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Fic: The World is a Stage - Part 12/?

Title:  The World is a Stage 12/?
Author: agentb81
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Brittany/Santana, Brittany/OC
Rating: 15 - R
Word Count: 3000
Disclaimer: Glee is copyrighted and belongs to Ryan Murphy and Fox. As this work is an interpretation of the original material and not for-profit, it constitutes fair use. Use of other personalities is not a reflection of their real lives and is completely fictional.
Summary:  Sort of AU/Future fic, the lives of Santana and Brittany in their early twenties.
Spoilers: References to Season 1.
A/N: Two in two days, go me! Plus, I'm sorry . . .

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“It was just a kiss I swear.” Bryan pleaded.

“In the coat closet? Santana?” Brittany turned to her friend asking for confirmation of what she saw.  The Latina sighed, disappointed with what she was about to say.

“All I saw was kissing.” She answered truthfully.

“But why Bryan, I’m your wife?” Brittany pleaded for an answer, tears were now to make their way down her face. Santana placed a soothing hand on her back and rubbed it gently, offering her friend support.

“I, I, I, don’t know, I guess, you know, she’s, she’s beautiful, she, err, listened to, to, to what I have to say, she, she paid an interest in me.” Bryan stuttered.

“Have you been drinking?” Brittany accused.

“I err, yeah.” Her husband admitted, his head hung in shame.

“You don’t drink!” exclaimed Brittany.

“Do you want me to hit him again?” Santana asked, scowl firmly in place.

“No, no. He doesn’t drink, because things like this happen.” The blonde dancer explained. People had begun to filter away from the excitement, leaving the group of ‘friends’ to deal with the revelations.

“He’s done this before?” Quinn asked.

“Not while he’s been with me.”

“I love you Brit.” Bryan said solemnly.

“You don’t love her, how could you love her and then go and make out with Manhands?” Santana yelled, her finger pointing in Bryan’s face. Brittany grabbed a hold of the other woman’s wrist and pulled her back.

“San, please.” Brittany said. Santana turned to look at Brittany, her heart broke, seeing the tears streaming down the blonde’s porcelain features, she looked so fragile and afraid. Santana’s face softened, she gently placed her hands either side of Brittany’s face and wiped away the tears with her thumbs. She looked into sad blue eyes.

“People you love, who love you, don’t do that to you Brit.” Brittany bit her lip at Santana’s words, her eyes now downcast, she paused a moment.

“Don’t they?” she said in an almost challenging tone. She looked back up to see confused brown eyes, the words lingering thickly in the air before Brittany shook her head and focused. “I need to get him home.” She said sensibly. “I need to clean him up and put him to bed.”

“Will you call me, tell me you’re ok?” Santana pleaded, she knew it sounded desperate, but right now she didn’t care. Brittany nodded meekly in response, right now she had a drunken, injured husband to take home and that would be a challenge.

“Puck will help you get Bryan home Brittany.” Quinn offered.

“Thanks Quinn and Puck, I don’t think I could do it on my own.”

“I’ll keep him in check.” Puck said as he grabbed one of Bryan’s arms and began dragging him toward the exit.

“I’ll sort out Berry.” Santana said smugly. Brittany offered a small smile.

“Just,” she began, the blonde placed a hand on Santana’s chest, flush with her collar bone, she closed her eyes momentarily, enjoying the feel of the actress’ bare skin underneath her hand.  She lifted her blue eyes to meet Santana’s, “don’t do anything stupid.” She finished quietly. Santana grasped the hand that was close to her skin and held it in place.

“I wouldn’t, for you and for my career.” Santana promised in a sweet, soft tone.

“I should go.” Brittany said, clearing her throat, breaking yet another moment with the former love of her life.

“Be careful.” Santana warned, as Brittany turned and followed Puck and her husband out into the dark night.


