October 25th, 2009

liv & alex

Fic: A Sense of Deja Vu - Part 1/?

Title: A Sense of Deja Vu
Author: [info]agentb81
Fandom: Law and Order: SVU & Grey’s Anatomy - crossover
Pairing: Olivia/Alex & Izzie/Addison
Rating: PG - NC-17 eventually
Disclaimer: I don’t own SVU or Grey's Anatomy or anything to do with either show.
Summary: Set in NY, two old friends, Alex and Addison, find it difficult to communicate their feelings to their respective crushes. Multi chapter fic.
Spoilers: Starts after season 3 in Grey’s Anatomy and after Alex’s return to SVU during season 10.
A/N: It's a crossover which I hope you don't mind me sharing with you and thank you to [info]sunsetwriter who helped me out and gave me encouragement on this one :)



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