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Fic: The World is a Stage - Part 16/?

Title:  The World is a Stage 16/?
Author: agentb81
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Brittany/Santana, Brittany/OC
Rating: 15 - R
Word Count: 3300
Disclaimer: Glee is copyrighted and belongs to Ryan Murphy and Fox. As this work is an interpretation of the original material and not for-profit, it constitutes fair use. Use of other personalities is not a reflection of their real lives and is completely fictional.
Summary:  Sort of AU/Future fic, the lives of Santana and Brittany in their early twenties.
Spoilers: References to Season 1.

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She paced up and down the corridor, concern and worry plastered across her features. However many times she had sat down she had shot straight back up again, unable to rest, unable to stop the tirade of emotions that poured through her. She was the one Brittany wanted to be with, the one Brittany loved, yet it was the blonde’s husband who was now sat at her bedside.  Santana had waited for hours for a chance to see Brittany, she had been rushed into theatre shortly after arriving at the hospital, it was explained to the blonde’s ‘entourage’ that Brittany had suffered a ruptured spleen and had been rushed into surgery. Santana was practically pulling her hair out, she wanted nothing more than to see Brittany and whisper soothing words of encouragement and love. It had also taken a tremendous amount of persuasion on Quinn’s part to have Santana have her wound seen too. Several stitches, pain killers and an x-ray later, the brunette was back pacing the clinical, white corridors.


She found herself staring wistfully out of a window, the sun was setting, the sky was an incredible array of pinks and oranges. Santana sighed, her mind flashing back to earlier in the day when Brittany had surprised her with an impromptu early morning visit. She smiled sadly at the memory of them sitting on the beach, unable to touch one another, kiss one another, all they could do was stare longingly. Santana was unaware of the woman standing next to her until she felt a warm hand on her arm. She jumped slightly, turning to see deep concerned brown eyes.  Santana was somewhat stunned by what she saw, it was so unexpected. She glared slightly, not trusting her voice to speak, hoping the message of wanting an explanation would get across. It did.

“We can help each other.” Santana crossed her arms across her chest, narrowed her eyes and turned so she was fully facing her companion. “When she wakes up, she’s going to see her husband. Her lying, cheating husband and he is going to pretend everything is alright. She deserves better than that Santana. I know you want to be in there with her, I can see you still love her.”  Santana shrugged again.

“He was with you last night wasn’t he?” The Latina asked, turning away, not looking at the shorter girl. Rachel frowned, unable to fathom the words.

“H-how did you know?” Santana turned to look at Rachel, she raised an eyebrow before speaking.

“Brittany said Bryan was being an ass again and told him to sleep in the spare room, only when she got up this morning she said it looked like the bed hadn’t been slept in.” Santana explained. “I don’t get it Rachel, I don’t understand what game he’s playing.”

“He’s not in love with her Santana. He told me he loved me and would leave her.” Rachel explained. Santana sighed heavily, put her hands on her hips and turned to face the window once again.

“How can anybody treat Brittany like that.” It was a statement, rather than a question, it baffled her beyond belief that Bryan could treat Brittany in such a way. The irony was that Santana had once been just like that. Never with Brittany however, the blonde was always at the centre of her universe and made it her life’s mission to never hurt the dancer. She believed it was for that reason that when Brittany left her, it was the most incredible painful experience of her life and changed her outlook on pretty much everything. She refused to get close or open up to anyone. She had constructed a barrier as large as the Hoover Dam. No one would get through. Since Brittany, Santana hadn’t had a single relationship, she dated, she had sex, but it never meant anything, she wouldn’t let it. The Latina found it very difficult to trust anyone, not only because of the hurt but her new found fame also. Santana was wary of people’s motives, she had become even more guarded and so gained a reputation of being somewhat ‘difficult’. Her friends knew otherwise. It was Quinn and Puck that had become her family, they were her best friends, and other than her immediate family, the only people she could trust. Until Brittany found her way into the brunette’s life once again. Piece by piece, Santana’s wall was crumbling, before tumbling down in a spectacular crescendo. And it was all Brittany’s fault. Brittany told Santana she loved her. The brunette felt she could spontaneously combust, she felt like she was walking on air and despite the added complication that Brittany was married, she knew that one day they would be together again. Yet here she was in an almost impossible situation not knowing what was going to happen, if Brittany was ok. There had been complications in surgery, the ruptured spleen had become life threatening and the blonde had been resuscitated on the table. It had scared Santana considerably to learn this information and was more anxious than ever to see the dancer, however, a particular husband was making it an impossible task.

