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Fic: The World is a Stage - Part 13/?

Title:  The World is a Stage 13/?
Author: agentb81
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Brittany/Santana, Brittany/OC
Rating: 15 - R
Word Count: 3400
Disclaimer: Glee is copyrighted and belongs to Ryan Murphy and Fox. As this work is an interpretation of the original material and not for-profit, it constitutes fair use. Use of other personalities is not a reflection of their real lives and is completely fictional.
Summary:  Sort of AU/Future fic, the lives of Santana and Brittany in their early twenties.
Spoilers: References to Season 1.

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Another couple of weeks had passed by in the blink of an eye, filming had picked up pace and the cast and crew were producing scene after scene, it had been a gruelling schedule that had kept Santana welcomingly distracted. But at the same time it was the most agonisingly slowest fortnight of the brunette’s life. Brittany was around, they had passed, had shared pleasantries and carried on their daily business. They had decided a bit of distance was the way forward, so they could be better friends. So Brittany could be a better wife. Relations on set in general had become strained. It had turned into a Team Lopez vs Team Berry contest, the tabloid press having got wind of a bit of friction and consequently causing further hoopla. Santana found it mildly amusing, Rachel not so. The Latina had turned up for work that morning wearing a Team Lopez t-shirt she had purchased from ebay. The look on Berry’s face had been priceless, captured and tweeted. Santana had decided to take her frustrations out on her frosty relationship with Rachel in order to ease the pain she felt in her heart. She felt like she was sixteen again, how she and Brittany would rule the school and pull pranks for kicks. In some respects, this ‘being a better’ person just did not prevail, but she had vowed that Rachel Berry remained an exception to that rule and to some extent she was taking advantage of it. More in a teasing way though than a mean girl kind of way. If she was going to make her life a misery, she may as well have fun doing it, right? Besides, it was the perfect distraction.


“Can I sit here?” Brittany asked Santana who was sat on her own eating her lunch. Santana looked up at a tired looking dancer. She nodded meekly in response.

“I like your t-shirt.” Brittany said as she sat down next to Santana with her food tray.

“Thanks.” Santana grinned. “You can have it, I don’t need it anymore.” She offered, the t-shirt had more than served its purpose by now.

“Can I?” the blonde asked visibly enthused. “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome.” Santana said. A wave of silence washed over them, each unsure of what to say to one another, for the first time, it actually felt a little awkward. Santana shivered at the thought. She cleared her throat as she watched Brittany push the food around her plate with her fork.

“Erm, how’s, how’s Bryan?” she asked tentatively, not particularly wanting to talk about him, but making the effort with her friend nonetheless.

“He’s ok. I think his ego took more of a battering than his face, he couldn’t admit to the doctor he got beat up by a girl.” Brittany laughed. It was like music to Santana’s ears, she hadn’t heard that laugh in some time now and she felt warm on the inside once again.

“I hope he realises it’ll be worse if he ever does anything like that again.” Santana warned.

“He’s promised not to, that our family is what we need to concentrate on now.” Brittany explained. Santana frowned at the blonde’s words.

“And what do you think Brit? You said you didn’t want to start a family with him.” Santana pushed her tray aside, now completely disinterested in the half eaten meal on the plate.

“I don’t want to make him angry.”

“You don’t have to agree with everything just to have an easier life Brit. If you don’t want to have a baby with Bryan you have to tell him. Marriage is about compromise, maybe you can sort something out.”

“But what if he gets angry and wants to break up with me?” Brittany asked. Santana shrugged, in all honesty, she felt that would be the best option, even if it was for purely selfish reasons.  The Latina’s non verbal response riled the blonde somewhat. “You’d love that wouldn’t you? You want me and Bryan to break up. You know I had to beg him not to press charges against you Santana.” The brunette rolled her eyes dramatically.

“Brit.” She reached across the table and took the dancer’s hand in her own, she was met by resistance, but insisted the blonde take notice of her. “The only thing I want is for you to be happy.” She made sure Brittany was listening. “I appreciate what you did for me, but if you’re not happy with decisions Bryan is making for both of you, you have to say something or you will continue to be miserable, can’t you see that?” Santana paused, waiting for the blonde to respond. She received it a few moments later in the form of a gentle nod. “Ok then.” Santana gave Brittany’s hand a gentle squeeze before letting go.  “And what was his sorry excuse for lying to you about where he was working the other week?”

