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Fic: The World is a Stage - Part 11/?

Title:  The World is a Stage 11/?
Author: agentb81
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Brittany/Santana, Brittany/OC
Rating: 15 - R
Word Count: 2800
Disclaimer: Glee is copyrighted and belongs to Ryan Murphy and Fox. As this work is an interpretation of the original material and not for-profit, it constitutes fair use. Use of other personalities is not a reflection of their real lives and is completely fictional.
Summary:  Sort of AU/Future fic, the lives of Santana and Brittany in their early twenties.
Spoilers: References to Season 1.

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Days had gone by, Santana felt like she had when Brittany had left her five years previous. The blonde had made no effort with the Latina since that moment in the dance studio and it had hurt Santana deeply.  She turned into super bitch, snapping at everyone, making extraordinary demands on set and lashing out at her best friend Quinn, she had effectively become the super diva everyone had expected her to be. They had passed one another at work, Santana always opening her mouth to speak, but Brittany would turn her back and more often than not head off in the opposite direction. Mike had noticed the shift in their relationship and for the sake of the film, the other dancers and the rest of the cast had scheduled the two women to work apart, often on different projects. Quinn had on several occasions tried to get Santana to open up, to explain what had happened, in all honesty the Latina was unsure herself and that frustrated her more than anything, no explanation. She was disappointed in Brittany, she thought they had turned a corner in their friendship, that they were a stronger unit than before and could tell each other anything. All she knew is Brittany had avoided her since she asked that question, since she asked the blonde what she wanted. So Santana put it down to the fact that Brittany either wanted Bryan, or she was confused beyond belief, because this is what she did, she took off when there was a choice to be made if the past was anything to go by. Santana had spent too much time in recent years waiting for Brittany and she wasn’t about to o through the same heart ache.


It was Saturday night, she had spent a good couple of hours preparing for Rachel’s party. She was determined to upstage the birthday girl, that much was clear. Brittany was going to be there also, most likely with Bryan, so the Latina had put a plan into action that would have her at the centre of attention, the queen bee.  Dressed to impress, Santana walked through the double doors of the venue with her date on her arm. She was tall, blonde and slender, a contrast to the Latina, but was smitten with the actress, as many people were.


Puck tugged on Quinn’s arm, who in turn glanced sideways and focussed her attention on what had her boyfriend so entranced.  “Oh holy crap. This is not good.”

“What? What’s not good about two hot women on a date?” Puck asked.

“Number one, that girl there is Ashley Blake from Marie Claire Magazine, she interviewed Santana the other week and asked her out on a date, Santana said no.”

“A girl can change her mind, come on Quinn, you say that to me all the time.” Puck smirked.

“Ok number two, you don’t think she looks like Brittany?” Quinn asked. Puck moved his head side to side, squinted his eyes a little. The blonde rolled her eyes at his exaggerated actions.

“Yes, she does, but Brittany is way hotter.” He answered.

“This is going to be a disaster.” Quinn said.

“It’s lucky it’s Berry’s party and not yours then.” The tall handsome guy laughed. Quinn slapped him on the arm but couldn’t help a gleeful chuckle escape her lips.

“Hey guys. What you laughing at?” the voice interrupted the couple’s musings.

“Hi Brittany.” Puck offered, “We’re laughing at Santana’s date.” No sooner had the words left his mouth did he feel a swift punch to his shoulder. “oompf, what was that for?”

“You have no decorum.” The blonde replied, Brittany looked to Puck, confused, her facial expressions asking what Quinn had meant. Puck simply shrugged, not entirely sure himself. Realising what Puck had actually said, Brittany whipped her head around in search of Santana. There she was, lapping up the attention she was receiving in the middle of the room. When the crowd dissipated somewhat, the Latina’s date came into view.

“Who is she?” Brittany asked, void of emotion.

“That is Ashley Blake of Marie Claire Magazine.” Puck offered proudly. Quinn rolled her eyes. “See, I do listen to you.” He said with a wink.

“Only when hot women are involved.” Quinn muttered.

“You think she’s hot?” Brittany asked quietly.

“Hell yeah.” Puck said. He felt a swift thump to his shoulder once again. “But not as hot as you, you’re smoking hot.” Again Quinn punched him. “Seriously, dead arm now.” Puck sulked.

“That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.” Quinn snarled at her beloved. “Where’s Bryan?” she asked Brittany.

“Oh he’s talking to Rachel, I got bored, I hope you guys don’t mind if I hang out with you?” She asked shyly.

“Of course not, it’s fine.” Quinn said. She was unsure what to think of Brittany right now. She had tried to talk to the blonde to find out what had happened between her and Santana, but she was as tight lipped as her former lover.  Quinn didn’t know who to side with, if she should side with anyone.  Her loyalty lay with Santana but the actress had been so harsh to her lately she had on a couple of occasions seriously considered quitting her job, but with Puck’s work slow at the moment, she depended on the income. She put an arm around the blonde, seeing she was visibly affected by Santana and her date.