“How can you feel that way about Bryan after everything he has done?”

“It’s not really any of his fault Santana, he’s in a loveless marriage and I dare say alcohol has provided him with poor judgement. When you found us this afternoon he downed my beer. He’s misunderstood and deep down is a good guy. Brittany must have seen something in him.” Rachel explained. Santana sighed and rolled her eyes, if Rachel Berry wanted him, she could damn well have him. More the fool her, the Latina thought.

“What’s your plan?” Santana asked.

“I don’t actually have one. But you want to get in there and see Brittany, so we need to figure out a way to draw him away from the room.”

“Oh shit.” A distracted Santana said, not for the first time that day. Rachel watched as the Latina’s eyes grew wider, her arms slowly unfolded, her shoulders were set and she held her head high. Rachel turned in time to see Brittany’s parents marching towards them.

“Oh.” Was all the petite brunette could muster. “Plan B then.” She muttered.

“We didn’t even have a plan A.” Santana said through gritted teeth and a forced smile.

“Then we use them.” Rachel threw back over her shoulder. “Look what Bryan’s done, to Brittany, to you. No one wants to see their daughter cheated upon and married to a thug.”

“For once I actually agree with you Berry.” Santana concluded as she was met with the thunderous faces of Mr and Mrs Brittany. It was what Santana had affectionately named Brittany’s parents since she first met them all those years ago and as the girls had grown closer, she would refer to them as Mom and Dad number two, for they had become a huge part of her life.

“Santana.” Brittany’s Mom Valerie was visibly upset, seeing Santana’s face had brought a tirade of emotions to the older woman’s features. She hesitated before taking the girl’s shoulders and wrapping her in a hug. There were no other words once they parted, just a polite nod from Brittany’s father Ray. It was a strange meeting, it had been a long five years since they had seen one another and it had not been the best of partings, but there remained a bond and Santana intended to take advantage of that.

“Where is she?” Valerie asked. Santana motioned with her head toward the door of Brittany’s private room. “Bryan?”

“He’s in there with her.” Rachel answered upon seeing the disdain on Santana’s face.

“What happened to your face Santana?” Ray asked, he stepped closer, inspecting the Latina’s wound. She suddenly felt like a twelve year old girl again and shrunk away from the taller, more stocky man.

“Your son in law hit her.” A voice from nowhere beamed at a higher volume. Brittany’s parents spun around, Santana and Rachel peered around the human obstructions and gawped at a confident blonde, hands firmly placed on hips, a smirk tugging at her lips.

“Quinn dear, whatever are you talking about?” Valerie asked. Ray stared intently, his brow furrowed.

“Golden boy Bryan, isn’t as perfect as you think he is.” She answered with great pleasure, she strode confidently towards them. “Look at Santana’s face.” She said. “He did that to her.”

“But why would he?” Valerie asked with confusion. Ray turned around to face the Latina.

“Did you do something to Brittany?” Ray asked, his eyes as cold as steel.

“What? No!” Santana snapped. “It was the other way around. Your precious Bryan was cheating on your daughter.” She raised her voice, deflecting the attention from herself and the real reason as to how she came about her injury.

“It’s true.” Rachel said. “He was cheating with me.” She admitted. She met the gaze of the two stern faces before her, determination set in both their eyes. Valerie broke contact and looked at Santana.

“Have you seen her?” she asked the actress.

“No.” Santana shook her head. “He won’t let me. He won’t leave her.”

“Does she know?” Ray asked.

“I don’t think so.” The Latina concluded. She wanted to add that Brittany didn’t actually love Bryan any more, but that would just be an added complication her parents could do without.

