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Fic: That Bookface Thing - Part 14/?

Title: That Bookface Thing 14/?
Author: agentb81
Fandom: Grey’s Anatomy
Pairing: Izzie/Addison
Rating: 15
Word Count: 2000
Disclaimer: Grey's Anatomy is copyrighted and belongs to Shonda Rhimes. As this work is an interpretation of the original material and not for-profit, it constitutes fair use.
Summary:  Izzie has Facebook and so do a gazillion other people (according to Meredith)
Spoilers: No spoilers per se, just pretend Addison’s just moved to LA and everything with Izzie is hunky dory!

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“Ohmygod!” Came the exclamation from the Asian doctor, sat engrossed in her work on the laptop before her.

“What can be so exciting about medical reports?” Izzie sighed as she pushed her fork across the plate.

“Are you going to eat that because I am starving?” Alex asked peering over Izzie’s shoulder.

“No,” she said pushing the food away from her. “I’m not really hungry.”

“Aw someone’s love sick.” Alex teased, taking a seat beside the blonde.

“This might cheer you up.” Cristina said from across the table, with no further elaboration.

“Do tell . . .” Izzie said someone curiously.

“Addison’s changed her status from ‘single’ to ‘in a relationship’.” Cristina beamed proudly.

“What?” Izzie asked, shaking her head in disbelief, not quite sure whether she was more surprised at Cristina being on Facebook or Addison announcing to the world she was now in a relationship.

“Addison, on Facebook, has said she’s in a relationship.” Cristina said proudly.

“Wait a minute, you’re on Facebook?” Izzie asked.

“Well durh.”


“Just last week, this thing is sick.”

Izzie’s eyebrows shot up to meet her hairline, “Have you heard yourself?”

“What? A kid on the ward showed me how to do it.”

“And you’re friends with Addison?” Izzie asked.

“Sure.” Cristina said nonchalantly with a casual shrug.

“Since when?” Izzie asked, “You’re not my friend.”

“You haven’t been on for ages, I’ve been waiting for you to accept my friend request.”

“Jeez, seriously Cristina, have you had a personality transplant?” Alex asked, shovelling food into his mouth, his voice muffled.

“You clearly haven’t, you still have no manners Karev.” Izzie laughed.

“What?” Cristina asked once again, her hands out turned innocently.

“Never mind.” Izzie sighed, “What’s happening on Addie’s page?”

“I told you.”

“I know but, are there any comments or anything?” Izzie asked curiously.

“There’s a bunch of likes. Some ‘congratulations’ and a few, ‘who’s the lucky guy?’ morons.” Cristina laughed.

“Has she answered?” Izzie asked.

“No, not yet.”

“I wonder what she’ll say.” Alex pondered, “Thanks guys for your comments, and for your information, I’m screwing an incredibly hot chick.” He smirked, his eyes glazed as his mind began to wander.  He squealed when a bread roll hit his head.

“Girl much?” Cristina mumbled from behind her laptop.

“If you dare try and be Addison’s friend or leave a comment . . .”

“Hey, I can be her friend.” Alex defended. “We dated remember?” He added. Izzie visibly shuddered.

“Barely, and before you even say anything, that’s as close as you’re going to get to a three-way.” The blonde stated, somewhat irked by the mere thought.

“You insult me Izzie, like I would say such a thing.” Alex feigned hurt, his smirk barely contained, though the seriousness did not last so long as even he didn’t believe his own words and broke out into uncontrollable laughter, matching that of his two colleagues who had broken as soon as the words had left the young doctor’s mouth. As the laughter subsided, Izzie wiped her eyes from the tears that were forming having laughed so much. She took her cell phone from her pocket and began to type in a message.


I – Congratulations on your new relationship, I hope you’re both very happy ;-) xxx


The blonde smiled as she hit send, wondering if maybe she should have posted the message as a comment on Addison’s wall instead. She shrugged to herself, it would elicit a response from Addison and flirting on Facebook may well be a step to far at this stage. Moments later, Izzie’s phone beeped and she picked up the object from the table, blissfully ignoring the mindless chitter chatter of her friends.


A – Couldn’t be happier, I think you might know her, she’s the most beautiful, sweet, caring person I’ve ever met and I miss her like crazy xxx


Izzie’s heart skipped a beat, her stomach somersaulted, Addison always had her feeling giddy from her words.  She could still hear the dulcet tones of Cristina and Alex, she guessed they were talking about her but her sole focus was the inanimate object in front of her. It always amazed her how the small piece of plastic could change a person’s day, whether it be for the better, or for worse. Numerous times had she thrown hers across a room upon ending an angry conversation or hearing bad news, but now she couldn’t be more grateful for the device she held so tightly in her hand.


I – I think I do know her and I know that she feels exactly the same as you. One day, 20 hours and 40 mins xxx


The resident had been on a countdown the last few days in anticipation of seeing Addison again, the blonde had been due to fly out to LA, however Addison found herself in Seattle on business once again and would be landing in one day, twenty hours and forty minutes. Izzie could barely contain her excitement for the most part, yet on occasion she would find herself missing Addison terribly and felt like the next two days would be the longest of her life.


A – How cute are you with your count down? I can’t wait to see you and feel you and just everything, I hope you don’t plan on seeing much daylight at the weekend ;-) xxx


I – I’d lock myself away with you forever if I could xxx


A – I like the thought of that. I’ll call you later beautiful xxx


“Oh Izzie, have you been sending sexy texts to Addison again?” Cristina asked with an eye roll.

