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Fic: You Left Me

TITLE:  You Left Me
PARINGS: Addison/Izzie
DISCLAIMER: Not mine, none of it mine, unfortunately! Belongs to Shonda Rhimes.  I have borrowed part of 4.13 Piece of My Heart and put my spin on it.
SUMMARY: Remember in 4.13 when Addison returned for the ep? Me too, only in my mind, Izzie and Addie’s reunion was a little bit different.

NOTES:  Just to reiterate really that I have borrowed one or two scenarios and some dialogue between Izzie and Addie from the ep. And if you haven’t seen this ep, SPOILER ALERT (but only briefly) 





“Dr. Montgomery? Will you do me a favor? Will you talk to my patient?” Izzie asked as she saw her former attending approach the work station. 
I don't work here anymore, Stevens.” Was the visiting surgeon’s curt reply.
She's pregnant and HIV-positive and she thinks she has to terminate the pregnancy.”
“She doesn't.”
“I know she doesn't, and it's not my area of expertise.” Izzie said, easily conversing with the visiting surgeon.
“I don't work here anymore, Stevens. If I worked here, I'd be performing surgery after surgery, after surgery. I might even get back with my husband, who's apparently on the market. I'm not saying that I want to get back with my husband. It's just that things were simpler with him, than the messy, messy single life I am currently living. Which was not my point by the way. My point was... that I no longer work here. Which means, that you need to pull your face out of the potato chips, and go tend to your patients yourself.” The older woman paused and snatched the bag of potato chips from the resident. “You're a fighter, Stevens, what happened?”
Addison asked the blonde.
“I lost a lot of fights.”
Izzie said sadly.
“Well, time to get back up.” Addison said.

“You think it’s that easy? You have no idea.” Izzie said, the way Addison had snatched the potato chips from the blonde’s grasp had triggered something in the young doctor.

“What are you talking about?” Addison asked confused.

“You left me Addison, I needed you and you left me.”

“I, I,” the neonatal surgeon, always so sure of herself, stumbled over her own words. “I didn’t know . . .” she trailed off.

“You didn’t know what?”

“I can’t,” Addison eyeballed a passing doctor and leant in closer to Izzie, “I cannot discuss this here Izzie, not right now.  Have dinner with me.”

The blonde pondered the invitation, it was tempting, but would it stir up old feelings? She smiled at the irony, Addison standing in front of her was stirring up old feelings.  Ever since she had heard Dr Montgomery was back in town Izzie had been unsure of how to feel, in one respect she felt she had moved on and could continue business as usual, but there was still a part of Addison Montgomery that had claimed a fraction of her heart.  She was in two minds, she was an adult as was Dr Montgomery, surely they could have a sensible discussion over dinner.

“Sure.” Was Izzie’s reply.  The blonde’s response had shocked the brunette, she had not have thought it would be that easy to convince the stubborn Doctor. Of course the last time they had seen one another, Izzie was still an intern, now she was a resident.  It seemed Seattle Grace Hospital had changed somewhat without her, and her without it. “I’ll meet you at Joe’s we can go from there.”

“Sure. I have to go and see my patient. I’ll see you at Joe’s.” Addison said as she turned to leave.

“Dr Montgomery?” Izzie called.


“You look great by the way, LA looks good on you.” She said seriously.  Addison smiled a little and turned on her heel, her day was getting better.

“Oh and Dr Montgomery?”

Yes Dr Stevens?” the neonatal surgeon turned once again.

“You’re single?” Addison raised an eyebrow at Izzie’s question and deflected it.

She smiled wide, “Go. Be the change you want to see in the world.” Addison retreated down the corridor.
Did you just quote Gandhi to me?” Izzie yelled, confusion reigning on her face.




Izzie had spent far too much time in the mirror perfecting her makeup, ensuring her top fitted correctly and her jeans weren’t too creased.  George approached the blonde doctor hesitantly.

“Iz, I’m sorry about tonight are we cool?”

“I’m sure I’ll get over it George.” Izzie said as she began to fix her hair, her eyes trained on the image before her.

“You have remembered right?”


“That you’re not playing darts with us.”

Izzie stopped her motions and paused, looking George in the eye via the mirror.

“Seriously George? I do know when I’m not welcome.”

“Oh ok, Alex said you were going to Joe’s.”

“I am, but not for you George, I have a life.”

“So you’re not staying home googling recipes tonight then?”

“Thin ice George.” Izzie warned through gritted teeth.

“Right ok. I am sorry Izzie, it’s . . .”

“An intern thing, I know, I get it. I’m their boss, I mean who hangs out with their boss?” She muttered the next part under her breath, “or dates them.”

George suddenly felt uncomfortable, he knew he had touched a nerve and decided to make a hasty exit.  “Maybe I’ll see you over there.”

“Maybe you will.” Izzie concluded as she touched up her lip gloss.