“I need to see her.” Valerie said and headed toward the door.

“I’ll be right there,” Ray called after her, “don’t say anything to Bryan, I’ll sort it out.” Valerie nodded as she opened the door quietly and shuffled into the room. Ray stepped into Santana’s personal space once again and took her elbow, leading her away from Rachel and out of ear shot. Quinn took a similar action with the petite brunette, deciding the two had a lot to catch up on, she guided Rachel away for a coffee.

“She called me when she got the job on the movie. She was so happy and didn’t stop talking about you Santana.” Ray began. “I was surprised when she mentioned you and you were working together. But at the same time I wasn’t surprised at all, I can’t explain it and to be quite honest I don’t know what the hell has been going on here, but my main priority is my daughter.”

“Mine too.” Santana sighed with sad eyes and finally took a seat, the emotions and fatigue finally defeating her. It was all she could do not to cry.

“Santana.” Ray began, taking a seat next to his daughter’s friend. “I think there are a few things you should know about what happened when you left for college.” He said openly, albeit somewhat hesitantly.

“I know about the baby.” Santana said sadly, her eyes lifting briefly to meet familiar blue eyes. Ray placed a hand on Santana’s knee.

“We treated you badly, you didn’t deserve that. It wasn’t Brittany’s decision, it was mine. When we found out our little Brittany was pregnant, we panicked. We didn’t deal with the whole situation very well and broke so many hearts in the process.”

“I couldn’t understand why she would leave me.” The Latina said.

“When we asked her who the baby belonged to, she was adamant it was yours.” Ray said with a small smile, “You know what Brittany can be like. She told us she loved you and people should only have babies with people they love. We knew you girls were close and maybe were more than friends, but Valerie and I hadn’t realised just how serious you two had become.”

“So you broke us up?” Santana asked incredulously.

“We reacted badly and blamed you for being a bad influence on our girl. We’re her parents Santana, what were we supposed to do?”

“She was 18, let her figure it out for herself, better yet, let us deal with it together as a couple. We were so in love Ray and that may be difficult for you to hear, but it’s the truth. I would do anything for Brit, and I would never hurt her.” The Latina explained.

 “She’s been a different person the last five years without you in her life Santana, she was more solemn. She’s Brittany when you are around. I just hope that you can understand or at least forgive us for what we did.” Ray said with complete honesty.

“I can’t understand it Ray and I don’t think I ever will. I’m just grateful she came back.” Santana too was compelled to speak with truth.

“It must have been hard seeing her again.” Ray stated.

“It was, I had just about gone numb after hurting for so long and she shows up, married, wanting to be friends. It was another kick in the gut I had to deal with, but I figured having Brittany in my life as a friend was better than not having her in my life at all.” Santana offered. “She was different, a little and then the more time we spent together, the more she became the Brittany I used to know and . . .” she was going to say ‘love’ but thought better of it, her statement hung in the air.

“I can see that now.” Ray revealed, “I can tell in the tone of her voice in her phone calls. All she talks about is you and the job and how much fun she’s having, seldom does she speak of Bryan. If I didn’t know any better I would say Brittany was beginning to feel something for you again Santana.”

“You should get in there, you need to see your daughter, I need you to tell me how she is.” Santana said, nodding toward the hospital door, avoiding Ray’s sentiments.

“I’m glad we talked Santana, it’s been a long time coming.”

“Too long.” Santana said sadly.

“Why don’t you come with me?” Ray said holding out a hand. Santana looked up into the warm honest eyes. “She would want you there.”

“Yes, thank you.” The actress replied, taking the offered hand. She stood to join the taller man and followed him closely through the door of the private room that had separated her from her love for a number of agonising hours.