“No!” exclaimed Izzie, “It’s all very innocent and far too mushy for you.” She smiled. Izzie knew that romance wasn’t quite Cristina’s forte and on cue received the scrunched up nosed response she was expecting and smiled in triumph.

“It was very rude antisocial of you to be texting whilst in company.” The brunette doctor declared. Izzie sighed.

“I can’t say I care Yang.”

“Oh to be in love.” Alex sighed wistfully.

“Seriously dude, stop being a girl.” Cristina stated.

“I’m not in . . .” Izzie stopped herself, was she in love with Addison? Was it too soon? She sighed again, her brow creasing.

“Are you in love with Addison?” Cristina asked smiling widely.

“I don’t know, I could be, I could so easily fall in love with her, she’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a partner. If I’m not already there, then I’m well on the way.” She admitted.

“I like this.” Alex said, “I like that you feel you can talk to us, we may not be the obvious choices, but thank you Izzie.” Both women looked incredulously at their friend.

“I stand corrected, you clearly have had a personality transplant.”

“I’ve just realised a few things lately.” Alex admitted, “So anyway, why aren’t you talking to George or Meredith about this?”

“Number one, Meredith hates Addison.” Izzie began, “Number two, George tried to kiss me and then stalked me when I was on my cell phone with Addison.”

“Seriously, George did that?” Cristina asked, “I wondered why you guys weren’t talking.”

“It’s so unlike you not to ask Cristina.” Izzie stated.

“I asked George but he blanked me, figured you’d get bitchy about it so I didn’t even bother.” Izzie was shocked by Cristina’s words, it hurt a little to feel her friend thought that, until the smirk on Alex’s face made realisation dawn, Cristina was right, Izzie probably would have reacted that way, it was a touchy subject and there was a lot going on in her life at the moment. “Do you think it’ll be weird?” Cristina asked, not giving Izzie a chance to respond to her previous statement. The blonde looked blank, uncertain as to what her friend was referring to. When the brunette received no response she continued, “You know, when you see Addison again, I mean since you last saw her, you accused her of cheating, George made a pass at you, you’ve seen each other for what, three, four days since she left for LA?”

“You really know how to make a girl feel good don’t you?” Izzie asked.

“Nah, that’s Addison’s job, or yours, apparently.” Alex butted in with a trade mark smirk. The blonde scowled at her former boyfriend.

“Come on think about it.” Cristina said.

“I guess it’s a bit strange, but I don’t think that will affect what I’ll do when I see her.” Izzie explained.

“And what will you do when you see her?” Alex asked curiously.

“Hug her, kiss her.” Izzie stated, she saw the look of disdain on Alex’s face. “I’m not going to be dry humping her in the airport Alex.

“Damn shame.” Cristina sighed. Two shocked pairs of eyes shot towards the brunette, “Oh, did I say that out loud? You know she’s hot right? You’re girlfriend is hot. I’m just saying.” She explained defensively with a shrug to the two speechless doctors.

“I’ll never sleep again.” Alex said.

“You’re disgusting.” Izzie said in response, “Remind me to never talk about my love life with you again Karev.”

“What? You told me not to tell you about my fantasies, this is me not telling you about my fantasies. You didn’t say I couldn’t indirectly comment about them.” He offered.

“He has a point.” Cristina concurred with an affirming nod.

“Whose side are you on?” Izzie asked.

“The one that’s not going to get me into trouble.” She replied stone faced. “And that would be yours.” Cristina said, her voice raising with the corner of her lips upon seeing the stern look the blonde was throwing her way.

“I know you’re just humouring me, but I’ll take it.” Izzie responded. “I can’t wait to see her.” The blonde sighed.

“You’re not going to get all mushy now are you?”  Alex asked.

“Remember your audience Iz.” Cristina said. Izzie laughed, they were right, the two people who Izzie could be sentimental in front of were not here. One was hundreds of miles away and the object of her affection, the other her best friend, with whom she had a major fall out with after he had tried to kiss her in his vulnerable state.

“I need to change my status.” Izzie said suddenly, picking up her cell phone from the table.

“It’s a sad day.” Alex said, his face was crest fallen.

“What do you mean?” Izzie asked with a frown.

“Izzie Stevens is officially off the market.” He replied.

“Oh come on,” began Cristina, “she is already in a relationship, declaring it on Facebook does not make it official.” She concluded.

“Sure it does.” Alex answered, determined to make his point, “How else is everyone you know going to find out? You can’t rely on snail mail and word of mouth anymore. If you want people to know stuff, you put it on Facebook.”

“I see your point.” Cristina pondered. “I’m going to update my status.” She began typing, talking as she typed, “it’s official guys, Alex Karev is a moron.” She looked up from the laptop and grinned. Izzie was smirking as she was scrolling through pages on her cell phone.

“I like this.” Izzie said as she hit the ‘like button’ on Cristina’s status.

“You guys suck. Wait till I get onto that thing.”

“Boots and shaking spring to mind.” Cristina said dismissively.

“Guys.” Izzie said, her eyes springing up from the mobile device. Her eyes were wide with disbelief, her hand was trembling, the cell phone shaking ever so slightly.

“What is it?” her friends asked in unison. Izzie opened her mouth to speak, only to find barely a sound would escape.


To be continued . . .



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