The young blonde doctor tentatively entered Joe’s bar, the hangout for staff working at Seattle Grace Hospital.  There were copious amounts of laughter and frivolity, she felt slightly nervous as she dodged drunken interns and nurses.  Making her way to the bar she recognised her friend Meredith who looked to be deep in conversation with her dinner date.  Izzie approached hesitantly, unsure whether she should approach the two doctors.  She chose to sit on a stool a few feet away from the conversing two.  Izzie briefly took a look around the bar, recognising a number of the patrons, some of her friends being in the very same room.  The blonde doctor suddenly felt very lonely in a room full of people, a room full of people she more or less knew.  It was rather disconcerting for the blonde who had often found herself surrounded by friends, laughing and joking with them.  As Joe placed a bottle of beer before her, she felt a warm hand on her arm.  Izzie looked up and met the crystal blue eyes she had been dreaming about for months.

“Hey.” Addison said as she landed on the seat beside the blonde.

“Hi.” Smiled Izzie.  Every time Addison had looked at her with those eyes, making Izzie feel like the only person in the world, she would melt on the spot, losing all coherent thought. “Can I get you a drink?” Izzie asked the former attending.

“Yeah I’ll have . . .”

“Scotch on the rocks?” the blonde smiled.

“Yes, thanks.” Addison replied, also smiling. “How have you been Izzie?”

“I think it’s too early in the evening for the answer to that.” The young doctor replied.

“That bad?”

“Not bad per se,”

“We can talk about that later.” Addison said scooping up Izzie’s hand into her own.

“You look great you know, I think LA suits you.”

Addison sighed, “You said that already.  But you’re right, I love LA, more than I thought I would, I feel at home there, it’s relaxed and the sun is always shining and now I hug people.”

Izzie smiled, “So I hear.”

“I’m sorry Izzie, I’m so, so sorry.”

“Are you apologising because you have hugged everyone but me?” the blonde smiled weakly.

Addison looked forlorn, feeling bad she had not greeted Izzie as she had other former colleagues, only Izzie had been more than a colleague, only a select few had known about the couple, so what Addison was about to do would seem odd if not inappropriate.  She took Izzie’s head between her hands and kissed her lightly on the lips, pausing to look into the big brown doe eyes of the woman she had left behind in Seattle.

“You deserve more than a hug.” Addison explained.

“You kissed me.” Izzie breathed stunned.

“Was that out of line? Oh god, you’re seeing someone aren’t you?” panicked Addison, looking around at some stunned faces.

“You kissed me.” Izzie repeated in a daze, “Huh?” she realised Addison had spoken, “I err, no, I’m not, I’m lonely, I mean, I’m alone.” She rattled.

“Oh Iz, we’ll talk over dinner, I need to explain everything properly.” She deserved the privacy, a discussion at Joe’s would only attract prying eyes and ears.


“Did you see that?” Cristina asked.

Montgomery kissing Izzie? Apparently LA is all like touchy feely, she hugged me earlier.”

“What is wrong with her? Meredith, if I ever say I’m moving to LA, shoot me. I do not want to be like that.”




“You dated George?” Izzie almost wore Addison’s soup of the day.

“Yeah, it was weird, we finished it.”

“No offense Iz, but I’m glad to hear it.”

“I don’t know how to take that.”

“You and George? Together? It just doesn’t seem right.”

“It wasn’t right Addison, but he was there, he was there for me when I needed someone.  I needed that someone to be you Addison, I really truly wanted it to be you.” Izzie realised this may be the only chance she would get to tell Addison how she felt, and what she had been feeling when Addison had left for LA.

“I can’t tell you how sorry I am Iz. I think about you, about us every day.”

“Then why did you go?”

“I was scared.”

“Of what?”

“Of how dependent I would become of you, how I would hurt you, of being stuck in Seattle surrounded by exes and drama.”

“And you didn’t think I had a say in all that?” Izzie was visibly and audibly upset. “I loved you Addie. I still love you.” She said the last part quietly, Addison had struggled to hear her but it was unmistakable. “And you did hurt me and now you are here, I thought I would be able to be civil, to be friendly, I thought I was over you, but I’m not.  You’re sitting here, all beautiful and you look happy and relaxed and more than anything I want to be the reason for that, but I’m not and it hurts.” 

“Iz,” Addison tilted her head, she captured Izzie’s hand in her own, “I’m so sorry, I was selfish and that’s unforgivable.”

“It’s obviously been right for you.”

“In every way possible, except for one, my messy, messy single life.  I love my job, my new friends, my house, but there’s a big hole and I can’t fill it.  And I am sorry Izzie, there is not a day that has gone by without me thinking of you, I’ve carried the guilt for months and I was nervous as hell coming back here, what I would say to you, how you would react, if you’d talk to me at all, and in that respect I’m lucky.”

“You’re lucky I’m not as stubborn as I used to be.” Izzie smiled. “You’re my weak spot Addie, I can be mad at you when you’re hundreds of miles away but when you’re here, sitting in front of me, I melt.”

“I seem to remember that.” Addison winked across the table, earning a blush from the younger woman.

“I can’t do this, I shouldn’t be talking like this, you will be gone in the morning and everything will be like it was when you left the last time.”

“Iz, let’s just enjoy the rest of the evening and the time we have together, ok? We’ll worry about anything else after.”

