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Fic: That Bookface Thing - Part 11/?

Title: That Bookface Thing 11/?
Author: agentb81
Fandom: Grey’s Anatomy
Pairing: Izzie/Addison
Rating: 15
Word Count: 2200
Disclaimer: Grey's Anatomy is copyrighted and belongs to Shonda Rhimes. As this work is an interpretation of the original material and not for-profit, it constitutes fair use.
Summary:  Izzie has Facebook and so do a gazillion other people (according to Meredith)
Spoilers: No spoilers per se, just pretend Addison’s just moved to LA and everything with Izzie is hunky dory!
A/N: Sorry for the delay, I've been away, but now I'm back, obviously . . .

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“You totally had sex with Montgomery!” the voice accused on the other end of the phone.

“What? No greeting, no how are you?” was the sleepy response.

“Iz, come on Cristina told me.”

“Oh hello Meredith.” Izzie replied with a snort emphasising her point.

“Tell me, tell me.” The other girl pleaded on the other end of the line.

“Yeah, I did, more than once.” The blonde boasted.

“Ohmygod!” exclaimed Meredith.

“That’s it? Is that all you wanted? Because you’ve interrupted some perfectly good snuggle time with my woman.” Izzie said, turning to look at a bright eyed, naked Addison Montgomery beside her.

“Are you in bed Izzie?” Meredith asked.


“But it’s like lunch time.” Meredith pointed out.

“I’ve got like a few hours before she leaves, of course we’re in bed. Mmm, she’s staring at me right now, lying on her side, her sex hair all over the pillow, her eyes roaming over my body, her hand . . .”

“Ok, ok, I get it, I’m gone. Just make sure she doesn’t break your heart Izzie.”

“Anyone would think you cared Meredith.”

“Of course I do. I also know what she’s like.”

“Speaks the master adultress.” Izzie smirked.

“Whatever. Just go and get laid. Again.” Meredith ordered.

“Done.” Izzie hit the call end button on her phone and tossed it across the room as she turned to her lover and began to devour her, “Now, where were we?” she muttered as she went in for the kill.




Izzie sat quietly watching the redhead as she bustled about, packing her belongings into her case, occasionally dashing into the bathroom to double check she had not left any of her belongings there. She pulled out drawers, paranoid she would forget something in her haste.  She was running late, she was due to check in at the airport in forty five minutes, her activities with the blonde resident leaving her short of time. The lovers had taken advantage of the time they had left together, spending every single minute memorising the other. They had made love, they had held one another, they had conversed quietly, they had simply starred at each other. It was a night and day that would be etched in their minds for a very long time to come.  The images passed through Izzie’s mind as she sat sadly, her eyes never wavering from the form before her. As much as she wanted to muster a smile, she couldn’t, her lips and her brow lay heavy, not willing to portray any other emotion other than the sadness she was feeling, that her lover was about to be torn from her for goodness knows how long. ‘A couple of weeks, tops’ the older woman had promised with a loving smile and warm eyes. The maturity sure lay with the redhead, experience had made her wise, while she was feeling as anxious as Izzie, she didn’t show it. One of them had to be positive about their budding relationship and while Izzie was beyond ecstatic to be with Addison, she wouldn’t physically be with Addison and that made her sad.


The blonde blinked, realising Addison was now stood before her. The redhead dropped to her knees and took Izzie’s hands into her own. Brown eyes looked up and found a pair of concerned, loving blue ones searching her own.

“Hey.” Addison said quietly.

“Hey.” Izzie said, a small shy smile tugging at the corners of her lips.

“This isn’t forever.” The older woman promised.

“I know.”

“And I’m not gone yet.” Addison smiled.

“I know.” Izzie responded, her smile broadening slightly. Addison picked up Izzie’s hand and brought it to her chest, holding it there.

“You feel that?” she asked. Izzie nodded as she could feel Addison’s strong heart beat. “You’ve made it warm again.” Izzie smiled sadly, tears forming in her eyes. “It beats only for you.” Addison promised with sincerity. It was enough to undo the blonde, the tears spilt and made slow, burning tracks down her cheeks. “You’re not supposed to cry.” The redhead smiled and enveloped the younger woman in a tight, protective hug.

“You made me.” Izzie accused into the other woman’s shoulder, her voice muffled. She pulled away slightly, swiping at the tears on her face with the back of her sleeve. “You’ve turned me inside out Addison Montgomery. I’ve never felt such conflicting emotions before.” Izzie smiled at last.

“It’s temporary.” Addison stated.

“What?” Izzie panicked.

“Our parting, it’s temporary and if you think about it, we won’t really be apart because I have a feeling my brain is going to get fried from my cell phone being permanently attached to my ear.” Addison joked. “Of course, it could just be you turning me to mush.” She gushed. Izzie rolled her eyes.

“If you weren’t leaving me in an hour I would have shot you down with that one.” The blonde laughed.

“Oh I think cupid already has.” The redhead laughed at her own joke.

“Stop it!” exclaimed Izzie, “You can be so lame.” She accused. Addison feigned hurt, her brow furrowed and her lips pouted.