Quinn was sat in silence next to Rachel, the brunette’s head hung in shame. Santana walked over to her two former Glee colleagues. The blonde stood and hugged the Latina unexpectedly. After a moment of uncertainty, Santana wrapped her arms around her best friend.

“I’m sorry for being a bitch.”

“It’s part of your nature San, if you weren’t a bitch sometimes I would be worried.” Quinn smiled, “But this time you went beyond bitch.” She explained.

“I know, I’m sorry.” The brunette offered. She pulled apart and looked down at Rachel. “Berry.” She said, aiming to get her co-star’s attention.  The other woman looked up timidly, preparing herself for any wrath she was about to face. “What the hell Berry?”

“I don’t know, it just kind of happened.” She tried to explain.

“I saw you flirting with him earlier, he had his hand on your thigh Berry, so don’t tell me it just kind of happened.” Santana said sternly, her hands planted firmly on her hips.

“I’ve had a lot to drink, I wasn’t thinking straight and he was coming on to me.”

“He’s Brittany’s husband!” Quinn yelled.

“He told me they were practically over, that she didn’t love him anymore.” Rachel whined.

“You are such a sucker Berry. They’ve been talking about starting a family.” Santana said.

“What? But what about you and Brittany?” Rachel said hurriedly.

“There is no me and Brittany Rachel. Nothing has happened for five goddamn years, you know that!” the Latina fired back at the other girl.

“I, I wasn’t sure, you guys seem so . . . together.” She answered. Santana glared at her.

“Brittany is committed to her marriage Rachel. You’ve just ruined a marriage and possibly a family.” Quinn stated with frustration.

“I don’t think you’re in a position to preach about monogamy Quinn Fabray. You broke Finn’s heart.”

“Oh please!” Quinn replied, “You couldn’t wait to tell Finn that Puck was Beth’s father. You’re a devious little witch Rachel Berry and quite possibly the most selfish person I know.”

“Are you going to slushie me now too?” Rachel retorted. “Besides,” she continued, “I actually did you a favour, you and Puck have never been happier.”

“There you again, it’s all about Rachel Berry.” Santana laughed ironically.  

“You and Brittany may not have physically done anything Santana, but an emotional relationship can also be considered cheating.” Rachel accused. Santana narrowed her eyes.

“What have you told him?” she asked cautiously. Rachel stood, toe to toe with her nemesis, a smug grin plastered across her face.

“You would just love to know that wouldn’t you? I actually have some power over you now Santana.” She oozed.

“Err, not really.” Santana said flippantly, “Just tell me what he knows Rachel, if not for me then for Brittany’s safety.” She ordered.

“Fine,” the brunette huffed, “I haven’t told him anything. He asked me about you two in high school but I told him you were best friends. Period.”

“Ok, so now we’ve come to this conclusion can we go home now?” Quinn sighed out of boredom.

“Yes, we can go.” Santana answered, she turned her attention back to Rachel, “Don’t think you’ve got away with this Berry.”  She turned around to address her date, only where she previously stood was now a void, “Oh, where did Ashley go?” she asked Quinn.

“She left.” Quinn answered.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Santana asked. Quinn’s single response was to raise an eyebrow in a ‘what do you think?’ gesture. Santana simply nodded. “Right.”




The Latina stirred, she heard a faint knocking. Stilling in her bed she listened intently, concentrating on the sound. There it was again, a little louder this time. And then it stopped. All of a sudden her front door bell rang, her heart jumped in her chest, scaring her witless. Her heart was beating rapidly in her rib cage, she glanced at the clock beside her, it was late, or early, at two thirty in the morning she wasn’t quite sure how to call it. Santana swung her legs over the side of the bed and stood up with a slight wobble, the effects of the alcohol taking its toll on the actress. She grabbed for her dressing gown, answering the door in her skimpy silken bed wear might not be such a good idea. She yawned on her way down the stairs, flattening her mussed hair and she tied the gown tightly around her waist. She flicked on the light switch and squinted at the sudden light that penetrated her sleepy brown eyes. Santana reached for the door, unsure who she would find on the other side, however, it had to be someone she knew as they had to have navigated the coded gate to her driveway. She had once been the subject of a security scare, so protection was imperative. She opened the door slowly, holding her breath. She let it out with a heavy sigh, her shoulders dropped as they relaxed and she swung the door open and held her arms out for a visibly upset blonde to fall into.