“What are you doing?” Another voice joined the group.

“Erm, I’m talking to Brittany.” Quinn said confused.

“With your arm around her?” Santana hissed.

“What is your problem Santana? You’ve been a bitch for days.” The blonde PA retorted

“I don’t think you should speak to her like that.”

“I don’t think this is any of your business Ashley Blake of Marie Claire Magazine.”

“Shut up Puck.” Santana and Quinn yelled in unison. The former high school footballer backed off with his hands in the air in defeat, he knew a bitch fight when he saw one and he was not going to get involved in this one, particularly when former Cheerios were involved.

“Where’s your husband Brittany?” Santana asked accusingly.

“He’s talking to Rachel.” She answered.

“What’s going on Brit?” Santana asked while she had the dancer’s attention. “You’ve not answered my calls, replied to my texts,  you’ve been avoiding me on set.”

“Mike switched my schedule.” She said quietly. “I’ve been working lates because Bryan’s been working gigs at the Hollywood Bowl.

“Are you sure Brit? Cus there’s been no concerts on at the Bowl this week.” Puck interrupted.

“That’s what he said.” She replied, confusion on her face. Santana frowned for a moment, wondering why Bryan would have lied to Brittany. She shook her head, concern for her former girlfriend was not high on her agenda right now.

“That’s not it.” The Latina accused.

“I don’t want to talk about this now.” Brittany stated sternly.

“Are you two . . .” Ashley began.

“No.” They replied at the same time.

“Are you sure because . . .”

“She’s married.” Santana replied, “Brittany’s my best friend, we had a misunderstanding.” She emphasised the last word, as she was still in the dark over the whole situation.

“Look if I’m just here under false pretences . . .”

“If there was anything between us do you think I’d do this in front of her?” The Latina leaned in and kissed Ashley, forcing her tongue into her mouth, the taller girl reciprocated, not passing up an opportunity to kiss Santana Lopez, hands began to roam as the kiss became more heated. Puck stood watching, a smug grin on his face. Quinn starred, her mouth hung open aghast at Santana’s brazen behaviour. Brittany stood still, silent, taking in the scene before, not rising to the Latina’s bait. Santana pulled away, her facial expression very similar to Puck’s. She wiped her mouth and cleared her throat, throwing a look to her audience before taking Ashley’s hand in hers and dragging her towards the bar. The Latina spared a glance at Brittany, hoping for some kind of a reaction, but she received none, a blank expression on the blonde’s face, it was another of those frustrating times that Santana could not read Brittany.

“Are you ok Brit?” Quinn asked the blonde beside her. Brittany turned ever so slightly, she frowned. “Do you want to sit?” Quinn offered, pointing to the free table beside them. The two blondes sat down next to one another, fairly close in order to be able to converse over the music. Quinn shot Puck a look who decided to go and catch up with Mike.

“I have to be right? Like she said, I’m married and there’s nothing between us right?” Brittany asked for clarification.

“You may be married Brit, but there clearly is something between you.”

“What has she told you?” Brittany asked cautiously.

“She may have told me bits and pieces but she didn’t need to tell me anything Brittany, I can see the two of you still share something.”

“It’s such a mess.” Brittany said sadly.

“I think you need to decide what you want.” Quinn offered honestly. “Santana’s a mess and the longer this goes on, the worse she’s going to get.”

“I’m so sorry.”

“Hey, it’s not all your fault.” Quinn said. Brittany sighed.

“I’m married, I made a commitment and I have to stick to it.” The dancer admitted.

“Does Santana know that?”

“Quinn, she knows I’m married, that’s always been the case, we’ve not discussed anything else.” Brittany said.

It was Quinn’s turn to sigh. Brittany was right, it was a mess.


