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Fic: The World is a Stage - Part 18/?

Title:  The World is a Stage 18/?
Author: agentb81
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Brittany/Santana, Brittany/OC
Rating: 15 - R
Word Count: 2400
Disclaimer: Glee is copyrighted and belongs to Ryan Murphy and Fox. As this work is an interpretation of the original material and not for-profit, it constitutes fair use. Use of other personalities is not a reflection of their real lives and is completely fictional.
Summary:  Sort of AU/Future fic, the lives of Santana and Brittany in their early twenties.
Spoilers: References to Seasons 1 and 2.

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“Why are you even here Santana? Huh?” Bryan snapped.

“Why do you want to be with me Bryan?” Brittany asked quickly, it was a great question Santana thought, she was intrigued what the answer would be. However, the voice she heard next was not Bryan’s.

“His parents promised to release a large amount of his inheritance upon the birth of their first child or their fifth wedding anniversary. Whichever came first.” Ray said from the back of the room. Three pairs of wide eyes looked first at Ray, and then at Bryan, darting backward and forward, everyone in the room waiting for someone, anyone to say something.


An eerie, uncomfortable silence shrouded the room. Santana frowned, her arms crossed firmly across her chest, Valerie was stood beside Brittany’s bed, her mouth agape, Ray stepped forward from the back wall, watching the scene before him carefully. Brittany’s face was thoughtful and confused, Bryan stood, rooted to the spot, his eyes and mouth wide like a kid caught with their hand in the cookie jar. And suddenly it was as if the penny dropped for all at once. The blonde in the bed began to throw back her covers, Santana launched a verbal tirade at Bryan, her intimidating scowl firmly in place as she advanced upon him, her finger pointing accusingly. Valerie, concerned for her daughter’s health tried to hold Brittany down, to keep her in the bed. Ray lunged forward, attempting to keep Santana from doing any physical harm to Bryan which she may regret later. It was like a pantomime, to an outsider it would have looked completely absurd, yet the scene depicted that of a family in turmoil. Silence was restored when Brittany yelled out, frustrated that she wasn’t able to move from her position in the bed and also affected by the commotion. All eyes  fell upon the dancer.

“Is that why you wanted to have a baby Bryan? So your Mom and Dad would give you the money?” Eyes darted toward Bryan, eagerly awaiting his response.

“I . . .” he was at a loss for words. “It’s not . . .”

“Ok.” Brittany said thoughtfully. All eyes were once again on the blonde, it was like watching a game of tennis. “First I’m going to answer your question. I feel that as the truth is coming out, you should know why Santana is here.” The Latina’s eyes grew wide, almost questioning Brittany if this is what she wanted. The brunette was mindful of Bryan and the ways in which he was able to hurt them. Brittany gave Santana a reassuring smile, Ray and Valerie exchanged glances, they had suspected, had even heard Brittany profess her love, albeit in a drug induced state, they still were unsure whether it had been genuine. “She’s my best friend, she always has been and always will be.”

“Right and where was she when she got famous Brit? She dumped you for fame and fortune and until you started working on her movie she wouldn’t have called you. You’re nothing Brittany.”

Santana spun around, her face was thunder, Ray had to restrain her once again.

“That was my fault, I broke her heart.” Brittany said, her voice small and broken. Santana sighed, her shoulders slumping.

“It was partly our fault too sweetheart.” Ray confirmed.

“Santana?” Brittany asked, the brunette turned to look at the dancer, her features softened and she smiled, walking over, she perched on the side of Brittany’s bed and picked up the blonde’s hand.

“What the fuck is going on Brittany?” Bryan said, his patience wearing thin.

“I’m in love with Santana.” She stated simply. The brunette smiled down at her and squeezed her hand. Bryan lunged forward, Ray was unable to hold him back before he grabbed a hold of Santana’s shirt and threw her across the room.

