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Fic: That Bookface Thing - Part 9/?

Title: That Bookface Thing 9/?
Author: agentb81
Fandom: Grey’s Anatomy
Pairing: Izzie/Addison
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2000
Disclaimer: Grey's Anatomy is copyrighted and belongs to Shonda Rhimes. As this work is an interpretation of the original material and not for-profit, it constitutes fair use.
Summary:  Izzie has Facebook and so do a gazillion other people (according to Meredith)
Spoilers: No spoilers per se, just pretend Addison’s just moved to LA and everything with Izzie is hunky dory!


Previous chapters here: Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8


She held her right hand up to the porcelain face and ever so delicately brushed the auburn locks aside with the back of her hand and behind the other woman’s shoulder. Her fingers traced lightly down the soft skin of her companion’s arm, her warm brown eyes never wavering from the brilliant blue ones before her. There was a calm silence in the cool dimly lit room. Her other hand loosely held another, her thumb gently tracing circles on the soft hand in her own. She smiled ever so slightly, one that spoke a thousand words. Her friend moved closer in anticipation. Izzie too inched slowly forward, so much anticipation in a small movement. Her eyelids grew heavy, she could feel the heat of Addison’s body approaching her agonisingly slowly. She gazed longingly into Addison’s eyes, portraying every single feeling she had before shifting her attention to the inviting lips that were drawing closer. The redhead in full understanding acknowledged the emotions in the blonde’s eyes, she too spoke volumes with her return gaze.  Following Izzie’s lead, she turned her focus to Izzie’s full lips, anticipating the moment they would touch. And then in happened, in sweet slow motion, the feel of the other woman’s lips upon her own had released what felt like a lifetime of wanting and waiting. This was a kiss that was different to their other shared moments. This kiss was quite possibly the most incredible either had ever felt. It was the sharing of everything both women had to give, all the emotion, feeling, desire, anticipation and respect they each shared for one another. It was incredible. Izzie’s right hand found it’s way upto Addison’s face, her palm against the redhead’s neck, her thumb lazily stroking her cheek, gently pulling her closer until their bodies clashed. Addison moaned into the kiss, she upped the tempo, her tongue battling with Izzie’s for dominance having previously been so cautious and exploratory. The blonde had awoken the hunger in Addison with her simple movement.


Addison hugged an arm around Izzie’s waist, wanting to feel the blonde’s body as close to her own as physically possible. The feel of Izzie’s body flush against her caused a sated warmth shoot through her entity whilst goosebumps left a trail across her skin - it was a unique power Izzie had over her. Reluctantly, the redhead dropped the blonde’s hand from her own and snaked her other arm around Izzie’s waist, her hands meeting behind the resident’s back, she squeezed tightly momentarily, causing the other woman to gasp into Addison’s mouth, the feeling of the other woman’s heartbeat against her own made her breath hitch.  The redhead’s grip loosened, allowing the blonde to pause for breath, however she was quick to pick up from where she left off, her tongue continuing to do battle with Addison’s.  The older woman’s hands sneaked up Izzie’s back and paused, hovering over the zip before taking affirming action and lowering it slowly, the restriction the blonde had felt in her upper body dissipated and she sighed both in relief and high anticipation at what Addison’s action meant. She was peeling the clothing from Izzie’s body, her finger tips now on the blonde’s shoulders, stroked the straps down the resident’s shoulders. Izzie smiled into the kiss, breaking contact slightly and gazed adoringly into Addison’s bright blue orbs. Addison returned the smile and placed a chaste kiss on Izzie’s lips before she helped the straps of the cerise dress down Izzie’s arms. She let go, the dress rippling to the ground, the cool air caressing the blonde’s legs. Addison smiled the sweetest, appreciative smile Izzie thought she had ever witnessed and it was all for her. She watched as Addison’s eyes travelled over the blonde’s body, her breath ragged. Izzie’s lingerie was simply mesmerising, the cream and cerise mix of lace and silk upon the tanned, toned skin of the blonde was a visual treat, Addison felt like all her Christmas’ had come at once and Izzie was the ultimate gift, waiting to be unwrapped. “You’re incredibly beautiful.” Addison whispered, scared her voice would break should she vocalise at a regular, she also feared the moment would be broken, the silence had seemingly heightened the atmosphere and she was very comfortable in the situation. “I’ve never wanted anyone more than I want you now.” She smiled slightly with a blush. Izzie smirked slightly.

“Come here then.” Izzie ordered huskily.  Addison cupped the blonde’s face in her hands and swooped in, capturing Izzie’s lips once again, unable to resist the urge to be apart from her for any longer than she had to. 


