agentb81 (agentb81) wrote,

Fic: The World is a Stage - Part 19/?

Title:  The World is a Stage 19/?
Author: agentb81
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Brittany/Santana, Brittany/OC
Rating: 15 - R
Word Count: 2200
Disclaimer: Glee is copyrighted and belongs to Ryan Murphy and Fox. As this work is an interpretation of the original material and not for-profit, it constitutes fair use. Use of other personalities is not a reflection of their real lives and is completely fictional.
Summary:  Sort of AU/Future fic, the lives of Santana and Brittany in their early twenties.
Spoilers: References to Seasons 1 and 2.

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‘Following a statement from her assistant, we now understand Santana Lopez was not admitted to hospital as first thought, but has been there visiting a close friend. Quinn Fabray, Lopez’s assistant and friend had this to say:


“Santana has asked me to read the following statement: ‘Thank you for all your kind messages and well wishes, however I am well and am in fact in hospital visiting a close friend who has needed my love, care and support. I appreciate your thoughts and will be helping Brittany to a full recovery.’ “


The image on the television cut back to the studio and the presenter began talking once again, ‘We understand the Brittany Lopez is referring to is her high school friend Brittany Pierce who as a dancer joined Janet Jackson on her infamous comeback tour. Pierce is now a choreographer and dancer on the set of Lopez’s new movie.  Earlier today, Santana Lopez was seen leaving the hospital . . .’ Brittany watched the images on the screen of Santana rushing from the hospital entrance to a waiting car, her large sunglasses covering the emotions and most notably, the injury on her face. The actress was surrounded by paparazzi photographers, flashes covered the screen as the brunette disappeared into the stationary vehicle before it pulled away and set off through the crowds of people. The click of the door turned the blonde’s attention, she frowned slightly and squinted her eyes as the door slowly opened. All doubt drained from her being and a large, wide smile adorned her features. Her eyes sparkled as the object of her desires, and on the screen before her peered tentatively around the door. Upon seeing the patient awake, she let go of the breath she was holding and matched the smile of her mate. She inched into the room, closing the door behind her, her eyes trained on the bruised beauty in the bed. The Latina’s ears pricked up upon hearing her name, she frowned and turned her head toward the television, rolling her eyes as she saw the moving images.

“Why are you watching that crap Brit?” Santana asked teasingly.

“It was just on and besides, I got to see you.” Brittany shrugged. “I didn’t know people thought you were hurt. Well, you are hurt, but you know, they thought you were in hospital and . . .”

“It’s ok.” Santana cut off the blonde’s ramblings. She smiled warmly at her friend and perched herself on the edge of the bed. Brittany reached her hand up and traced her fingers gently around Santana’s wound.

“Does it hurt?” The blonde asked quietly.

“A little.” Santana shrugged, “but you’re totally worth it.” With the same hand, Brittany grabbed a fistful of the Latina’s t-shirt, pulling her closer. She latched her lips onto Santana’s and smiled into the kiss, it was sweet and loving. Everything the two girls had been through in the past few days had been beyond traumatic. This little moment of peace and serenity was welcomed by both. Santana sighed quietly, completely content, slowly she pulled away, her eyes opening as she did so. The Latina found it incredibly difficult to not smile, it was not something she was used to, not genuinely anyway.  Brittany followed suit, her blue eyes brimming with happiness.

“My hero.” Brittany stated with a beautiful simplicity. Santana rolled her eyes, so many times she had leapt to the blonde girl’s defence, it had always come naturally to her, yet she was always so modest, possibly the only time she ever shied away from the limelight.

“You can thank me later.” The Latina winked with amusement. Brittany blushed at the suggestive tone in Santana’s voice. So much had changed over the years, since she had been dating Bryan, he was the only person she had slept with. Her ordeal with Santana and the events of that last party had forced Brittany to evaluate her life and her relationships. While she hadn’t regretted her actions in High School, she also felt it was time to perhaps concentrate on other areas of her life and build strong lasting relationships that had meaning.  If she were to truly evaluate her actions, she would understand that deep down she had a longing for one particular person and to be devoted to one person, she had to prove to herself she could change. Truth be told, Brittany felt like she was starting her whole life afresh, and Santana was a major part of that. “Hey.” Santana said, she placed a sweet kiss on Brittany’s nose, “Where did you go?” she asked. Brittany bit her lip momentarily before replying.

“Just thinking.” She said with a shy smile. The Latina raised an eyebrow and smirked a little. The blonde swatted at Santana’s leg. “Nothing like that.” She concluded and Santana laughed.

“What do you say we get out of here?” Santana asked carefully.

“Don’t be silly San, this is hospital, not a hotel.” Brittany scolded. Santana looked at her expectantly, it took a few moments before Brittany’s scowl broke out into an infectious smile. “Seriously?” Brittany asked, “I can go home?”

“You can go home.” Santana replied.

“I can go home.” Brittany repeated, a hint of sadness to her voice. Her baby blues were downcast and Santana missed them instantly. The Latina tentatively reached a hand out, placing her fingers gently underneath the blonde’s chin and lifted Brittany’s head until their eyes met.

“What’s wrong?” Santana asked with a frown depicting concern.

“I don’t . . .” a solitary tear slipped from one of Brittany’s eyes, Santana instinctively caught it with her forefinger and wiped it away. “I don’t want to go home, to the apartment.” The blonde’s voice trembled. Santana caught her bottom lip between her teeth and thought pensively. “I don’t want to be alone.”

“Stay with me.” Santana stated. She took a hold of Brittany’s hand in her own and gave it a soft squeeze. Brittany failed to react, the cogs in her head turning, slowly, one after the other.