“NOOOOOOOO!” Brittany cried,  Valerie again had to stop the blonde from leaping from her bed. “It’s not her fault and I didn’t cheat on you.” She added. “Not really.” Muttering the last part to herself. Her words however were falling upon deaf ears, as Ray reached to pull Bryan away from Santana, he felt a sharp elbow to the chest, forcing him backwards. Santana was cowering on the floor, the pain of the impact shooting through her, she could hear Brittany pleading with her husband and closed her eyes as another shriek left the blonde’s mouth. It didn’t hurt as much as she thought it would, but it still hurt like hell. Upon hearing Brittany crying, adrenaline kicked in she pulled herself up onto her knees. She was Santana Lopez, no one was going to kick her while she was down, physically, mentally or otherwise, no coward was going to get away with it, especially a coward who would inflict physical pain upon a woman and especially someone who continually hurt the woman she was in love with. She got to her feet and wiped the back of her hand across her brow, realising her previous wound had opened up. Santana spared a glance at Brittany before tackling Bryan and pinning him against the wall.

“Why? Why are you such a fucking asshole? All Brittany’s ever done is be a good wife to you despite you constantly belittling her and cheating on her.” She yelled, he was a good half foot taller than her, yet the shock in his eyes also displayed a little fear, no one enjoyed being on the end of a tongue lashing from Santana Lopez ‘except for Brittany’ she thought with an internal smirk, but that was a whole other story with a whole other meaning from a lifetime ago.

“I tried.” He cried.

“You tried?” Santana sounded disgusted.

“I proposed by accident.” He stuttered. There was a chorus of gasps around the room before he continued. “I did love her, I swear, but I was drunk and she was so excited and I couldn’t tell her the truth.”

“So you lived a lie?” Santana asked.

“Not strictly. I loved her, I told you that and I worked hard at our marriage, but when you came back into her life, it all changed. She changed, I changed. I could see she wasn’t happy but I didn’t do anything about it because I was unhappy too, so when I met Rachel and she started showing me attention . . .” he shrugged, they all knew the rest of the story.

“Brittany honoured your marriage, even I tolerated your marriage for Brittany, yet it was a sham and in the end you were with her for the money. You wanted her to have a baby for money. You make me sick.” Santana said.

“I didn’t want to have a baby with you because I didn’t love you.” Brittany said quietly from the bed. “I couldn’t see myself having a baby with anyone but Santana. That’s why I gave our baby away, because I left her.” Ray, Valerie and Santana dropped their heads at the sadness in Brittany’s voice. Bryan’s eyes darted around the room, unsure of the words he had just heard.

“W-what?” he asked in confusion.

“You heard her.” Ray said. “She had a baby before she met you and we made her leave Santana, we made her give up the baby. We thought we were doing the right thing and when she met you we encouraged her to make it work.”

“Whose baby was it?” Bryan asked, still confused.

“Santana’s.” Brittany said from the bed, her eyelids heavy. Santana shook her head.

“She doesn’t know.” Santana said quietly. “Don’t judge her.” She threatened. Bryan held up his hands.

“Why are you telling me all this?” Bryan asked. “Our marriage is obviously over, I get that she tried to make it work, I get that she’s still in love with Santana. She’s hot Brit.” He smiled at his wife.

“I know right?” Brittany smiled back. “You’re still an asshole though.”

“I guess this is it then.” Bryan concluded.

“Yeah, I kinda want a divorce.” Brittany said.

“You can have the apartment.” Bryan offered.

“She doesn’t need it.” Santana interrupted.

“I’ll stay there till the lease is up.” Brittany said, “You can crawl back to your parents and beg them to take you in. You’re not going to completely get away with this.” Santana smiled at Brittany, she had grown up a lot in the last five years, but she concluded that she had had to with what she had been through. And dealing with Bryan, she guessed Brittany had been the adult in that relationship all too often.

“For the record, I didn’t want to have the baby for the money.” Bryan began. Confusion reigned throughout the room, “Our marriage was in trouble, I was a complete ass, you were distracted and I was fed up of being second choice. I figured if we started a family we may actually be happy. I was wrong.” Santana raised an eyebrow, unsure whether to believe what he was saying was true.

“You need help Bryan, you should see a therapist. You can’t go round hitting people.” Brittany said.

