July 3rd, 2009


Fic: You Left Me Part 3/3

TITLE:  You Left Me Part 3
RATING: NC-17 for whole story
PARINGS: Addison/Izzie
DISCLAIMER: Not mine, none of it mine, unfortunately! Belongs to Shonda Rhimes.  I have borrowed part of 4.13 Piece of My Heart and put my spin on it (ep ref in part 1).
SUMMARY: Remember in 4.13 when Addison returned for the ep? Me too, only in my mind, Izzie and Addie’s reunion was a little bit different. (ep ref in part 1). Part 2 – What happened after Addie whispered those three little words? Part 3 - Oh no, what’s happened to our favourite couple?
NOTES:  Just to reiterate really that I have borrowed one or two scenarios and some dialogue between Izzie and Addie from the ep. And if you haven’t seen this ep, SPOILER ALERT (but only briefly in part 1). 

Part 1 / Part 2

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