Santana had guided Brittany into the living room, she had refused to make the blonde a coffee on the grounds of her needing sleep. Brittany reluctantly agreed and took the glass of milk that was on offer instead. They were now sat face to face on the plush sofa in the centre of the room, legs tucked underneath their bodies, an arm each resting on the back of sofa.

“I don’t have any reason not believe it was just a kiss.” Brittany said.

“Brit . . .” Santana started.

“He said since I started working on the movie it’s like I’m a different person and he feels like I’ve abandoned him.” The blonde explained.

“So he’s basically saying it’s your fault he kissed Berry.” Snorted Santana.

“He said I’ve been distant and seem to only show an interest in you.” The blonde said, she looked intently at the brunette before her, Santana’s eyes never wavering from her own. “I guess he’s not entirely wrong.” She admitted. Santana took Brittany’s hand in her own and squeezed it encouragingly. A small smile played on her lips.

“Before you came back, I convinced myself I was over you. You had hurt me and I trained myself not to care about you anymore, you were out of my life, and while there was a big hole I was coping. My life wasn’t better, it wasn’t worse, it was different. And then you came back, and I tried and I tried to not feel anything, but it was impossible. Because you’re Brittany and I’m Santana.” The brunette explained.

“You asked me what I wanted. Bryan’s never done that, he’s all act now, tell me later and sometimes it’s great, it’s easy, it’s one of the reasons I married him in the first place, but he’s never really considered my feelings. I think he’s almost the opposite of you and that’s what attracted me to him, because he wasn’t you and he never would be you. I do love him San, I just don’t think I’m in love with him anymore. But he’s my husband.” Brittany said sadly. Santana sighed, she knew this was coming, Brittany was not one to turn her back on a commitment, she was loyal to the bone and she would want to try and make her marriage work, despite her husband kissing another woman. The perfect excuse was in place, alcohol was involved. She knew he didn’t drink and to give in now would not be fair.

“I’m having a hard time understanding all this Brit. I get that you’re married and in some way you love him. He doesn’t treat you right, he kissed someone else, you don’t want to raise a family with him, and I’m more than certain you still have feelings for me.”

“I think the only two things you need to understand right now is that I’m married and I love him.” Brittany offered, “It’s what I understand and that’s just how it is.”

“Did you ask him about lying to you? Why did he lie to you about working at the Bowl Brit?” Brittany looked confused, her mind was churning, she was thinking hard about the questions.

“I, I forgot about that.” She answered honestly.

“Is he at home?” Santana asked.

“No, he’s err, at the hospital, he has a broken nose and a concussion.”

“Ohmygod,” Santana’s free hand covered her open mouth, “Brit I’m so sorry!” she apologised. The blonde smiled.

“He deserved it.” Brittany replied with a shrug.

“You need to ask him Brit.”

“What if he’s been cheating on me?” the blonde asked, tears stung her eyes. “What have I done that’s so bad for him to do something like that to me?”

“Hey now,” Santana cooed, she scooted closer and took the dancer into her arms once again. “You don’t know that he’s been cheating, there may be a simple explanation for it Brittany.”

“Why would he want to start a family so quickly? He feels guilty.” Brittany stated, answering her own question.

“Hey, enough.” Santana said sternly, she couldn’t bear to see her friend tied up in knots like this. Brittany lifted her head off of Santana’s shoulder and took a moment to look into her eyes before capturing the brunette’s inviting luscious lips with her own. It was Santana’s first instinct to kiss Brittany back, a few seconds later reality kicked into her brain and she pulled away, as painful as it was, she knew it was the right thing to do.

