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Fic: Sorry 3/?

TITLE: Sorry 3/?
Not mine
Is Izzie going to be ok? Set in the middle of Season 3.

NOTES: This chapter was hard work, so I really hope it’s ok and I do love writing it and I am working on the next installment as we speak!  Feedback always appreciated :D


“IZZIE!” Addison screamed, “SOMEBODY HELP!” the normally composed doctor was hysterical, she had seen the general direction the attacker had taken Izzie, but it was dark and dangerous, she just knew she needed to get help and quickly.  Seattle Grace Hospital security came running upon hearing her cries. “He took her, you have to get her.”

“What happened ma’am?” a burley officer asked.

“Someone took - abducted – they took her – Izzie, D-Dr Stevens, they went that way.  You have to get her, please.” She cried as she pointed in the general direction of where the two had disappeared. “Call the police, you have to call the police.” Amongst the commotion she did not hear or see who had come up to her and put their arms around her, pulling the red haired doctor close, trying to calm her. She heard Mark Sloan’s voice sending instructions to the security team and comforting Addison at the same time.


By now there was a melee of attendings and interns in the hospital cafeteria awaiting news on Izzie’s disappearance.  They had heard the disorder and left Joe’s in a hurry, all worried for their missing friend.

“I knew it was a mistake letting her hang out with Addison.” Meredith said to no one in particular.

“Are you serious Meredith? This could have happened to anyone.” Cristina barked, frustrated.

“Guys can we please focus on what is important here?” George concluded. “We need to think of Izzie.” He walked over and greeted the torn attending, her make up merging with tears. “How are you holding up Dr Montgomery?” she looked up at the friendly voice and managed a weak smile, “Hey George, I’m ok.”  Just as she spoke, there was hullabaloo at the entrance of the hospital, Addison slowly stood up, focused on the groups of people running around. She started towards the doors.  Her pace quickened, George, Meredith and Cristina in her wake. She broke into a run, heels be damned, she needed to know what was going on.  She could hear voices as she drew closer.  They were muffled, she could not concentrate, all she knew was she had to get there, the reflections of the flashing red and blue lights radiating her tear stained face.


As she reached the forecourt people were bumping her left, right and centre. The security guard who she had spoken to before reached Addison and forced her to look into his eyes, “Ma’am, they’ve found her, but she’s in pretty bad shape.”

“I need to-“

“They have taken her to the ER.” Addison couldn’t take much more, she began to shut herself off from everyone and everything around her, sounds were muffled once again, the scene before her blurred, she was dazed as she was led to the ER. 


The thud of the doors opening and people rushing around her, forced Addison to focus, she was back in the hospital, the one place she would always be confident and headstrong.  Dr Bailey was approaching the flame haired attending quickly, who was flanked by both Meredith and George.  “Before any of you go in there, I need to warn you she has been beaten pretty badly and we need to get her into surgery right now, she has a ruptured spleen and a fractured radius.”

“Has she, was she . . .” Addison started, but couldn’t finish the sentence.

“We haven’t done the exam yet” Bailey replied.

“I should do it.” The red headed doctor stated.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea Addison” Meredith implied.

“I think she should,” George started, “she wouldn’t want anyone else.” He knew his best friend.

Bailey sighed, “Ok, but after surgery, we need to get moving people.”

“Can I see her first?” Addison asked.

“Two minutes.” Bailey said pulling her into the room. Addison obeyed. She took a step into the room, and gasped when she saw the fragile young intern lying lifeless in the hospital bed.  The attending walked up to the bed, her arm extending before her as she neared.  She stroked Izzie’s forehead with the back of her hand, a solitary tear slipping from her crystal eyes. “Oh Izzie.” She whispered, “I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you.” Meredith and George were watching the scene before them, a pang of guilt hit Meredith, immediately regretting being so harsh to Addison, who obviously cared deeply for her friend. 


There was a line of doctors watching from the gallery, Addison was placed in the middle, surrounding her, George, Meredith, Cristina and Derek. Mark Sloan had volunteered to find Alex Karev who had disappeared earlier in the evening, it wouldn’t have surprised anyone if he had left with yet another woman.  They all knew a ruptured spleen could cause life-threatening bleeding, but each doctor had faith in Dr Bailey’s abilities. 


Bailey came out of ICU to the awaiting doctors, “She’s stable but still out of it.  I managed to repair the tear in the spleen, Torres is seeing to her arm.” Bailey explained, “She’s going to be tender for a while, but she’s going to be fine.” They all showed their relief, Derek squeezed his arm around Meredith’s shoulders George and Cristina smiled at one another. Addison however had thrown her arms around the short attending before her, “Thank you Miranda.” She squeezed the life out of Bailey. “Do we need to do the exam now?” The tired doctor suddenly sobered up with the fear of Izzie having been violated. “Dr Montgomery, I don’t think you should do it, no disrespect, but you seem rather ‘attached’ to Dr Stevens, I think it would be better if I did it.”

“She’s right Addie,” Derek agreed, “Let Bailey do it.”

