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Fic: That Bookface Thing - Part 7/?

Title: That Bookface Thing 7/?
Author: agentb81
Fandom: Grey’s Anatomy
Pairing: Izzie/Addison
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2400
Disclaimer: Grey's Anatomy is copyrighted and belongs to Shonda Rhimes. As this work is an interpretation of the original material and not for-profit, it constitutes fair use.
Summary:  Izzie has Facebook and so do a gazillion other people (according to Meredith)
Spoilers: No spoilers per se, just pretend Addison’s just moved to LA and everything with Izzie is hunky dory!

Previous chapters here: 
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Izzie sat in the observation gallery, she had heard Addison was performing a surgery and during a lull decided to go and watch. She had caught Addison’s eye and could see the smile she was sporting, despite the surgical mask covering most of her face. Izzie beamed, she could tell her presence was appreciated and continued to watch the redhead in action whilst thinking about their first one to one encounter of which she was yet to endure. She heard a throat clearing and turned to her left, Miranda Bailey had sat down beside her.

“Stevens, what brings you here?”

“I err, I heard Add- err Dr Montgomery was in town on a major case so I thought I’d check it out.”

“It’s quite a surgery, you could learn a thing or two.”

“Yes ma’am.” The blonde agreed. “Dr Montgomery is one of the best and I always strive to be the best I can be.”

“I think fate bought her here, one of her patient’s was on a business trip in Seattle and had some issues with her pregnancy, turns out it was far more complicated than first thought and Addison flew in to save the day.”

“Yeah, fate.” The blonde agreed, her focus on the woman below.  There was a calm silence in the room. Izzie was content to sit and watch for the time being, knowing the other woman would not be out of the OR for some time.  The silence was interrupted by a beeping. Izzie reached down and pulled the pager from her scrubs. Looking down, silently saying goodbye to the neonatal surgeon, Izzie stood and made her excuses, leaving the room. She pulled out her cell phone sending a quick text message to Addison, for she didn’t know how long she herself would be in surgery. 


I – In surgery, meet me at Joe’s after work. Great seeing you in action btw x




The bar was dimly lit, its patrons consisting mostly of Seattle Grace Hospital staff, the music was pumping from the jukebox and people were milling around, gossiping, drinking and generally having fun.  Izzie entered Joe’s bar with great anticipation, all day she had spent thinking of the moment she Addison would be alone for the first time. However, actually saying ‘hello’ was proving difficult. She perused the bar, the tables, looking for Addison, as soon as her eyes landed on the redhead she grinned, her eyes lighting up like a Christmas tree.  She started toward the other woman, as she was within three feet, Callie Torres swooped in and sat at the table with Addison. The blonde’s eyes widened in surprise and she stared questioningly at Addison. The older woman shrugged apologetically and turned her attention to the brunette beside her.  Izzie’s smile faltered and she strode over to the bar, ordering a beer from Joe who obliged. She took an almighty swig, gasping with pleasure as she slammed the bottle down on the bar. The day only became more frustrating. 

“Hey Iz.” Meredith said as she sidled up beside her. Izzie looked sideways and spotted Derek and George in tow. She rolled her eyes, ‘like two puppy dogs’ she thought.

“Oh hey, there’s Addison.” Derek said spotting her and waving, “I’m just going to say hello.”

“Seriously?” Izzie asked loudly. Three sets of eyes turned upon her. “I mean, you guys got divorced right?”

“Right, but we still speak to each other occasionally.” Derek explained.

“You do?” Meredith asked with shock.

“Only about divorce stuff.” The handsome doctor said quickly before dismissing himself. Izzie watched as he sauntered over to the table where the two female doctors were sat. She could make out Callie giving her excuses to leave and gave Addison a peck on the cheek before leaving the bar, sparing a glance at George as she exited. Izzie sighed, this had the potential to be a very long and agonising evening. Meredith was babbling on about something or other, Izzie hadn’t the patience to listen to her today.  She was aware of George chipping in with his two cents worth, not that Meredith was taking on board much of what he had to offer. In her peripheral vision, Izzie saw movement, she tilted her head slightly and watched as Addison stood from the table and start toward the bathroom. Derek stood also and was walking towards the small group of friends sat at the bar. This was her cue Izzie thought and stood, following the redhead to the bathroom. The blonde gingerly pushed the large wooden door forward, a rush of butterflies hit her in the stomach, she took a deep breath, hoping to calm her nerves, the effects of the alcohol willing her forward.  The resident pushed the door wide enough and smiled shyly when she saw Addison leaning against the wash basin with a crooked smile.