Santana held her breath as she walked in behind Ray, her shoulders were slumped, she didn’t know what to expect when she got in there. Her first priority was Brittany, but equally she knew Bryan was still in there. He was her husband and her next of kin as he had pointed out on a number of occasions. Santana was convinced she had never rolled her eyes or huffed so much as she had that afternoon. But now here she was, finally making her way into the surprisingly bright room, she had imagined dank grey walls, subdued lighting and machines everywhere.  The walls were bright, three white, one a calming baby blue which reminded her of Brittany’s eyes, the lights bright enough to depict daylight, however there were the machines she had envisioned. Her eyes then lay upon the blonde in the bed. Santana gasped when she saw her, her hand flew to her mouth, her heart slowed, she could hold it in no longer, the tears spilled and sneaked down her cheeks. Brittany was paler than she had ever been, looking so fragile and lost in the hospital sheets. The beep of the heart monitor distracted the brunette for a moment and speeded up a little.

“Brittany.” Santana breathed, her hand outstretching to touch the blonde’s own cold hand. The beep on the monitor settled once again. Brittany’s parents looked at one another across the bed, a knowing gleam passing across their eyes.

“I want her out.” A voice said from the corner of the room. Ray turned and walked towards Bryan, Santana and Valerie watched, the Latina inadvertently squeezing her secret lover’s hand. “I want her out Ray, she doesn’t belong here.” Bryan said slightly louder.

“You don’t get to decide anything concerning Brittany anymore. We know what you did.” Ray said, towering over his son in law like a disciplined high school Principal.

“And you believe that dyke slut?” Bryan seethed, trying to muster a scolding insult.

“Don’t call her that.” Ray said, “Santana has been a part of our family a lot longer than you.” He challenged.

“Did you know that in high school Santana corrupted your daughter and turned her into a lesbian?”

“Santana didn’t corrupt anyone, Brittany is her own person and followed her heart. They loved each other Bryan, don’t ever trivialise their relationship.” Ironic, Santana thought, Ray had as good as admitted he too had belittled their relationship all those years ago. However, Ray was a good man and had admitted his error, Bryan would never do that.

“I’m still Brittany’s husband and until she says otherwise there’s nothing you can do about it. What will she say if she wakes up and I’m not here, her husband is not at her bedside, how will you explain that?” Bryan huffed. All eyes darted to the bed as the sound of stirring and mild groan of pain rang out. The blonde’s head was moving side to side, anguish was visible on her face. Ray grabbed Bryan by his collar and forced him toward the door.

“Get a doctor.” Valerie pleaded. Santana took the seat beside Brittany’s bed, her hand never leaving the blonde’s.

“Shhh.” Santana cooed, brushing her free hand over Brittany’s forehead and into her blonde hair, stroking it soothingly. The blonde stilled slightly, her eyelids began to flutter, all eyes were again focused on the patient.

“S-S- Santana.” Brittany stuttered, her voice struggling from her dry throat.

“Here have some water sweetie.” Valerie said pouring a glass of water and placing a straw into the glass.

“Mom?” Brittany said, her head following the voice, she struggled to open her eyes, her focus was wavering. She felt the straw touch her lips and took a sip of the cool liquid. The blonde could only make out shapes before her. One of her hands felt heavy, restricted, she squeezed, earning a gentle squeeze in return. “Santana.” She said again, this time a statement of affirmation rather than a question.

“I’m here Brittany.” The brunette beamed, her dried tears now covered by fresh ones, she let out a small chuckle as the blonde’s head stilled and let out a little snore indicating she had fallen back asleep.

“Here.” Valerie reached across the bed and passed Santana a tissue.

“Thank you Valerie.” Santana smiled warmly as she took the proffered handkerchief. She glanced back towards the door. Bryan and Ray had stood, watching the exchange. A look of confusion passed over the sound engineer’s face. As realisation dawned and he opened his mouth, Ray opened the door and shoved the tall brute through it, following him and closing the door behind them.

“He hit you because he found out about your past with Brittany didn’t he?” Valerie enquired quietly. Santana nodded meekly.

“Yeah, after I found out he had been sleeping with someone else.”

“It sounds complicated.” Valerie stated.

“I think it is.” Santana sighed. She gazed at Brittany, she wanted her to wake up so badly to tell everyone she didn’t love Bryan and that they could both run off into the sunset and live happily every after. But Santana knew all too well, real life never happened like that.




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