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Fic: The World is a Stage - Part 4/?

Title:  The World is a Stage 4/?
Author: agentb81
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Brittany/Santana, Brittany/OC
Rating: 15 for language
Word Count: 2600
Disclaimer: Glee is copyrighted and belongs to Ryan Murphy and Fox. As this work is an interpretation of the original material and not for-profit, it constitutes fair use. Use of other personalities is not a reflection of their real lives and is completely fictional.
Summary:  Sort of AU/Future fic, the lives of Santana and Brittany in their early twenties.
Spoilers: References to Season 1.
A/N: Character back stories will be disclosed as the fic progresses and I’m running with the whole AU aspect of this fic, even though it touches upon events of Season 1, I just hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as I am writing it.

Previous chapters here: Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3



It had been a long day in Hollywood, the sun had long set and the cast were being put through their paces in the dance studio. Mike Chang was stationed at the front, behind him were the cast, following his every move.  Brittany was stood in the gallery observing, her feet occasionally copying the dance moves she was witnessing. Ideally she would be downstairs, on the dance floor with the rest of the guys, but at the moment she was confined to observation only, for what reason she wasn’t sure. She felt the frustration as the beat of the music went through the floor and up into her feet, spreading like heat throughout her body. The blonde was a dancer, her natural instinct was to move. She watched intently, or more specifically, she watched Santana, very intently.  The other girl hadn’t changed much since Brittany last saw her, of course the pained expression had vanished and in its place was sheer concentration as she mimicked the choreographer in front of her. Santana was a better dancer now, Brittany decided. She moved with more fluidity, not that she wasn’t good before because the Latina had always impressed the blonde with her moves. One of Brittany’s favourite past times was dancing with the brunette, whether it was in Glee club or at a party, or in Brittany’s bedroom, it was one memory she cherished the most.


Seeing Santana for the first time in almost five years had been one she would remember for a number of reasons. Firstly for that very reason, five years was a long time living without someone who you had spent almost every waking minute of the day with.  Brittany had been hanging over the railings of the gallery for about ten long minutes, watching the different cast members meander in, no sense of urgency at all. Bless Mike, he had tried to usher them along but with little success. It was when Rachel Berry stormed through the door that Brittany’s interest piqued, she knew was one of the main cast members, therefore Santana would not be far behind. She smirked at the expression on Rachel’s face, it was a mixture between triumph and fear which meant . . . bingo! Brittany’s heart jumped into her mouth and her breath hitched as Santana barrelled through the door behind her, a face of thunder, she was clearly angry. The blonde remembered that face well, never before had it been directed at her, usually at Neanderthal jocks or just jerks in general. Santana Lopez was not to be messed with, not by any stretch of the imagination. She tapped Rachel on the shoulder and Brittany could see Santana’s finger wagging at her, talking in hushed yet seething tones. Rachel’s eyes were wide and suddenly apologetic.  They were interrupted by Mike’s loud voice instructing the group to get into position.


The blonde would never tire of watching the brunette. However this was a new Santana, this was superstar Santana Lopez from television and magazines and here she was rehearsing for a movie. Brittany literally pinched herself, their lives had changed so much, they had grown and matured and taken different paths. Brittany closed her eyes momentarily remembering the time the cheerleaders vowed they would be together forever, only to flash forward to the day they said good bye, the tears in Santana’s eyes, her own burning a track down her face.  She shook her head. It was in the past, she had bridges to build, a friendship to rescue, if Santana would oblige. It all hinged on the fiery brunette below her. Brittany truly believed enough time had passed between them, they should be hanging out with each other, telling each other secrets like they used to, they could have that again. But she knew it would not be easy, that any friendship would require some hard work, but she was willing to do it, she had gotten this far, there was no way she was turning back now.  The butterflies in her stomach refused to let up. She sighed and focused her attention on the dancing below.


Santana was having trouble with a particular step, it included multiple turns and some quick footwork which she was having difficulty in grasping.  Several times had she crashed into Rachel Berry and several times she had raised her voice in frustration blaming the other girl for being in her way.  Mike called for the dancers to call it a night. As the other cast members left the dance studio, Santana remained, determination set on her face. The room was quiet, Mike called across to the brunette, “You coming Lopez?”