Izzie smiled weakly, she knew the fact Addison will be leaving will be in the forefront of her mind, but Addison was right, they should relax and enjoy the rest of the evening.




The wine had helped Izzie relax and unwind, she was feeling giddy with excitement, Addison was sat next to her in the cab and they were heading towards familiar territory.  The cab rolled up outside the hotel, the brunette paid the cabbie and pulled Izzie along, their arms linked, both bodies swaying slightly from the alcohol they had consumed. They zigzagged across the lobby of the hotel towards the elevators, giggling along the way.  The doors opened and the two women stepped into the elevator, it’s doors closing behind them.  Izzie was still giggling, only now she had her head buried in the crook of Addison’s neck.  The doctor, who’s hair was now darker than the auburn it had been previously, smiled and brought her hand up, her fingers threading through the short blonde tresses.  She stroked Izzie’s head with her thumb, the laughter of the young doctor had subsided, she sighed heavily, closed her eyes and took in the scent of the older woman.  Izzie ran her nose up the line of Addison’s neck, causing her to shudder, goose bumps appearing on her soft skin.  The blonde placed a gentle kiss on Addison’s jaw line before opening her eyes to the heavy lidded blue eyes of her former lover.  The soft lips of the resident gravitated towards the inviting mouth of her date, the lips cushioned together, being reunited like long lost lovers.  They moved together in unison, enjoying the feel of one against the other.  Addison sucked Izzie’s bottom lip with her own, releasing it before running her tongue along it.  The blonde took Addison’s tongue, inviting it into her mouth, her own battling for dominance, it fought back, their tastes mingling, Addison groaned into Izzie’s mouth, her pleasure very much made public.  Addison’s hand moved to cup Izzie’s cheek, her other one mirroring the image, she pulled her mate closer, wanting as much contact as possible.  The younger woman wrapped her arms around the brunette, she too pulling the other woman closer, holding her in place as if they had spent a life time apart.  This time, she did not want to let go.  Kissing Addison was truly one of the greatest feelings on earth, right behind . . . the elevator dinged, announcing it’s arrival at the destination floor.


Addison reluctantly pulled away, her lips swollen from the blonde’s attack.  Both women panted like a pair of breathless, horny teenagers.  The brunette drank in the sight of the dishevelled blonde, Izzie had changed, not only was her hair shorter, she seemed more mature and wise, though one thing remained the same, she was sexy as hell, Addison smirked at the thoughts swimming through her mind and made her way to the exit, dragging the seemingly dazed beauty with her.  Striding down the hall of Addison’s floor, the two doctors looked like a striking pair, the blonde and brunette a stark contrast, as were the sparkle in their brown and blue eyes respectively.  The blonde dressed casually in blue jeans, a cream shirt and brown boots was the seemingly butch to Addison’s obvious femme, who in turn wore a trademark Dr Montgomery skirt, blouse and killer heels combo.  Beneath the garments was a different story altogether as both, already knowing of the other’s lingerie tastes, would reminisce fondly in the privacy of the hotel room.  Both were all woman in every respect, hands and fingers tenderly tracing every curve, familiarising themselves with the contours and lines, the tender spots and the taste of the soft, salty perspired skin, and the sweetness of one another’s juices.  It was the most intense of evenings, both doctors savouring every moment, every minute, every second, remembering every touch, every glance, every aroma.  It was electrifyingly brilliant and pure.  The explosion was euphoria, an incredibly illuminating moment.  This must be what heaven is like.


A peaceful slumber had overcome the fatigued beauties, they lay embroiled in the bed sheets, limbs wrapped around one another, the need to be close, to be touching greater than the desire to sleep, though they found themselves in a dream fuelled snooze, images of a perfect night replaying in sleep.


As morning broke, the sun peeped through the curtains, shedding a block of light across the skin of the lovers.  The brunette stirred first, the blinding rays hitting her face like a search light in the dark.  Her blue eyes fluttered open, a groan as she realised she could barely move a muscle for the pain and the aching.  Gazing at her bedmate she smiled, suddenly the pain did not seem to matter as the cause was lying in her arms, melting her very own heart.  She closed her eyes and threw her head back on the pillow, reality set in as she remembered she had a plane to catch in a matter of hours.  A small tear escaped her eye, trickling down the side of her face, captured by her ear.  The tickle caused her hand to fly to the culprit of her momentary discomfort, the cool of the tear unwelcome.  The sudden movement had caused the sleeping beauty to wake, her eyes opened at the movement against her body, she yawned and stretched, the brunette admiring the way her muscles tensed and then relax.  She swooped in to capture the lips of her brown eyed girl with her own.  She kissed her with a new found passion, pouring all her love into the single action, this kiss would be one of the last they shared before Addison would board her flight.  The need for oxygen caused the two to break, foreheads resting against one another, heavy breathing causing chests to rise and fall, the proximity and the intimacy of the bodies heightened the senses of the women.  Realisation dawned on the face of the blonde, her forlorn features breaking the heart of the woman before her, three whispered words echoed the room, “Come with me.”




To be continued? Let me know what you think!

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