“He got the location wrong, he said he turned up the first night and no one was there, but he got it all sorted out in the end.” Brittany explained.

“And you trust that?” Santana asked suspiciously. Brittany shrugged.

“What other choice do I have?” she asked rhetorically. Santana could see the light she once saw in Brittany’s eyes was diminishing. She couldn’t argue with the blonde, she had made her choice and all Santana could do was support it, whether she liked it or not. It had been so much easier in high school, they had both had their relations with other guys in the school and while it pained her then to see Brittany with other people, all she had to do was click her fingers and they were exclusive, Brittany was only hers. The Latina sighed, being a grown up sucked.

“I have a scene in like ten minutes, I have to go.” The actress stood and grabbed a hold of her tray. “Swing by the trailer later and you can have my t-shirt. But I don’t want to see it on ebay tonight, got it?” she smiled. Brittany chuckled.

“Got it.” Brittany agreed. “Thanks Santana.” She said with genuine warmth and gratitude. Things always made sense to her when the Latina explained them.




The blonde moved across the dance studio so gracefully and content. It was Brittany’s safe place. If she could dance, she could relax, she could clear her mind and just be. It was her haven, one which she had never taken for granted. Dancing was her thing. She was damn good at it and was lucky enough to have forged a career from it.  She watched herself in the mirror as if having an out of body experience, sometimes when her mind was so busy, all she could do was just see it, see herself dance and not feel it. Today though she felt every grain of wood on the polished floor, every particle of air that passed her as she swooshed through it. She felt every muscle in her body respond to the music. Leona Lewis’ ‘I Got You’ blasted out from the sound system, it wasn’t the usual type of song that Brittany would dance to, this was one she had heard drifting from the stereo at Santana’s house and consequently had stuck in her head, the words had struck her and continued to loop in her head, it was a reminder of the Latina actress. She stopped suddenly and simply stood, staring into the mirror before her, the lyrics penetrating her thoughts.





If there was one thing that was not uncommon on this particular movie set, it was a scowl faced Latina storming into view. “Where’s Berry?” Santana yelled across the set. She had just read an interview the petite brunette had given to a local newspaper. The other girl had not been so kind in her comments about her colleague.

“She left the set about two hours ago.” Quinn said as she met the brunette.

“Have you seen this?” Santana asked.

“Err yeah.” Quinn replied, she tensed slightly awaiting the notorious wrath of the other woman. The article was about a week old, she knew Santana would not be happy.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Santana asked.

“You didn’t need the added stress, besides, I knew you’d react like this.” The blonde stated. “Santana, I have your best interests at heart. You know that.” She had pre-empted a tirade and tried to prevent it. Santana sighed.

“Fine, but she can expect payback.” The Latina huffed and stumbled up the stairs into her trailer.


Santana was midway changing her shirt when the door to her trailer squeaked open. The creak made her freeze for a moment before she sighed with frustration, “seriously Quinn what have I told you before about knocking?”

“It’s nothing I haven’t seen before.” The voice had Santana spin to face her intruder. Standing in the middle of her trailer in just a pair of short denim cut-offs and a bra she suddenly felt more vulnerable and exposed than she ever had in her life. The t-shirt in her hand dropped to the floor and her mouth began to open and close as she tried to formulate words that just would not come.

“Can you err, at least close the door?” was what she finally managed to croak out. Her mouth had dried rapidly and speaking had become a chore. She was also aware of the bustling outside her trailer, being half naked was not something she was willing to share with the red blooded males of the crew.

“You dropped your t-shirt.” The other person said. “Let me get that for you.” Santana closed her eyes as her intruder moved closer and bent down before her, swiping up the discarded garment from the floor, every movement was felt by the Latina, as the air moved against her bare legs. “Here.” The voice said, mere centimetres away. Santana opened her eyes and shivered as she met the sparkle of a pair of bright blue eyes. A stark contrast to what she had seen there earlier that day.