“No, I’m staying here till I get this right.” She called back. Mike began to walk over to her. “I’m ok, I can do it, I will do it.” Santana said, holding up her hand to halt him.

“It’s getting late . . .” Mike began.

“I’m fine, I have a late call tomorrow. I’ll get this down. I can’t be upstaged by Rachel fucking Berry.” She huffed.

Brittany struggled to suppress a laugh, but managed nonetheless, that was classic Santana.

“Alright then. I’m just going to get a juice and make a phone call, but I’m coming back, ok? You want anything?”

“No, I’m good. Thanks Mike.” Santana said with sincerity.

“You’re welcome Santana.” He said and started toward the door.  The brunette walked over to the music system and hit play, turning the volume down slightly and began with the routine once again. She was so immersed in her dance, concentrating on the multiple turns and steps, trying to get them in sync. She whispered the combination to herself as she went through the routine.

“One, two, three and turn two three and step and step and jump and turn and . . .” she wobbled, the speed of her dancing had built up her momentum, the turn sent her almost flying across the room once again. Expecting impact with an inanimate object, she scrunched her eyes closed. She gasped when she felt strong arms wrap around her waist, holding her still.

“I got you.” Santana heard quietly in her ear. She gasped again, closing her eyes, recognising the voice immediately. She gulped before opening her mouth.

“Britt.” She whispered huskily, her voice rendered almost completely useless. Her suspicions were confirmed as she turned in the other girl’s arms. Brown eyes met blue in an emotional crescendo. Five years of missing those eyes. Now there was so much being said in that intent glare that could ever be said in words. Tears were forming in Brittany’s blue orbs, one escaped and upon instinct Santana reached up and caught it with her thumb, she caressed the other girl’s cheek like she had so many times before. The brunette too struggled to keep her feelings under control, her own tears threatening to spill from her dark eyes.

“Now you’re making me cry.” The Latina said with a smile.

“Please don’t cry.” Brittany said.

“You started it.” Santana accused. Brittany laughed, it was how she liked to remember them, playful banter in any situation. The blonde’s hands remained enclosed around Santana’s waist. It was like they had never parted, had not spent those years apart. Suddenly Santana became very aware of her surroundings and their situation, her mind finally catching up with reality. “Err, Britt.” She said shyly. Brittany looked into her eyes once more, understanding the Latina immediately.

“Oh right.” She said letting go reluctantly. “I’m sorry.” She said looking down at her feet, now very nervous.

“What are you doing here Brittany?”

“I got a job. I’m Mike’s assistant.”

“Oh.” Was all Santana could muster in that moment, trying to process the thoughts that came flooding to her upon Brittany’s revelation. “I guess, congratulations.”

“Thanks.” The blonde said. “I did it for you.” She blurted, having never been able to keep anything from the brunette.

“You did it for . . . what?” Santana asked confused.

“It’s a long story, I’ll explain, I promise.” Brittany offered. “You look awesome.” She blurted. Santana smiled.

“Thanks. You do too. Like you’ve got sexier.” Santana said with a smile, having finally been able to take in the blonde’s appearance. She may have only been wearing her dance gear, but it was apparent to Santana that Brittany was maturing very well. Brittany blushed at the compliment, Bryan used to tell her she was sexy all the time, now though however, after several years together, he hardly complimented her at all unless it was for his own personal gain.  She dipped her head. Bryan.

“What is it Brit?” Santana took Brittany’s hand in hers anticipating the blonde’s anguish.

“I’m . . .”

“Married.” The Latina concluded, having turned Brittany’s hand in her own and noticing the ring.

“San, I’m . . .”

“It’s ok.” Santana smiled. She dropped the hand she was holding. “Who are you married to?”

Brittany’s brow furrowed as she answered the question, “My husband.” As if Santana should already know.  The brunette rolled her eyes, but could not help the small smile that tugged at her lips, thankful the blonde hadn’t changed all that much.

“Does he have a name?”

“Oh right.” Brittany realised, “Bryan, he’s called Bryan.”

“That’s great Britt, I’m happy for you.” Santana sighed, she walked over to the bench, motioning for Brittany to follow her. She sat down, her back against the wall and sighed once again, it had been a long, strange day. “How long?”

“How long what?”

“How long have you been married?” Santana asked.

“Just over a year.”

“I can’t believe you’re married.”