“Hmm,” she thought, “I think a kiss might cure that.” She stated, her eyes burning into Izzie’s.  The blonde wasted no time and latched onto Addison’s lips as if her life depended on it. Her eyes fluttered closed as she concentrated on the feel of the other woman’s lips. Addison’s tongue forced entry into Izzie’s mouth and the two women were satisfied in devouring each other, kissing as if it would be their last, willing for time to just stop and let them be.


After what seemed like a lifetime, they pulled apart, both reeling from the intensity of the moment. Addison’s head was swimming, her eyes still closed, she could feel Izzie’s breath on her face, they remained mere millimetres apart. “It’ll be ok.” She breathed, trying to convince herself she would be able to live without the blonde’s touch.

“What?” Izzie asked, she had heard what Addison said, but was unsure of it’s actual meaning.  Addison’s eyes opened as the blonde’s cracked voice penetrated her thoughts.

“Huh?” Addison asked without words. “Did I say that out loud?” she asked confused.

“Yeah, you did.” Izzie replied.  Addison’s eyes looked to their still joined hands in Izzie’s lap. Her jaw clenched as she gathered her thoughts, trying to formulate words.

“It’ll be ok.” She repeated before looking up into Izzie’s eyes. “I’m going to find it as difficult as you to be apart from you. I thought I could be strong enough for the both of us, but you go and kiss me like that and I fall apart again.” She said with honesty. “But it’ll be ok, we’re still new, we still have so much more to give each other and to learn, and the physical part is just a small part. We’ll be ok.” She affirmed with a smile. Izzie followed suit, her smile was like the pinnacle of all smiles Addison thought.

“Of course we’ll be ok.” Izzie said, suddenly buoyed by her lover’s words. A wave of positive energy washing over her. She sighed contently and gave Addison a sweet kiss on her lips. The redhead smiled sweetly at her lover and gave her a small wink.  Looking at her watch, she gasped slightly upon realising the time.

“We need to go Iz.” She said, leaning on the blonde as an aid to help her up off of the floor. “Ooh.” She groaned, “I’m getting old.” Izzie followed her to her feet.

“You are not old.” The resident assured.

“Well if you say so . . .” Addison trailed off.  Izzie smiled and helped the redhead close her packed case.

“I can’t believe how much stuff you brought for one night.” Izzie laughed.

“Just as well I did as it turned out to be a longer stay. See? Prepared for all eventualities!” Addison winked again.

“Keep telling yourself that sweetheart.” Izzie said, she hoisted the case from the bed and placed it on the floor. “I got this.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I got it.” Izzie assured. Addison leaned in for another kiss. This time is was slow and sweet, pouring her whole being into it. Izzie groaned as Addison’s tongue danced with her own. Never had a kiss have her melt like she did when Addison kissed her. It was quite possibly one of the most sensual things she had experienced and vowed to treat each moment with Addison as both the first and the last, to savour the feeling and the emotions that came with it. The redhead pulled away grudgingly, not wanting this particular moment to end, but unfortunately, they both knew it had to. She took Izzie’s hand in hers and gave it a gentle tug as she started toward the door.

“Come on. The sooner I go, the sooner I can come back.” Addison said.

“You know that’s not technically correct.” Izzie retorted. The redhead rolled her eyes.

“Just come on, I’m not good at goodbyes and I don’t want to drag it out.” She said hastily, with slight embarrassment.  Izzie remained silent and followed the other woman, her hand bearing a vice like grip where Addison’s hand was clamped around her own.




Izzie sat her in car in the airport car park. She had painfully said goodbye to Addison with a long, languishing hug and a sweet kiss.  She then stood watching her walk away until the redhead was out of sight. The blonde remained for a couple of minutes longer as she mentally prepared herself to move her feet. Her eyes stung from the tears she had shed from both the happiness of her new found relationship with Addison and sadness from having to say goodbye so soon.  The weekend had gone in the blink of an eye. They had spent as much time together as they possibly could, getting to know one another and simply basking in each other’s company. Izzie smiled as she thought back over particular highlights, many taking place in Addison’s hotel room, most notably the bed, but there were other moments too, like when Addison literally fell out of the cab on Saturday night in a rush to get out and into the hotel so she could be alone with Izzie.  The blonde had rushed to her aid, for fear of Addison being injured. Upon closer inspection, the only thing bruised was the redhead’s ego, they had both erupted into rapturous laughter and had almost walked away without paying their taxi fair, which led to further amusement and what followed were tales of past embarrassing moments.  Izzie smiled wistfully, determined now to concentrate and look forward to the next time she and Addison would be together.  As she put the key in the ignition, her phone beeped and vibrated in her pocket. She took a moment to retrieve it from her pocket and opened up the message.


‘Words cannot describe how I feel after an incredible weekend with you. I’ll call you when I land. A xxx’


Izzie adorned a huge smile before typing out a quick response.


‘My sentiments exactly. Safe journey. Can’t wait to hear your voice. I xxx’


She sighed heavily as she tossed her phone into the passenger seat and started the car. The rumbling of the engine drowned out by an airplane taking off just a few hundred yards away.




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