“There she is.” Addison said quietly.

“Hey.” Izzie said shyly.  The two women, usually so confident in their professions and with their friends were now suddenly seemingly bashful and nervous. Addison stood upright and started toward the blonde, Izzie took it as a positive sign, deciding to meet the redhead in the middle. The redhead outstretched her arms, allowing the blonde to walk into them and hug the other woman. Addison’s arms consumed the blonde and together they stood, locked in one another’s arms, weeks of longing finally resting. Izzie sighed with content, Addison felt good. The neonatal surgeon smiled when she pulled away slightly, crystal blue eyes seeking brown. Izzie returned the smile and blushed, Addison raised a hand and gently tucked Izzie’s blonde locks behind her ear, desperate to see more of her face.

“Hi.” Addison whispered.

“Hi.” The blonde replied.

“It’s so great to see you.” The redhead replied.

“At last.” Izzie concluded with a grin.

“Wanna get of here?” the older woman asked, “I don’t think we’re going to get much privacy here and I’m only here for one night.”

“One night?” Izzie asked disappointedly.

“Yes, I’m sorry Iz, I have to get back to LA tomorrow. Let’s go get something to eat, we have a lot to talk about.” The redhead said, her hand stroking the blonde’s silken hair. “Don’t be sad.” Addison said taking in Izzie’s forlorn expression.  She kissed her forehead and pulled away, taking a hand in her own. “You ready?” Addison asked, squeezing Izzie’s hand.


“You think we can sneak out without any of the guys seeing us?”

“Easy.” Izzie snorted, “Meredith’s so absorbed with her own problems right now. I expect Dr Shepherd and George will be on their fifth beer.” She laughed. Addison smiled, hearing Izzie laugh was like a symphony.

“Ok, let’s go.” The redhead ordered.




Dinner could have been described as the ultimate first date.  The two women chatted and exchanged stories, learning more about one another. They shared shy wistful looks and flirted sweetly, occasionally blushing and daring fleeting touches. It was comfortable, like they had been friends forever, taking that next step to becoming lovers. It worried Izzie that their evening was drawing to a close, yet tried to remain upbeat, any time with Addison was precious time and she would make the most of it.  Addison insisted on paying the cheque, it was her treat for a fleeting visit and wanted to thank the blonde for her wonderful company. Walking out to the awaiting cab, Addison paused before opening the door.

“Come back with me.” She said.

“Excuse me?” Izzie asked puzzled.

“To the hotel, come and have a night cap or a coffee.” She offered. Izzie thought for a moment, “Please?” Addison asked with pleading eyes. It was the undoing of the blonde and she agreed hastily, not wanting to upset the redhead and not wanting to part company so soon in the evening.  The blonde followed Addison into the back of the taxi, having earlier left her car at the hospital.




The journey to the hotel and even the ride up in the elevator to Addison’s room what somewhat quiet, both women subdued and contemplative. Neither sure of when they would see each other again. Somehow, the silence seemed a waste of time spent in one another’s company, they should be talking, learning more, becoming closer, it was the perfect opportunity.  Addison opened the door to her room and smiled as Izzie waited to be invited in. The girl was simply adorable, the redhead thought. Closing the door behind them, Addison stroked her hand down Izzie’s arm.

“Come sit down.” Izzie obliged and walked over to the sofa in the large suite, sweeping her eyes over the room, feeling slightly intimidated by it’s grandeur. “Can I get you a drink?” the redhead asked.

“Could I get a water? Thanks.” Izzie asked.

“A water? You sure? I have a mini bar.” Addison said wiggling her eyebrows. Izzie laughed. “Go on, have a beer.” The older woman insisted.

“Ok. I’ll have a beer. Thanks Addison.”

