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Fic: Sorry 4/?

TITLE: Sorry 4/?
Not mine
Izzie is frustrated at being confined. Set in the middle of Season 3.

NOTES: A busy weekend has lead to a slight delay, I do apologise, but please enjoy and feedback :D  There might be slight spelling mistakes, I don't mind if you point them out lol


It was approaching lunch time at Seattle Grace Hospital.  People were scurrying around, anxious to get from one place to another, carrying out their duties in the bustling hospital; all except for Dr Isobel Stevens. The blonde patient lay in her hospital bed, now clad in her own pyjamas courtesy of her two adoring housemates.  Meredith and George had been in to see how their friend was feeling following her harrowing ordeal. It had unfortunately been a rushed visit due to the intern’s pending working day. The patient had been pleased to see them, albeit for a few minutes in between dozing and napping.  Through the duration of the morning, various friends and colleagues from the hospital had been in to see her. Cristina managed a fleeting visit on a coffee break, Derek had popped his head in, even Mark Sloan wanted to give her all the best.  But there was one person in particular who Izzie had longed to see; the stunning, elegant, neonatal surgeon that was Addison Montgomery.  It surprised Izzie that Addison had not yet been to visit, however, their last exchange what somewhat puzzling and the blonde intern was trying her utmost to fathom just what Addison had meant by what she said.  And furthermore, what could have possibly kept the attending away from her all morning.


She was looking in the general direction of the window, just thinking, she wondered if this is what Denny felt like, being stuck in a hospital room with little personal contact and only your own thoughts for company.  Izzie’s mind kept going round and round in circles, she’d think of Denny, then Addison, and then the attack, although those memories were still sketchy at best.  She had told the police all she remembered that very morning and it frustrated her she could not do more.  They had not yet caught the perpetrator, with few clues to go by, it would take some time before they could formally identify a suspect.  And so her thoughts found themselves on a certain auburn beauty once again.  She closed her eyes and willed the forming tears to stay away.  Her abdomen throbbed, her arm twinged with pain, her face ached and her head hurt, she wanted to escape from it all.

“NURSE” she yelled, anger and torment covering her features.  When there was no reply, she tried again. “NURSE!”

“There is a button for that you know.” The voice said.  Izzie was preparing herself for a retort when the voice registered in her brain.  She looked to the door.  It was who she had longed to see all day, yet somehow she was less than elated, did she really want to deal with Addison Montgomery right now? She did look particularly hot today, Izzie had to admit, a rather low cut black dress covered by her white doctor’s coat, red hair cascading over her shoulders.  Back to reality, Izzie lifted her left arm wincing, indicating to Addison it would take far too much energy to reach for the button in her fragile state, although you would have thought a hospital would cater for such incidences.  Besides, Izzie liked the personal touch.  Having realised the blonde intern must obviously be in need of something medical, the attending rushed to her side.

“Are you ok? Can I get you something.”

“It hurts.” Izzie whined.

“Where does it hurt sweetie?” Addison said as she stroked Izzie’s forehead.

“Everywhere.” The young blonde choked back her tears.

“Aw sweetheart. I’ll look at your chart see if I can prescribe you anything.” She said moving to the end of the bed.

“Where were you?” Izzie sobbed.  Addison was unprepared for the question.  She hesitated for a moment. “I-I was working. I’m sorry, I didn’t know you’d want me here.” Silence hung in the air between them.

“I did, I do. I thought- I don’t know . . .” the young blonde threw her head back and sighed, Addison studied her friend over the top of her glasses.  She placed the chart in it’s holster, pushed her glasses up into her hair and walked around the side of the bed, perching next to Izzie, facing the patient.  She picked up Izzie’s hand and held it her own, rubbing soft circles with her thumb, soothing Izzie of her troubled mind.

“What don’t you know Izzie?”

“Before this, before I ended up in this damn bed, we, you know, we were getting closer.” Izzie really did not know how this was going to go. She had no clue as to what their relationship status was.  Addison empathised, she felt the same but there was always an element of doubt in both of their minds about each other’s feelings.  Both had been terribly hurt before and both were erring on the side of caution.  However, it had taken an unthinkable act of cruelty to cement Addison’s feelings for Isobel Stevens.  Similar thoughts had been running through the blonde’s head, but fear and doubt were separating the two pained beauties.

“Did someone yell?” Dr Miranda Bailey burst into the room seemingly unaware of the atmosphere she had thrust herself into.

“Like 15 minutes ago.” Izzie snapped. “Jeez, you just can’t get the staff around here.” After a slight pause, Addison looked at Izzie and broke out into laughter.  It was carefree and easy, it had been a long time since any one had made her feel free again.  Izzie adored the way Addison’s eyes twinkled with joy as she laughed and smiled adoringly at her.

“You seem to be ok now Stevens.” Bailey hissed.

“Miranda, she is in considerable pain, I was just looking at her chart and-“

“And nothing, I’m her physician Dr Montgomery, you are merely a visitor for Miss Stevens, do I make myself clear?”

