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Fic: A Sense of Deja Vu - Part 1/?

Title: A Sense of Deja Vu
Author: [info]agentb81
Fandom: Law and Order: SVU & Grey’s Anatomy - crossover
Pairing: Olivia/Alex & Izzie/Addison
Rating: PG - NC-17 eventually
Disclaimer: I don’t own SVU or Grey's Anatomy or anything to do with either show.
Summary: Set in NY, two old friends, Alex and Addison, find it difficult to communicate their feelings to their respective crushes. Multi chapter fic.
Spoilers: Starts after season 3 in Grey’s Anatomy and after Alex’s return to SVU during season 10.
A/N: It's a crossover which I hope you don't mind me sharing with you and thank you to [info]sunsetwriter who helped me out and gave me encouragement on this one :)



Have you ever liked someone you shouldnt? The question was asked wistfully .

Yes . . . You know full well I have, now, whats this, whats going on here? You look pensive and uncertain and thats so not you. Spill.

Theres . . . someone I like. the blonde confessed.

I may not be a detective or a lawyer Alex, but I worked that one out . . .

Ok, ok, this isnt easy for me you know.

I know sweetie, A well manicured hand patted the one belonging to the blonde haired woman before her, so seldom does one melt that heart of yours Alexandra and god forbid if you have to share your feelings, this must be serious. Alexandra Cabot, Assistant District Attorney for the Special Victims Unit had a reputation amongst her friends for being guarded and protective of her feelings and her colleagues for being synonymous towards her private life.

Yes, thank you for the amateur dramatics Addison. Alex sighed. Her dear friend, Dr Addison Forbes Montgomery, one of the countrys top neo natal surgeons, had recently returned to New York following a brief decant to Seattle where she had fled to attempt to save her marriage, she had returned divorced. Addison had always considered Alex the sister she never had, their families mixed in the same elite Manhattan circles.

So, who is he? . . . Or she? Addison smirked.

Alex let out a deep sigh, she had struggled to come to terms with her own feelings and to share them would leave her feeling exposed and vulnerable. Give it up Alex, I can see its killing you, a problem shared . . .

. . . is a problem halved. Alex concluded. I know.

You started this conversation Alex, and you know you can tell me anything. Like a few years ago when you had that major crush on that detective, what was her name?

Olivia. Alex sighed.

Oh. Addison managed slowly, realization dawned on her as the blonde shifted uncomfortably in her seat, her demeanor changed as the doctor probed.

Yeah oh, so you can see why I was so nervous telling you.

I may have been a little unreasonable toward you the last time . . . Addison winced.

Unreasonable? You accused me of only being her friend for my own personal gain, to get closer to her and I quote to lech over the poor suspecting woman. Can you imagine how that made me feel?

I, Alex, sweetheart, you know I didnt mean it, I was just under an immense amount of pressure at the time and thats kind of how I felt Mark had trapped me.

I cant believe you just compared me to Mark Sloane.

Youre nothing like Mark, its just, ok, Ill shut up, none of this coming out right.

No, its not.

Can we start over? Alex frowned at Addisons request, Please Lexie, look, weve both been to hell and back in the last few years, weve grown, were different, I know how you felt about Olivia before, so tell me, how this all came about again.

The chirp of a cell phone interrupted the two women. Cabot. Alex listened intently to the ramblings on the other end of the line. Its not enough . . . I know Olivia . . . Get me some physical evidence and Ill get you your warrant . . . I understand the frustration, but you have to understand I cant do anything without any evidence placing him at the scene . . . Its all circumstantial . . . Liv . . . Ill be there in 20 minutes.

Alex sighed as she pressed end on her phone, rather than offering an explanation to the phone call, she continued, Before I, you know, died, she emphasised the inverted commas with her fingers, Liv and I became so close, she was my best friend, but so much more and then my world as I knew it ended. I couldnt bare the thought of leaving without seeing Liv again, so I persuaded Hammond to let me see her before I left for witness protection.