Addison looked at her ex-husband, she trusted his professional judgement if nothing else. “Ok, ok, Miranda, you do it.” She resigned and stalked over to an empty chair and slumped down. It had been an extremely long day turned night.  She had felt every emotion ever possible in the space of a few hours and right now was no different. She was willing and praying to anything that Izzie had not been violated in the worst possible way, that she would be ok and they could finally work at a real friendship once all this was over.  But what right did she have to be here like this, to act like this, they had barely been friends until very recently.  George, Meredith and Cristina were her friends, hell, even Alex.  But she couldn’t help how she felt.  She had bonded with the young blonde intern, like she never thought she could with anyone.  There was some sort of magnetism that drew them together.  The emotional turmoil they had both been through had aided that. 


It seemed like hours that the red haired beauty was waiting, she’d shifted in her seat several times, turned down various conversations with people and reluctantly accepted a luke warm coffee.  She had given a police statement earlier in the evening when Izzie was still missing.  She replayed the moment the blonde intern was taken, over and over again, seeing the fear in Izzie’s eyes and ruefully regretting not being able to do anything about it.  Now she clinged on to a tethered thread of hope that Izzie’s ordeal hadn’t been any worse than is was.  Addison looked up as she heard the snapping of latex, Dr Bailey exited the ICU, disposing of her gloves on her way to the group of doctors.  Bailey was never one to mince her words, “There is no sign of sexual trauma, there is some slight bruising on her thighs so I dare say he tried, but she’s ok.” Addison just sat in silence, she was exhausted of any more emotion, she was relieved, of course, she just didn’t know if she could take any more.  She had to see Izzie.  She stood up, “Can I see her now, please?” she said quietly, almost childlike.

“Grey, O’Malley, do you want to just spend a few minutes with Stevens? I need to have a word with Dr Montgomery before she goes in.” George and Meredith obeyed their superior without question, they knew it was an order rather than a question.

“I thought you said everything was ok. What’s wrong?” Addison frowned.

“Addison,” Bailey said as she took the seat next to Addison’s, “I don’t know what is going on between you and Steven’s and personally, I don’t care, but I can see something is and she’s going to take some looking after when she gets out of here. Now whether it’s you or pinky and perky over there, just realise this is going to be tough on her mentally too. We don’t know what happened out there, who did this and when she wakes up, she’s going to start remembering things.” Dr Bailey compassionately placed a hand on Addison’s arm, “Just be prepared Addison, you know how stubborn and independent that girl can be.” Bailey smiled.  Dr Montgomery fondly thought of Izzie’s stubborn streak and smiled fondly.

“Thank you Miranda.”  Addison said sincerely.         


Addison slowly approached Izzie’s bed, she looked peaceful, despite being to hell and back.  The attending repeated her earlier action by stoking Izzie’s forehead, gently brushing any stray hairs back from her face.  There was a cut that had been sutured above the blonde’s left eye, a deep purple bruise forming on her cheekbone and a slight cut on her bottom lip, not to mention the surgical scar on her abdomen and her left arm in plaster, pink plaster, ‘she’ll love that’.  Her hospital gown was less than flattering, but Meredith promised she would return before rounds with clean pj’s and underwear for Izzie the next morning.


Fatigue had caused Addison to have fallen asleep at Izzie’s bed side and although she was slumped over Izzie’s good side, she remained holding her hand. Dr Montgomery stirred in her slumber as she felt a gentle pressure on her head, moving back and forth.  The pleasant feeling would not go away and slowly she opened her eyes, her surroundings blurred, unsure of quite where she was. The usually well-postured woman’s back stiffened as she tried to sit up, the picture before her gaining focus. ‘Hospital room’ she thought to herself, moving her head the ordeal all came flooding back to her. The attending realised she was no longer holding onto Izzie’s hand, and looked up to see the young blonde staring straight back at her. A smirk began to form on the intern’s features. She winced as she felt the pain shoot through her face.  “Izzie.” Addison gasped as she saw her friend awake. “Can I get you anything?”

“Water.” Izzie choked out. Addison reached for the water beside the bed and helped Izzie take a few sips before setting it back down.

“Hey you.” Addison smiled whilst stroking blonde hair.  Despite her bedraggled hair, creased shirt, rings beneath her dulled blue eyes, Izzie thought the older woman was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen and smiled her appreciation.

“Hi.” Izzie replied. “I’m sorry.” The blonde started.

“Hey,  no, you have absolutely nothing to be sorry for.” The red headed doctor replied softly. “I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you.” She repeated her earlier declaration.  Izzie frowned at the statement, and momentarily closed her eyes as she chose her words carefully.

“Addie, you couldn’t protect me, no one could.” Addison’s face dropped. Deep down she knew Izzie was right but felt she may be somehow responsible for her friend’s safety. But that was just it, Izzie was barely a friend let alone anything else. 

“Do you remember what happened?” the attending asked.  Izzie nodded in response, tears forming in her eyes. “Shhh it’s ok, you don’t have to say anything.” Addison cooed.

“Erm, Addison, don’t you think you should call my physician in, you know, to check me over?”

“Yeah, of course, I just, I am just so pleased to have you back, all to myself for a few minutes before everyone else wants a bit of Izzie Stevens.” But the devoted neonatal surgeon had disappeared out of the room before Izzie registered a response.

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