“Crystal.” Addison said as she rolled her eyes and squeezed Izzie’s hand, her back to Bailey who was now at the foot of the bed.


Addison had been paged for an emergency before Bailey had left Izzie, thus delaying any chances of them talking yet.  Izzie was growing more and more frustrated, but knew the perils of being a doctor, she just never knew how difficult it was being a patient, or being so desperate to talk to Dr Montgomery.  She knew that she had to emphasise, the ‘patient’ part.




Clad in navy blue surgical scrubs, Dr Montgomery was signing off charts at the nurses station whilst sipping a cup of much desired coffee.  She was stroking the pen across the paper as quickly as she could, her regular perfect handwriting neglected for a scruffier alternative.  She suddenly felt the atmosphere change, there was a presence, curisoty had gotten the better of her so she looked up.  Dr Alex Karev was standing before her, looking at the surgeon intently. When he didn’t speak, Addison shook her head in disbelief, “Was there something you wanted Karev?”

“How’s Izzie?” His expression remained emotionless.

“Why don’t you see for yourself, she’ll be welcome of some company.” Addison suggested, returning to scribbling on the chart before her.

“I can’t right now I’m in the middle of a case with Sloan.  Besides, she gave me the impression I’m not her favourite person.”

“Well you have a way of upsetting the apple cart Karev, not quite the master of subtlety.” Addison frowned.

“Can you just tell me how she is or not?”

“She’s getting there, a bit stir crazy, but you know what she’s like.”

“Yeah, yeah I do. Thank you Dr Montgomery.” He nodded and turned to leave.

Strange’ Addison thought to herself and rushed through her final chart.


When Addison made it to Izzie’s room for the second time that day, there was laughter and chatter coming from within.  As Addison stepped over the threshold, she smiled as she took in the scene before her.  George was acting out in a game of charades, hopping around on one leg, Izzie, Meredith and Cristina laughing at him, no one had a clue what the answer was, but it was fun watching.  Addison stood silently watching Izzie for a moment, taking in her beauty, despite the abrasions on her face, she smiled as she watched.

“Oh hi Dr Montgomery.” Meredith said, at the very mention of the name, Izzie turned her head and locked eyes with the attending, her smile mirroring Addison’s.  George by this point had tumbled to the floor, quickly jumping to his feet before any one drew attention to him.

“Erm, we have to go, right guys?” Cristina suggested when there was no response from the flame haired doctor.

“Oh yeah,”

“We have to,”

“There’s a thing”

“Bye Izzie, Dr Montgomery.” The three interns left in a flurry, grabbing their belongings along the way, passing Addison and leaving the two doctors alone.


“Hey.” Addison said, walking further into the room.

“Hey yourself.” Izzie beamed.

“I missed you.” Addison offered, blushing slightly at the admission.

“Me too.” Izzie agreed, patting the bed beside her.  Addison sat and smiled politely at the patient. “How was your day?” the blonde enquired.

“Long.  All I could think of was getting back here.”

“Yeah, damn Bailey, knows how to ruin a moment.” Izzie scoffed.  Addison chuckled, she knew exactly what the younger doctor meant, having witnessed Bailey’s abruptness on numerous occasions. 

“There was a moment?” Addison queried.

“Well a brief moment, when we were alone together, briefly.  It doesn’t seem to happen much lately.”

“People are just looking out for you.” Suggested Addison.

“Yeah I guess.” She replied, “And what about you?” Izzie’s eyes were burning Addison’s own, searching for answers to questions both beauties had long been seeking.

“What do you mean?” Izzie sighed at Addison’s response. Neither were making it easy for themselves.

“I really like you Addison, I love spending time with you, we’ve gotten closer this past week and I have no idea what is going on.”

“You and me both.” It was Addison’s turn to sigh, she picked up Izzie’s hand and looked sincerely into beautiful brown eyes. “I would really love to take you out to dinner Isobel Stevens and get to know you better, and maybe see what we could possibly have together.” She was elder of the two; Addison had taken the initiative to lay it on the line herself, they had danced around long enough, it was time to take a step forward.  She only hoped Izzie would agree.  The clue was when the young blonde broke out into a beaming smile.

“I would love for you to take me to dinner Addison Montgomery.” It had been a crappy day for Izzie, but this had more than made up for it.  Addison slowly leant forward and brushed her lips against Izzie’s. It was brief but sweet before the blonde winced in pain. The cut on her lip still tender and sore.  Addison pulled back, stroking Izzie’s cheek as she moved, “I’m so sorry, Izzie, I forgot.”

“It’s ok,” Izzie smiled, “It was totally worth it.” She smiled.

“I imagined our first kiss to be a little more romantic than this.”

“This is perfect. I am being waited on hand and foot, I’m receiving copious amounts of chocolate and I have my woman taking care of me.” Izzie teased.

“Oh really?” Addison began, “Well don’t get used to it because when you get out of here, I expect you to take care of me.” Addison moved in, “A lot.” She breathed into the blonde’s ear.  And for once, Dr Isobel Stevens was rendered speechless.


Tags: addison/izzie, grey's anatomy, sorry

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