Olivia knew you were alive? Addison asked shocked.

And Elliot. Alex said offering no further explanation. She saved my life yet I was torn away from it anyway. she laughed at the irony.

And when you came back?

When I finally left witness protection I was in limbo. I came back not knowing who I was anymore, I had longed to see Olivia again, but everything in my head told me she had moved on, not that we actually had anything for her to move on from.

Oh Alex, why did you volunteer to go back to SVU after all this time? Addison asked with concern, she was learning about her lifelong friend all over again. It was true Alex had changed, but the biggest change the auburn doctor had ever noticed in the blonde ADA was several months into her assignment with SVU.

I needed to reclaim that part of myself that had given me humility and understanding the first time around, I needed to see Olivia and the guys, I needed to feel a part of something again. I was good at that job and we worked well together. And then I saw her, she hadnt changed, only her hair was a little longer to the last time I saw her, she looked so beautiful and the way she said my name, I had missed that so much.

Have you spoken to her?

I, we, no, I haven‘t, it‘s not that simple.

You need to Alex, I can see her friendship means so much to you, start there, you might be pleasantly surprised. Addison spoke thoughtfully. Alex frowned at her friend.

I think theres something you need to tell me. The blonde said as she vacated her chair. Im sorry to have to run out on you, but don‘t think this is over. she said as she picked up her briefcase.

Your detective calls. the doctor concluded. She too gathered her belongings in preparation to leave.

She does. smiled Alex. She bent over and placed a kiss on her friends cheek. Ill call you. she promised before leaving.


It was a slow day in the 1-6. Special Victims Unit had caught two major cases in the past 48 hours, however, they had swiftly been handed over to the FBI much to the chagrin of the SVU detectives, the last one in the last twenty minutes. It had been an eventful week so far, already the detectives were itching to get back out into the field, although at the moment, the likelihood was minimal. Olivia Benson sighed, stretched in her chair before rising, coffee cup in hand. She looked at her watch, ADA Alexandra Cabot was due any minute, she was not looking forward to the blonde’s reaction when the attorney found out their latest case had also been swiped by the FBI.

The tall, slender brunette was pouring coffee at the machine when she felt a presence behind her.

Enough in there for me? Alex asked as she peered over the detectives shoulder, the blondes breath was warm against her cheek and she momentarily closed her eyes, enjoying the proximity of the blonde.

Of course. Olivia replied as she composed herself and began pouring another cup. She turned and passed the spare porcelain mug to her colleague and leaned against the counter behind her. She quickly appraised the slender woman, skimming over the days power suit of choice, a very pleasing on the eye black skirt suit that fitted like a glove, Oh to be that glove Olivia mused. She looked up into questioning blue eyes, I err, Im sorry about the phone call, I was a bit short. The detective apologised.

You dont have to apologise Liv, I understand the frustrations. She smiled. Now, what was you needed me for?

Er, I think Cragen wants to speak with you.

Ok, should I be worried? Alex asked curiously.

I didnt think Alex Cabot did worried.

Only when Ive been lured under false pretences.

And what false pretences would they be counselor? Olivia challenged.

ALEX, MY OFFICE PLEASE? Cragen popped his out from his office and yelled across the squad room.

Hold that thought. Alex said rolling her eyes and started across to the Captains office.

Ten minutes later Alexandra Cabot re-emerged from Captain Cragen’s office, her face full of thunder. She stormed over to Olivia’s desk and set her briefcase down.

“I guess you just heard about the Brennan case.” Olivia surmised.

“Two in two days.”

“You don’t have to tell me Alex. It’s frustrating, especially for the victims. The FBI robots don‘t know how to handle them.” Alex placed a hand on her colleague’s shoulder and smiled sadly.

“They are missing the benefits of your empathy and understanding Liv, it’s not something the FBI can offer, I’d choose you over the Feds any day.”

Olivia smiled, “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome.“ the blonde quickly glanced across the squad room, “Where is everyone?”

“Elliot is getting lunch, Fin is, I don‘t know where Fin is, Munch, where‘s Fin?”