“You are welcome.” She beamed and grabbed two green bottles from the fridge. She opened the bottles and kicked off her shoes on the way over to the blonde. Addison handed a bottle to Izzie and took a swig of her own as she sat herself down next to Izzie, one leg beneath her, the other hanging over the edge. She had an arm draped over the back of the sofa and was turned toward the blonde. Izzie shifted in her seat, so she too was facing Addison.

“I’ve really enjoyed tonight.” Addison said.

“Me too. Not bad as far as first dates go.”

“That was a date?” the redhead asked in mock shock.

Izzie frowned, “Well I thought so, if I’ve got the wrong . . .” Addison placed a hand on the blonde’s shoulder, a reassuring action that steadied Izzie’s racing heart.

“It was a date.” Addison smiled.

“Glad to hear it.” Izzie smiled back before taking a sip from her bottle.

“You’re so beautiful Izzie.” Addison said quietly, she lifted her hand, tucking Izzie’s silken locks behind her ear and continued to stroke her fingers down the blonde’s soft face. Izzie’s breath hitched, her eyes closed at the warm touch, her stomach doing a flip at the intimate contact. Addison smiled adoringly at the affect she had on the younger woman.

“Iz.” She whispered. The resident opened her eyes and gazed in the deep blue of Addison’s orbs, so much want and lust she found there, she found herself inching ever so slightly forward, the magnetism between the two overpowering. Addison tucked her fingers under Izzie’s chin and gently guided her closely to her. Two pairs of eyelashes fluttered and closed in anticipation. Their lips touched, cushioned against each other. It was sweet, oh so tender and the softest either could imagine. The touch elicited a jolt of electricity, coursing through their bodies like they had never been touched before. Izzie groaned, had she been able to think clearly would not have been able to find enough superlatives to describe this moment. Fireworks on Fourth of July came close in comparison however. Addison forced her tongue gently into the blonde’s mouth who obliged somewhat willingly.  Izzie’s brain had numbed, she was unable to think clearly, Addison’s tongue was making sure of that, she groaned again, slipping her arms around the redhead’s waist and pulled her closer, Addison in turn ran her hands up Izzie’s back and into the blonde’s locks, enjoying the silk between her fingers.  Struggling for breath, Addison pulled away gently, placing a quick chaste kiss on the blonde’s lips before opening her cloudy eyes.  Izzie somewhat dazed took a moment, she could still feel Addison’s lips upon her own, coming around, her eyes slowly fluttered open. Addison had never looked more beautiful, the adorable smile lit up her whole face like the sun. Izzie grinned wide like a child on Christmas day.

“I liked that.” She said breathed.

“I liked that too.” Addison repeated with a wink.

“Can we do it again?” Izzie asked with a small laugh.

“I can do better than that.” The redhead said standing, she offered her hand to Izzie who took it, “Want to come to bed and snuggle and make out?” she raised her eyebrow with a cheeky smirk. Izzie hesitated for a moment, upon sensing it Addison spoke again quickly, “Iz, I do want to take this slowly.”

“I really, really like you Addie and I really, really do want to, you know, just we’re still getting to know each other.” She said, hoping the other woman would understand.

“I know.” Addison replied, “I think we’re on the same page here Izzie.”

“You’re only here for one night.” Izzie said sadly.

“I was thinking about that.” Addison said. Izzie’s eyebrows rose expectantly, “As it’s Thursday and it’s almost the weekend I was thinking of postponing my appointments tomorrow and staying a little longer. What do you think?”

“I think I like that.” Izzie said excitedly planting a kiss on Addison’s lips.

“Mmmm.” Was all Addison could manage at that moment.

“You could have prevented all my heartache by telling me earlier.” Izzie joked.

“I didn’t know our date would go so well.” The redhead offered. “But I really do have an important meeting tomorrow, but I’ve decided work can wait.”

“They won’t mind?” Izzie asked.

“They won’t have a choice.” Addison smirked.

“Oh I’m liking you more and more every time you open your mouth.” The blonde said, snaking her arms around Addison’s neck.

“Then I’ll have to do it more often.” The redhead said as she swooped in and captured Izzie’s lips with her own, again opening her mouth and inviting herself into Izzie’s.

“Mmm.” Izzie managed before pulling her lips from Addison’s, “Let’s snuggle and make out.” She grinned and pulled the older woman over to the large plush bed.





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