“Thanks.” She breathed. She was rewarded with a beaming smile. “But I think this is yours.” She said, handing the t-shirt back. The smile before her grew wider, fingers lingered on her own as the new owner of the shirt took it from her.

“Thanks.” Came the reply. The blue eyes became distracted and diverted away from Santana’s questioning brown orbs. The actress could feel the eyes travelling over her body, leaving goose bumps in their wake, she visibly and audibly shivered, closing her eyes she mentally chastised herself. “You’re cold.” She felt a warm pair of hands on each of her shoulders and ever so slowly and agonisingly, they glided down her arms, over her soft cool skin in an attempt to warm her. Santana opened her eyes, questioning the blue ones in front of her.

“What are you doing?” she whispered, she could barely trust her voice to speak. The hands stopped moving when they reached the Latina’s and scooped them up, holding them softly.

“I figured it out.”

“You figured what out?” Santana asked.

“You were right, I can see that you only want me to be happy.” Brittany answered quietly. “And I don’t want a baby right now.”

“Ok.” Santana replied, her brow furrowed slightly.

“But I do want to have a family.” The blonde explained, she watched as a number of emotions passed through Santana’s eyes.

“Well, then I’m happy for you Brit. I, I think you’d be a great Mom.” She stuttered, her eyes darting everywhere, avoiding the blonde’s gaze. Brittany dipped her head slightly and gave Santana’s hands a light squeeze.

“You would too.” The dancer replied. Santana looked up, her eyes narrow with confusion, she shook her head gently from side to side.

“Thanks, but we’re not talking about me here.” She said, again she felt severely underdressed, breaking contact with Brittany, she reached down for the t-shirt the blonde had dropped to the floor.

“No.” Brittany said, retrieving the t-shirt from Santana’s hands as she straightened. The Latina was now beyond confused. Brittany could be slightly odd at the best of times but this bordering weird. “I want a family,” she began, “but not with Bryan. Ever.” She said, emphasising the last word. Santana shrugged in frustration. “I’ve figured it out.” Brittany repeated, a shy smile tugging at her lips.

“You said that.” Santana stated.

“Ask me again.” Brittany ordered.

“Ask you what?” asked a bewildered Santana.

“What do you keep asking me, what do you ask me that no one else cares to ask me?” Brittany replied, she was clearly enjoying this little game. The light bulb in Santana’s head went off. She felt a rush of everything shoot through her body. There was anticipation, there was hope, there was fear, there was adrenaline, there were butterflies, there was excitement and there were nerves.

“What do you want Brittany?” she asked carefully, her voice again struggling to function, it came out barely above a whisper.

“I want you Santana.”

“You want me.” Santana breathed, her heart was thumping loudly in her chest. “You want me.” She repeated, unsure that what she had heard was true.

“Yes, Santana Lopez, I love you and I want you, if you’ll have me.” Brittany gushed with excitement.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, of course yes.” Santana almost squealed picking Brittany up and swinging her around. Brittany giggled as Santana swung her, she hadn’t seen the brunette this happy in a long time, and she was thrilled she was the reason for it. The Latina put her down and smiled widely before pecking her on the lips shyly. Brittany pulled Santana close to her body, her hooded eyes glancing down before her gaze met the actress’.

“You are so fucking hot.” She breathed before swooping in and capturing Santana’s lips in a searing kiss. The Latina melted and relented, allowing Brittany’s tongue to enter her mouth. She explored the blonde’s mouth like she had on so many occasions before in what seemed like another lifetime, it felt so familiar yet so new and exhilarating at the same time.  Desperate to savour the moment as if it would be the last, Santana’s tongue danced slowly around Brittany’s mouth, tracing the cavity and exploring and memorising with every touch.  The dancer moaned into the kiss, loving the way Santana was caressing her tongue with her own. Brittany’s hands which had found themselves on the Latina’s hips to pull her closer, now gently traced her fingers up Santana’s toned back, revelling in the touch and enjoying the sensation of feeling Santana’s soft skin beneath her fingers. The actress groaned, having Brittany touch her like this had been what felt like a distant dream. She had on so many occasions imagined and dreamed of a reunion but never did it feel as good as this. She felt Brittany’s fingers creep closer together in the middle of her back. Her brain was struggling to comprehend anything right now, but when she felt a tugging on her bra, she gasped, inadvertently breaking the kiss, both women gasped for air, yet remained dazed.  Santana was first to react.