Izzie, feeling slightly underdressed out of the two of them stroked her hands up Addison’s back, she sighed with frustration as she was unable to find a zip there. Addison laughed slightly against Izzie’s mouth as she pulled away, “Side.” She said before latching onto the blonde with her lips. Izzie deftly found the zip and pulled it down as quickly, desperate for contact with Addison’s skin. Repeating the redhead’s actions, she slid the straps down her arms. She gently pulled away, Addison reluctant to let go, Izzie placed a reassuring kiss on her lover’s lips. “I want to see.” She whispered sweetly. She let the Armani dress fall to the floor, her jaw almost following it as Addison stood in navy blue negligee. She appreciated the redhead’s fine form, her eyes sweeping wantingly over the body before her, landing on the neonatal specialist’s face. She was biting her lip nervously, Izzie took her hands in her own and gave them a gentle squeeze. “You are stunning Addie.” The redhead smiled, it was the first time Izzie had shortened her name, it seemed so familiar rolling off the blonde’s tongue, it sounded so right. She could wait no longer, she grabbed Izzie’s hips and walked her backwards, a steely determination set in her eyes, along with a wanton lust and heated desire. Izzie giggled as the back of legs hit the bed, Addison tumbled on top of her, she soon found herself in a very comfortable position and stilled, simply gazing at the blonde with a genuine, happy smile, meant only for Izzie. The older woman gently brushed strands of blonde hair from Izzie’s face and leant down to kiss her, so lovingly and tender. Her hand found it’s way to the resident’s hip where her fingers gently caressed the soft skin. Izzie snaked her arms around Addison, her hands once again stroking up the other woman’s back, her finger nails grazing ever so lightly over porcelain skin, all the while she remained so concentrated on her oral assault. Izzie’s fingers deftly released the catch on the navy bra, Addison barely noticing until the blonde tugged to fully release it from her body.


Izzie seized the opportunity of Addison being temporarily distracted by removing her bra and tossed it idly across the room.  The blonde flipped Addison onto her back and moved to straddle her.  She half sat, half lay upon the redhead, her hands idly playing with the auburn locks, her breasts pushing against Addison’s, the friction of the material of her own bra caused Addison to force removal of the garment.  Upon seeing Addison’s reaction of gazing at a now topless blonde, Izzie smirked, wiggled her hips and lay fully upon Addison, the other woman gasped and closed her eyes as she felt the skin of the blonde’s toned stomach and rounded breasts rub against her own.  


Izzie placed her hand on the other woman’s stomach whilst reaffirming her assault on Addison’s mouth.  The blonde’s hand slowly moved up the redhead’s torso, Addison’s own hands wrapped around the blonde, holding her close.  She was slowly loosing any coherent thought, Izzie had an amazing tongue, oh the things she was doing with it, her thought pattern continued, and thought of the other things Izzie’s tongue would be capable of.  She felt the blonde’s fingers brush against her breast.  The intern slowly broke away, kissing Addison’s jaw line allowing her to breath for what felt like the first time.  Izzie’s lips, tongue and teeth continued to attack Addison’s skin, her neck the object of the blonde’s assault, before she headed south, she paid particular attention to Addison’s breasts, carefully kneading and pinching before replacing her hands with her tongue and teeth, causing the redhead to hiss and groan at Izzie’s touch.  The blonde continued her trail down Addison’s torso who could barely believe this was happening, it was like a dream and all too cautiously looked down at the blonde, aware she had fantasised about a moment like this before. 



Somewhere amongst the heat and the passion the lovers had shed the rest of whatever little clothing they had been wearing. Already both women had climaxed, yet neither were quite ready to call it a night. So enamoured with each other, they could barely keep their hands to themselves, the were becoming addicted with the touch and the taste of one another.  Addison breathed ruggedly with her head thrown back into the plush pillows of the hotel bed. The blonde hair continued to tickle Addison's stomach while her skilful tongue and her exceptionally talented fingers were busy elsewhere once again. Addison was on the brink, right on the edge, her arms spread across the bed grabbing at the sheets, holding on for dear life as Izzie brought her closer and closer, ever so slowly, teasing the older woman in every way possible and prolonging the anticipation and frustration. Izzie was a goddess, there was no doubt in Addison's mind and with that thought, the waves came crashing, cascading, the feeling of euphoria penetrating her body again and again.


Addison half rolled towards Izzie, latching onto her lips, tasting herself on the blonde, which fuelled the redhead’s fire as she pushed Izzie back into the pillows and lay on top of her. “You’re incredible.” She breathed against the blonde. “I don’t want this to end.”

“Shut up and fuck me.” Izzie smirked.  Addison feigned shock, though hearing the demand from Izzie only turned her on more. She began her oral attack on the blonde with a forceful kiss before she began her journey down the blonde's lithe body. Addison had Izzie pinned to the bed at her mercy, pouring every single effort into pleasing the young blonde. Her long, million dollar fingers and talented tongue working in tandem pushing Izzie closer to heaven. Izzie was almost there, Addison felt the tension around her fingers and worked harder to release her lover. Izzie cried in ecstasy as she came, the euphoria consuming her, her eyes shut tight a mixture of exploding colours and Addison's face in her mind.


Izzie lay on her back staring at the ceiling, her heart rapidly beating in her chest, her breathing erratic, slowly she was regaining a sense of normality, although right now, she didn’t think it would be possible to ever feel ‘normal’ again, not following this incredible night with Addison. The redhead was laying next to her on her side, her head resting on one arm as the other rested across Izzie’s torso, her fingers idly drawing pattern’s on the blonde’s stomach. Izzie sighed with complete content, she could lay like this forever. She turned her head slightly and met those brilliant blue eyes once again. She would never get tired of looking into Addison’s expressive eyes. She smiled widely. “Hey.”

“Hey.” Addison returned with her own beaming smile.

“That was . . .” Izzie trailed off, unable to formulate any words to describe how she felt.

“I know.” The redhead replied in understanding. It was a mutual feeling. Addison scooted closer to Izzie, sidling up to her side, her head resting on the blonde’s shoulder. She threw a leg over Izzie and kissed her lightly on the lips. “I’m sleepy.” Addison yawned.

“Me too.” Izzie mirrored the yawn. She put an arm around Addison and pulled her closer, placing a small kiss on her lover’s head. “Goodnight Addie.”

“Goodnight beautiful.”


Tags: bookface, grey's anatomy, izzie/addie

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