazy, it was better than she had ever remembered, before the realisation hit her that so much tension had built up over the years they had spent apart. As she came around she could feel Brittany’s soft fingers swirling and drawing patterns on her bare stomach, Santana opened her eyes to meet the blonde’s intense stare, the blue eyes before her melting with tenderness.  They shared smiles of pure satisfaction and the looks of lust, love and adoration passed between the burning brown and the brilliant blue eyes. 


“Hi.” Offered Brittany.

“Hey.” Santana croaked.

“Are you ok?” Brittany smiled warmly, her head now propped up on her hand.

“So much more than ok.” Santana said before leaning towards Brittany and latching onto her lips.  This kiss was quite possibly the most sensual either had ever felt. It was the sharing of everything both women had to give, all the emotion, feeling, desire, love and respect they each shared for one another. It was simply incredible in this post coital haze. Santana’s right hand found it’s way up to Brittany’s face, her palm against the blonde’s neck, her thumb lazily stroking her cheek, gently pulling her closer until their bodies clashed once again. Brittany moaned into the kiss and upped the tempo, her tongue battling with Santana’s for dominance. They only broke when it became a necessity to take breath, both panting relentlessly as if having run a marathon. Brittany smiled lazily down at Santana before collapsing once again, this time onto the mattress. She rolled onto her back and linked pinkies with the woman beside her, not wanting to break contact with the brunette.


They lay there for a while, content to just be in one another’s company, the silence comfortable and peaceful. As Santana lay looking at the ceiling, Brittany’s earlier words rang through her head, ‘Tell me the truth.’ Santana sighed, she knew she had to, she couldn’t lie to Brittany, it went against everything they had.

“It was Rachel.” She said quietly, almost unsure if she had said the words aloud. She felt the bed shift and glanced over to the blonde who was now propped up on her side frowning at the brunette.

“Ok, not quite what I was expecting.” The blonde said.

“This.” Santana said pointing to the fresh injury on her face. “It was Rachel.”

“I don’t understand.” Brittany said with simplicity. “Why?” Santana rolled her eyes and took a deep breath.

“She sorta kidnapped me.” Santana said, her cheeks flushing red with embarrassment.

“She what?” Brittany laughed. The brunette turned her head, a scowl firmly set on her face. “I’m sorry I thought you just said Rachel Berry kidnapped you.”

“I did.” Santana said “She did.” Her eyes settling back to her favourite spot on the ceiling. Brittany scooted closer to the brunette, she pulled her into a hug and covered them both with a blanket. Santana remained emotionally neutral as she regaled the tale of the events of the previous night. Brittany never once interrupted, only there offering comfort and the occasional squeeze of encouragement to her girlfriend.

“I’m so sorry.” Brittany said once Santana had finished. “If I hadn’t come back none of this would have happened.”

“No Brit.” Santana berated, half with anger, half with frustration. “It’s not your fault and I can’t tell you how happy I am that you came back. I’d go through it all again, no regrets.” She placed a gentle kiss on Brittany’s forehead.

“I was worried I put you through so much.” Brittany stated. Santana sighed again, she couldn’t fully explain her emotional outburst.

“I guess it all finally caught up with me. But I’m glad you were here and I wasn’t alone.”

“I’ll always be here San.” Santana looked intently into the blonde’s honest eyes.

“We have to agree Brit that the past is just that. Whatever happened is gone. We’re together now, we concentrate on us, here now and our future together.” The Latina explained.

“Totally, no more what ifs or could haves.” Brittany nodded with clarification.

“Exactly.” Santana smiled before leaning in for another kiss.

“Just one more thing.” Brittany said as she broke free from the Latina’s lips.

“What is it Brit?”

“Can we just stay here all day?” she asked.

“Of course.” Santana agreed with a beaming smile and squeezed the blonde closer to her.


And she was true to her word.


To be continued . . .


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