“Is that a good idea?” she asked quietly. Santana frowned once again, this time in confusion.

“Of course it’s a good idea.” She spat. “We’re together.” The Latina stated. “Right?” she asked, uncertainty creeping in.

“Yeah.” Brittany said breezily. Santana’s eyes widened, no matter how long she had known Brittany, the instant switch in the blonde’s tone baffled her.

“Soooo,” Santana drawled, “what’s the problem?”

“I think we should date.” The blonde stated.

“Date?” the brunette asked incredulously.

“My marriage just ended Santana. You know I love you, I think we should get to know each other all over again.”

“What have we been doing the past few weeks?” Santana asked.

“San,” began Brittany, “we’ve been distracted, it hasn’t been normal.” Santana smiled at the blonde’s words.

“Nothing about us has ever been normal Brit.” Brittany returned Santana’s smile and squeezed her hands. “This is what it is Brit, we’ve never had to analyse our relationship before. Let’s just go with it.” Brittany pondered for a moment, a slight frown and pout forming. “What is it?” Santana sighed.

“I want to date you properly, I feel like we missed out that whole part.”

“We’ll go out for sure, we’ll go on dates.” Santana reassured, “We can spend hours in front of the mirror picking the right outfit, we can feel each other up in the movies, we can share desert after a huge meal, we can do all that.”

“I think we should totally go to the movies.” Brittany smiled devilishly.  Santana laughed heartily, there was no greater feeling, she and Brittany were finally together again and could be free. The Latina reached in once again and kissed her girlfriend lightly on the lips.

“Wanna go home now?”

“Yes!” Exclaimed Brittany and pounced on Santana and hugged her tightly. She yelped slightly at the contact, her stitches nagging, reminding her of their presence.

“Careful Brit.” Santana chastised, “You ok?”

“Yeah.” The blonde breathed, and left it at that, while she may be suffering physically, she felt more than ok, now she was in Santana’s arms where she belonged.

“Good, well let’s get you packed up. I went with your parents to your apartment and picked up some stuff, I hope you don’t mind.” Santana revealed. Brittany’s sweet  hum was an indication that no, she did not mind.  Brittany pulled out of Santana’s arms.

“You know, you’re going to have to help me wash and dress and stuff.” The blonde said, her eyes downcast, her cheeks slightly pink with embarrassment.

“I know.” Santana acknowledged with a casual shrug. “I figure you’d rather me help you than your parents anyway.” Brittany’s eyes went wide in realisation, “I guess you didn’t think of that.” Santana laughed. Brittany shrugged in response and pulled back the covers, gently swinging her legs over the side.

“Let’s do this.”




Santana descended the stairs with a thoughtful smile and a sparkle in her eyes. She placed her hand on the end of the banister and swung around it as she jumped off the bottom step. She felt a great sense of relief, her heart was pain free, her mind was no longer troubled. Her shoulders were set back and she had a spring in her step. If she really, truly thought about it, her only concern right now was Brittany’s health, but she was quickly healing and soon enough she’d be springing around the place like a wide eyed puppy. The Latina rounded the corner and headed straight for the coffee pot, picking up a mug along the way.

“Santana.” The sudden sound of her name startled her, she whipped her head around as she had began pouring the hot black liquid.

“Shit Quinn!” she breathed, quickly  setting the pot down and gathering a load of paper towels. She set to work cleaning up the mess she had just caused. “Well, what is it?” she snapped.

“We need to talk about you and Brittany.”

“Really? Why?” she asked.

“People are starting to ask questions.” Quinn said carefully. “There are rumours.”

“You’re my assistant Quinn, not my press officer, it’s not your job to worry about that.”

“Well, I kinda do deal with your personal press.” Quinn said, “Anyway, you and Brittany, it’s meant to be, I know that, I grew up with you guys remember?”

“So what’s all this about?” Santana asked.

“It’s the studio, they’re asking questions, they want to know why you require time off and they’re citing Brittany and, San, it’s getting messy.” Quinn explained.

“Seriously Quinn? Take a picture of my face. I don’t think they will want me on set looking like this. Right?” Santana blasted, a pang of guilt hit her as she watched Quinn’s gaze fall to the floor.

“I explained that, they want to see you.” The blonde sighed.

“I’m sorry Quinn, I’m sorry shouted. But why now, I just got Brittany home, I just tucked her up in bed and everything is so great again and I’m smiling, I’m fucking smiling Quinn for like the first time in years and then some jerk in a suit doesn’t believe I got punched in the face and kicked in the stomach by a jack ass.”

“They’re having a little trouble believing that yes, especially after the statement I read, in which you instructed me to say you were not injured.”

“Oh shit.” Santana said, “I was only thinking of the press and the fans.”

“Oh shit about covers it I think.” Quinn replied.

“I’m sorry I put you in that position Quinn, I guess I wasn’t thinking straight.”

“I dare say.” Quinn stated with a smirk. Santana looked at her long time friend and she too broke out into a grin.

“I’ll sort this out. Can you stay with Brit?” the Latina asked.

“Sure, Puck’s coming over with Beth soon, is that ok?”

“Of course.” Santana said with a smile, she rested a hand on Quinn’s arm, her gaze capturing the blonde’s.

“Thank you. For everything, you’ve put up with a lot of my shit.”

“More than my fair share, but you pay well.” Quinn smiled.

“I gotta see my family right.” Santana laughed. “I’ll catch you later, k? Call me if you need me or if Brit needs anything.” The actress was half way to the door as she turned back.

“We’ll be fine. Just go.” Quinn said, shooing the other girl away. “And good luck.” She called after her friend. She caught sight of Santana waving at her as she slipped away through the front door to face the wrath that would befall her.


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