“I know right, it’s like what grownups do and stuff.” Brittany smiled.

“Yeah.” Santana agreed, smiling at the blonde’s words.

“What about you?”

“I’m single. It’s better that way, makes it easier to do my job.” Santana explained.

“Right, it can’t be easy meeting people, thinking they just want to be your friend because you’re like famous.” Brittany said. Her eyes suddenly went wide as she heeded her own words, “Oh San, that’s not . . .”

“I know B.” Santana said, patting her hand on her friend’s knee. “I know.” She reassured. “Why now?” she asked after a moment’s pause.

“You said you’d call.” Brittany said.

“That was five years ago.”

“Then I guess I got tired of waiting.” The blonde surmised.

“It was a figure of speech, I was hurting. Besides, I knew it wouldn’t be forever.” Santana offered by way of explanation.

“It hurt me too.”

“I know Brit, but it was your decision.” Santana said, risking a look at the dejected girl beside her.

“We agreed we would be friends forever no matter what.” Brittany offered.

“I stand by that Brit, I’ll always be here for you. We went through too much to throw it all away. When I was ready to call I didn’t know where you were.”

“I’ve been everywhere.”

“So I hear. You’ve done so well, you should be proud.”

“Thank you. It means a lot hearing you say that.” Brittany smiled. “I couldn’t have done it . . .”

“It’s why you left.” Santana admitted softly, “While I didn’t understand it then, I understand it now.”

“I needed to become my own person and it was hard, but I did it, I proved that I could do something for myself and succeed.”

“Come here.” Santana smiled and pulled the other girl to her, squeezing her into her side, “I am so proud of you. You were right and I was selfish, I loved you so much and I just didn’t want to let you go, I couldn’t see that it was suffocating you.”

“You didn’t suffocate me San. I loved you too, you know that. But you were going to college and everyone was leaving and getting jobs and I had to make a decision. I could have gone with you to New York San, but you needed to be free to become your own person too. Now look at you!”

“Yeah I did ok.” Santana smirked, “Wait a minute, are you taking credit for my fame?”

Brittany smiled, “Noooo, but it helped.”

All of a sudden Santana let out an almighty yawn, she threw her hand over her mouth, “I am so sorry.” She apologised, “I have had such a crazy day.”

“Would it have anything to do with Rachel Berry?” Brittany smirked.

“Partly. I had Quinn waking me up at 6.30, I had my first scene with Berry, I had a fight with Berry, I got asked out on a date by a girl from Marie Claire and now you.” Santana explained.

“You got asked out on a date?” Brittany asked, a little surprised.

“Yeah, I said no.” The brunette reassured, unsure as to why she was having to do so.

“You can handle Berry.”

“I don’t know B, she’s like a Gremlin, it seems the more fame she gets, her obnoxiousness just seems to multiply. It’s scary.”

“Well she’s not nominated for an Emmy. You are.” Brittany bumped shoulders with the girl beside her.

“Yes.” Santana grinned. “I am.”

“That’s so awesome. You get to like wear a pretty dress and be the centre of attention.”

“That kinda happens a lot these days.”

“That is so cool.” Brittany swooned.

“It’s not all it’s cracked up to be. You can have all the fame in the world and be constantly surrounded by people but still be lonely.” The Latina said sadly. Brittany took Santana’s hand in hers. “Don’t you dare apologise Brittany.” Santana said, pre-empting the blonde’s words.

“Ok, I’ll just sit here.”

Santana sighed, “Thank you.” They sat for a few moments, just taking each other in, experiencing being in one another’s company again, absorbing the feelings it generated.

“You know this is going better than I expected.” Brittany said honestly.

“I can never be mad with you Britt, and I think I’m still in shock a little. I think it will take some time to mend but I’m happy you’re here, I’m happy I can see your bright blue eyes again. Can I have a hug?” Santana asked sheepishly.

“Of course you can have a hug.” Brittany said, enveloping the shorter girl in a big hug.

“I’ve missed my best friend.” Santana said, her voice muffled in Brittany’s hoody.

“Me too.” Brittany agreed.  Santana lifted her head and looked into Brittany’s blue orbs once again.

“Are you back?”

“Yeah.” The blonde answered. “If you’ll have me.”

“For better or worse, I got you.” Santana smiled as she closed her eyes and sighed with content.


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