“Person. I’ve only hit Santana.” He responded.

“I feel so special.” The Latina spat as she rolled her eyes.

“I was jealous, I’m second best, I always have been. And why should I take your word that you didn’t cheat on me when I know about your history.”

“Mom, Dad? Can you get me some juice?” Brittany pleaded.

“But you have a jug of water right here dear.” Valerie answered. Santana rolled her eyes again, it was clear Brittany was so like her mother.

“I think they want some privacy.” Ray said, taking his wife’s arm and tugging her toward the door.

“Oh right.” Valerie conceded and winked at her daughter.

“If you need us, we’ll be right down the hall.” Ray offered.

“Thanks Dad.” Brittany smiled. The brunette took a seat beside the blonde and took her hand in her own as the door to the hospital room closed, leaving the three alone.

“You ok?” Santana asked Brittany.

“Yeah.” The blonde responded with an adorable smile. “You’ve been sleeping with Rachel.” She began, aiming her statement at her husband. “I’ve been hanging out with Santana, we’ve talked a lot, we tried to be friends but it was impossible. As our marriage was failing, my connection with Santana was becoming stronger, but I’m married and all along I chose you, you were my husband, I made vows and I was going to make our marriage work. But then you wanted a baby and I realised I couldn’t do it because I didn’t love you anymore. You never asked me what I wanted, you always decided and left me to deal with the consequences and it’s not fair. Santana listens to me, she gets me and she values me and my opinion. All she’s ever wanted is my happiness and that’s when I knew. All we did was kiss, I swear and I know it was wrong because we’re married, but I’m in love with her and deep down, I’ve always been in love with her.” Brittany concluded, her voice had been so soft, the whole time, she stroked her thumb over the back of Santana’s hand, her eyes never wavering from her husband’s. She felt compelled to be honest and it had lifted a large weight from her shoulders having it out in the open like this. Bryan’s face was void of emotion, the blonde could tell he was thinking, but what those thoughts were, she had no clue. He began to nod, conceding defeat, seeing the impossible situation it had become.

“Since you’ve become friends with Santana again you changed. Whenever she was on TV or in a magazine, your eyes would light up, the tone in your voice would change, I see why now. I can see she makes you happy Brit and you deserve that. I’m just sorry it I couldn’t be the one to make you happy. And Santana I’m sorry for, you know . . .” he pointed toward her split brow which she had dabbed dry with a tissue.

“That’s still unforgivable Bryan.” Brittany said.

“Are you going to . . .”

“Press charges?” Santana interrupted. She pondered for a moment.

“No. But you will give Brittany everything she asks for in the divorce, this needs to be done quickly, Brit doesn’t need any more stress. And if there’s any bad press about either of us, I’ll know where it’s come from, you don’t want me as an enemy Bryan.” Santana threatened.

“I get that.” He mumbled.

“And one more thing.” Santana demanded, “You break it off with Rachel and stay away from her.” A bewildered pair of blue eyes looked questioningly at the brunette, Brittany was usually pretty good at understanding all things Santana, but this, she could not fathom.

“Do you have a concussion?” Brittany said, reaching a hand up to the actresses head. Santana scowled and swatted the hand away. “You should get checked out anyway, you kinda got tossed about like a rag doll.” Santana sighed heavily and tilted her head toward the blonde.

“Later Brit, I’m fine.” She then turned her attention to the third person in the room, “I mean it, even she deserves better than you.” The Latina concluded. Bryan nodded meakly, he turned toward the door, a hand on the door handle. He turned back.

“I’ll call my lawyer. Goodbye Brittany.” He said before disappearing into the corridor and closing the door behind him.

“It’s over.” Brittany said quietly staring at the door. She turned her focus to the beautiful woman beside her. “It’s finally over.” She stated with a small smile. Santana shook her head in disagreement.

“No.” She said, squeezing the soft hand in her own. “This is only just the beginning.” She smiled widely, the blonde mirroring her actions, Santana leaned over the bed and captured Brittany’s lips in a sweet kiss, pouring all her love into the moment, promising her girl the world and more.


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