“Ohmygod.” She rushed, her hand found its way to her pounding chest. “I never, ever thought that would ever happen again.” She rushed out, her breath ragged.

“I know, it was awesome right?” Brittany swooned.

“So, so awesome.” Santana smiled, “But you,” she kissed Brittany sweetly on the lips before continuing. “You need to talk to Bryan.” She concluded. Brittany’s face fell slightly, Santana picked up her hands and guided her over to the small two seater sofa. “This can’t happen if you don’t end your marriage.” Santana reasoned.

“I know.” Brittany admitted, “It’s just so hard, you know? I mean I did love him and we’re married and stuff and I feel bad, but I don’t trust him.”

“Of course you feel bad.” Santana said rubbing a hand up and down the blonde’s back. “And you’ve tried to make your marriage work, but Brit, a marriage is based on trust and he’s an asshole.” Santana said with a small smile. Brittany looked at Santana and grinned. “How do you want to work this?”

“I want to be with you more than anything.” She began, “But I think we need to be patient. I can’t let Bryan use this against me and I can’t have him ruin your career.” She said thoughtfully.

“Whatever you want Brit, I’ll wait for you.” Santana said. Brittany looked at Santana, truly looked at her, she knew Santana was the best thing to have ever happened to her and now she had made a definitive decision, she felt the weight of the world lift off her shoulders, because no matter what, Santana would always be there for her and share her burdens, and now would share her happiness too. The blonde hugged Santana close, squeezing her and holding her as if her life depended on it. It wasn’t a goodbye, but it was a promise, she wasn’t quite sure when she would be able to spend another intimate moment with the Latina, so savoured it.

“I love you.” Brittany repeated for the second time.

“I love you too.” Santana replied, she pulled away from the blonde and swooped in again, giving her a sweet kiss. “Are you ok?” the Latina asked, she brushed a hand through Brittany’s silken blonde locks.

“Very ok. How can I not be ok when you’re half naked looking like that?” she smirked. Santana suddenly felt very self conscious and grabbed a hoody from the back of the couch and hauled it over her head. Brittany pouted. “Oh you’re no fun.”

“Brit I can’t sit here half naked and have you look at me like that.” She explained

“I know, I’m sorry.” Brittany said, “So, this is it until I’ve broken up with Bryan.”

“Yeah I guess it is.” Santana said sadly.

“But we can hug and stuff right?”

“Right, friends do that, we can do that.” Santana agreed, nodding her head.

“And sometimes, you know I can like kiss you on the cheek and that right?”

“Yeah, yeah, friends do that too. All the time.” The Latina smiled.

“Ok then.” Brittany smiled.

“Ok then.” Confirmed Santana.

“I should go,” the blonde stood from the couch, “I need to . . . do . . . stuff.” Brittany drawled. She turned to walk away.

“Brit?” Santana asked, grabbing a hold of the blonde’s hand once again, Brittany turned and looked into Santana’s eyes, she saw an uncertainty there, “You and Bryan, you’re not . . . you won’t . . .” The Latina couldn’t express with words what she wanted to say. Brittany immediately caught on to what the actress trying to say.

“No.” She said reassuringly, “I won’t sleep with Bryan” Santana was visibly relieved, her shoulders relaxed and let out a big sigh, indicative of the breath she was holding. She stood and flung her arms around Brittany’s waist and rested her head on the blonde’s shoulder. Brittany too encircled her arms around the Latina and sighed contentedly before gently pulling apart. She kissed Santana one last time before breaking contact completely, except for a hand she was still holding.

“I’ll call you later.” Brittany promised, her hand squeezing Santana’s, she backed away slowly, their arms extending, not losing contact until the last possible moment, finger tips brushed against one another before meeting the cool air. Santana’s arm remained outstretched as she watched Brittany disappear trough the trailer door and close it behind her. She slowly moved her fingers to her lips where she caressed them gently, a smile forming upon the memory of Brittany’s lips upon her own and their renewed declaration of love. She threw herself onto the bed beside her and sighed heavily with content.

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