“Don’t be like him Brit.” Santana said softly.

“I’m sorry, I’ve made a fool of myself again.” She cried.

“No, hey, come on, you’re emotionally all over the place, you don’t know what you’re doing.” Santana explained. “And if we carried on, I’d be the Rachel Berry of the whole situation and that does not sit well with my ego.” She smiled, earning a grin from the blonde. “There. I love that smile.”

“You don’t make it easy for me Santana. You be all nice like that and I just want to kiss you.” Brittany admitted.

“I’m a very kissable person.” She laughed. “But seriously, we need to find a way to be around each other and not get these urges.” Brittany was still laying in Santana’s arms, her head now rested on the brunette’s strong shoulder while Santana played mindlessly with the blonde locks. Brittany sighed, she knew it was true, this thing with Santana was everything she couldn’t have.

“What happened to your date?” Brittany asked out of the blue.  Santana’s hand momentarily stilled.

“Ah she left at the party, she text me to tell me I needed to sort my shit out.” Santana laughed.

“You don’t seem too bothered.” Brittany observed.

“I wasn’t into her in the first place, it just seemed like a good idea at the time.” The brunette explained cryptically. Brittany frowned at the brunette. “I can’t say I’ve been in the best frame of mind over the past week.”

“Is this it then?” Brittany asked.

“Yeah.” Santana sighed sadly, “You go back to Bryan and try and make your marriage work.”

“What about you?” The blonde asked with concern.

“I’ve managed for the last five years Brit, it’ll be a breeze.” She joked.

“Can I sleep with you?” Brittany asked as she yawns.

“Err, excuse me?” Santana disbelieved her ears.

“I mean can I sleep in your bed with you? Just tonight, I don’t want to be alone and I want to be near you one last time.” The blonde said simply.  It was an odd request, Santana thought, but one she could understand, Brittany needed this, but she wasn’t sure if she could handle having the dancer in the same bed as her, she was pretty sure she wouldn’t be getting any sleep and for all the wrong reasons.

“Yeah.” Santana said with a small smile, “because you asked so nicely. And because it may be the last time ever.” She said sadly.

“Let’s go.” Brittany said, suddenly jumping of the sofa and holding a hand out to Santana. The Latina smiled and grabbed a hold of the offered hand, Brittany pulled her up and they headed towards the ornate staircase.


Santana lay in bed, she starred at the ceiling, waiting for Brittany to emerge from the bathroom. She had given the blonde some sleepwear to change into. She felt a cool breeze over her skin as the covers were lifted and Brittany crawled into the other side of the bed. She turned her head to see Brittany laying on her side looking at her with awe. Santana turned onto her side, a tactic that would have her face to face with the blonde. She reached out and stroked a tender hand down the soft skin of Brittany’s face. “Can we snuggle?” Brittany asked sweetly. Santana cracked a smile, it had been some time since the blonde last asked that, it brought back so many fond memories.

“Of course.” Santana smiled. Brittany opened her arms and Santana wriggled closer, clasping an arm around the blonde’s waist. The brunette placed her head on the dancer’s shoulder who was now lain on her back. This had always been Santana’s favourite, snuggle time with Brittany. It was the one time that she felt completely vulnerable and safe at the same time - Brittany was her protector. Lying in the blonde’s arms was the sweetest feeling she would ever experience. This was not something she had ever done with anyone else. All through high school and since Brittany, whenever Santana had slept with someone, she had refused any sort of physical contact afterwards. For her it was just sex, a form of release. But with Brittany it was different. It was love. True love. And as she lay here in Brittany’s arms one last time, she wondered if she would ever love again. It made her both sad and bitter, as the previous week had demonstrated. Laying here now in her former lover’s arms, she vowed she would try to be a better person. Except for when it came to Rachel Berry. And of course Bryan, although she would make an effort for Brittany’s sake, if there was one thing she only ever wanted, it was Brittany’s happiness.


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