Santana stood at the bar, surveying her surroundings, she was always very astute, knowing who was where and with whom. Her date clung onto her arm as though there was no tomorrow. A date with Santana Lopez did not come around all too often.  She watched as Quinn and Brittany sat closely to one another, whispering animatedly, the concentration on their faces indicated they were deep in conversation about something serious. Santana no doubt. She snorted. She scanned the room further. Puck and Mike, re-enacting some sort of music video, it was actually quite amusing, she smiled for the first time in days. Moving her eyes further afield she spotted Rachel on a sofa, glass of champagne in her hand she was leaning in to someone and laughing periodically. Santana struggled to see who her companion was as there were people in the way, her head moved from side to side, trying to catch a glimpse. The Latina sighed with frustration and took a swig from the fluted glass in her hand. She almost spat out the contents as the intruders moved and revealed Bryan leaning in to Rachel, a hand resting on her thigh as they were deep in conversation. Her head automatically turned to look at Brittany, she was shaking her head and rubbing her forehead with her fingers. This indicated to Santana that the blonde was troubled. She surely would be troubled if she were to find out her husband was flirting with Rachel Berry of all people. But what if it was innocent? Santana thought. She took another sip of her champagne and then scoffed at that thought. At that moment the man in question rose from his seat, he looked around the room briefly before setting his eyes on his wife. Santana watched with interest as he strolled over to Brittany. The blonde looked up and smiled, it wasn’t a full smile, the actress noted, it was merely acknowledgement of his presence. He was talking, Brittany was nodding in response, she glanced fleetingly at the watch on her wrist before turning her attention back to her husband. Quinn took the opportunity to whip out her cell phone and check it for messages.  Santana took another sip of the fizzy liquid, languishing the feel of the bubbles as it slid down her throat. Brittany stood, this piqued the brunette’s interest. The blonde took a hold of the lapels of Bryan’s jacket and leaned in for a kiss. Santana closed her eyes. She hoped to hell that Brittany had earlier felt the pain that she was feeling now. Seeing Brittany kiss someone else more than stung. She filed her thoughts away as she felt a nuzzling on her neck, she grimaced slightly before turning her attention to her date.


As the evening drew on, Santana was increasingly becoming more and more inebriated, her interest in her date was also increasing, it had gotten to a point where they could barely keep their hands to themselves. The brunette looked across the dance floor to where Brittany was now sat with Mike and caught the blonde looking at her. Brittany diverted her gaze immediately and suddenly found her co-dancer’s conversation very interesting indeed. Santana smirked and took Ashley’s hand. She stood and pulled the other woman along with her.

“Where are we going?” Ashley whined.

“Coat closet.” Santana answered.

“Why?” the blonde asked. Santana spun around and gave her date an incredulous look. “Oh right, lead the way Miss Lopez.” The blonde smirked as the actress continued on her mission.


Brittany watched as Santana guided Ashley through a throng of dancing party guests. It pained Brittany to watch, but for some reason she could not tear her eyes away. She continued to gaze as they disappeared through a doorway. She dropped her head with disappointment, maybe Bryan was right. Maybe Santana was as promiscuous as she had been in high school. No sooner had Santana disappeared, she reappeared, her face was full of thunder, Ashley rushed passed her. Brittany watched, her ears pricked up as she heard shouting, Santana turned back, facing the door and was pointing and shouting back into the room. People began to stop what they were doing, conversations abandoned, dancing slowed, heads turned, almost everyone was now aware of the commotion.


The music was still too loud to hear the words, but Brittany could see that Santana was fuming. She stood from her seat, leaving a bewildered Mike sitting alone, and she made her way over to her friend with trepidation. Not many had the ability to calm the fiery Latina, but Brittany did, she had so many times in the past been Santana’s calming influence.  She tentatively continued to approach Santana, coming slowly up behind her, the brunette was shouting expletives and waving her arms in the air. Brittany carefully reached out and gently placed a hand on the brunette’s shoulder. Santana spun around, alarmed at the sudden contact, the rage in her eyes dimmed somewhat upon seeking the concern in the blue eyes of the blonde before her. Santana shook her head before speaking. “Brit, I’m so sorry.” She whispered. The blonde frowned, confused by her friend’s words.

“What do you . . .” she trailed off as she watched her husband stumble out of the room. “Ohmygod.” She exclaimed, her hands slapped her cheeks in shock, disbelieving of what she was seeing. “Bryan what happened to you? To your face?” His nose and mouth were visibly bleeding, his white shirt had patches of red from where the blood had dripped down. He was no longer wearing his tie, his shirt was untucked from his black pants and his hair was far from the immaculate way he styled it.

“That crazy bitch hit me.” He slurred, pointing at Santana.

“What?” Brittany asked, turning to the brunette. Santana shrugged and raised an eyebrow at her victim.

“Yes, I hit him.” Santana admitted brazenly.

“See I told you!” exclaimed Bryan, holding a handkerchief to his wounds.

“She wouldn’t have done it without a reason ass hole.” Puck interrupted.

“Who the fuck are you?” Bryan asked.

“He’s right Bryan, Santana wouldn’t have hit you if she didn’t have a reason to.” Brittany said quietly.

“Are you going to tell her, or shall I?” Santana asked Bryan.

“What? There’s nothing to tell.” Bryan attempted weakly.

“Right.” Santana put on her game face and marched straight back into the room. Moments later shrieking could be heard, Brittany’s face dropped, by now she had a pretty good idea just what her husband had been upto. Santana re-emerged, and as predicted, with another woman in tow. What hadn’t been so predictable was who.

“Rachel Berry!?” Brittany yelled incredulously. Throwing her hands up in the air she concluded her initial thoughts, “Come on!”






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