“I am right here,” The man in question swaggered through the door and over to his desk, “Who wants to know?”

“I knew he wouldn’t be far, you don’t get one without the other.” Olivia smiled at Alex, she turned her attention to the two detectives sat at their desks, “I swear there‘s something going on between you two.” the Detective teased. Alex laughed at her friend’s humour.

“I could say the same for you two!” Fin Tutuola, Mr Cool of SVU threw back. After a slightly frosty homecoming on Olivia’s behalf, the brunette had quickly gotten over her initial brooding and forgiven the blonde for not being in touch, accepting her explanation and trusting her friend’s reasons. They had quickly regained their rapport and their friendship seemingly had a stronger bond, though Alex had visibly changed, the core that was Alex and Olivia remained. The only regret was the two women had barely had time together outside of the squad room.

The blonde ADA blushed at the detective’s accusation. “It‘s what male, or more accurately, Munch‘s fantasies are made of.” Alex pitched in.

“Alexandra Cabot, I thought better of you than to pick on a poor insufferable detective.” Munch feigned hurt, his hand placed dramatically over his heart.

“Don’t fall for it Alex, he’s far from innocent.” Olivia revealed.

“I don’t doubt it.” the blonde agreed.

“I could show you.” Munch said nonchalantly. Just as he finished, a missile was headed for his head, he deflected it at the last minute with his hands. “Hey, you could have taken my eye out.”

“I tried John, but your hands got in the way.” Olivia quipped.

“Dear Olivia, I know you have feelings for me.”

“Oh John, I do, I can’t deny it, I have feelings for you . . . They mostly involve the urge to vomit.”

“You hurt me Liv, and as for you Counselor, it seems Witness Protection gave you a sense of humour.”

“I don’t know whether to be insulted or take that as a compliment Detective.” Alex posed.

“Take it as you will, you lawyer types always do.” accused the wiry detective.

“She’s not like other lawyers John.” Olivia jumped in.

“Defending your girlfriend’s honour! I like it.”

“Fin she’s not my-”

“It’s ok Liv, let them dream, it‘s the most action they‘re going to get.” Alex smiled.

“Where is this hate coming from Alex?” Munch asked.

“You love it.” Fin accused.

Alex glanced at her watch, “Well, I’d love to stay and chat, but I have case files to go over, it doesn’t look like I’m going to get much court action anytime soon.” the ADA sighed. The mention of work had Munch and Fin distract themselves.

“Look at this way, no sleazy defence attorney’s to contend with.” The brunette ran a hand through her hair.

“This is true. And no late nights preparing for trial. Are you free for dinner this evening?” Alex asked somewhat tentatively.

“I’d love to, we haven’t had time for a proper catch up since you came back.”

“I am sorry about all that Liv.”

“I know you are, I’ve missed having you around to chat to Alex, it’s been a long hard three years.” Olivia admitted.

“Liv,” Alex placed a hand on the detective’s arm, “I understand, there’s not many people I can be myself around and you are one of them, I’d really like for us to have our friendship back to how it was before.”

“We’re part way there Alex, and dinner would be a great way to carry it forward.” Olivia smiled warmly.

“Do you want to swing by my office when you’re done and we can go from there.”

“That sounds great. I’ll pick you up at six.”

Alex picked up her briefcase, “Great, well I’ll see you then Detective.” she smiled and turned on her heel, passing Elliot on her way.

“Counselor.” he regarded.

“Detective.” And with that she was gone.

“You two have plans tonight?” Elliot asked his partner.

“Yes, not that it’s any of your business.”

“Hey, I am only taking an interest.”

“I can see that.” Olivia eyed her partner suspiciously.

“Hopefully by spending some time together you can stop pining after her.”

Olivia threw a similar missile at Elliot’s head than the one fired earlier at Munch.


“Don’t argue with the woman Stabler, she’s got her bully pants on today.” which was met with a stern glare from the woman in question.

To be continued . . .

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