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Fic: After the Camping There Was . . . Part 17/?

TITLE: After the Camping There Was . . . Part 17/?
PARINGS: Addison/Izzie
DISCLAIMER:  Not mine, otherwise everyday would be Izzie/Addie day :D
SUMMARY: Sequel to Camping in Luxury which was the sequel to The Clichés of Camping. The ball.


The two gowned beauties entered the room like royalty.  The room was large and adorned with bowers, banners and ribbons, chandeliers hanging from the ceiling casting a dull light over the room.  The band played jazzy blues setting a relaxed tone of the formal event.  Large round tables framed the dance floor, doctors, nurses and support staff mingled by the bar and seated at tables.  Izzie turned to face the redhead on her arm, “What can I get you to drink?”

Addison sighed, “A juice I guess.”  The blonde patted her arm and smiled warmly.

“Then I’ll have a juice too.”

“No Iz, you don’t have to, let your hair down you deserve it.”

Izzie rolled her eyes, it was just like Addison to ensure the blonde not miss out. “I’ll start with a juice then, pace myself.” She reasoned.  As they approached the bar, their friend’s greeted them, hugs and kisses all round.  A voice came over the sound system recommending the hospital staff take their seats.

The group of surgeons made their way to their table, it was twelve per table, which suited their group perfectly, Izzie ensured Addison would sit as far away from Derek as possible, although on a round table, that was difficult.  She sat herself next to Meredith with Derek the other side, thus making conversation difficult, whilst Addison sat beside Callie, and beside her, George.  The couples were visibly noticeable, Addison looked at her ex lover sat beside Izzie’s. “Is there something you two aren’t telling us?” the whole table turned their attention to Addison’s target.

“Huh?” Mark said frowning.

“You two.” She pointed at Mark and Alex, “You look very cosy and without dates.” The redhead teased.  Izzie laughed out loud at the priceless look on their faces, a mix between disgust and distain. 

“You do look kinda cute together.” The blonde laughed.

Alex winced, “Not everyone is gay you know.”

“I realise that Alex, but you know, try it, you might like it.” Izzie raised and dropped her eyebrows.

“Give over Stevens.”

“Where are your dates then, two studs like you? You are always bragging about women.” Cristina joined in.

“Back off Yang.”

The table was erupting in laughter, they were a great team and it showed with their ease and rapport with one another.


The surgeons managed to eat four courses of a gourmet meal before the charity auction began.  The excitement in the room was intense, bids were placed on an array of items which in turn were won and lost.  The hall went quiet as the next item came up for sale.  It was a unique hand crafted mahogany infant’s cot.  Addison immediately fell in love with the item, Izzie sitting unfazed beside her, an arm around the back of Addison’s chair, occasionally stroking the expanse of exposed soft skin of the attending’s shoulder.  The blonde’s other hand clasping the fingers of her lover in Addison’s lap.  The round of bidding was opened, Addison glanced at Izzie, her eyes conveying the desperation of wanting the cradle, the intern’s eyes widening as if in slow motion, her head moving from side to side as Addison’s free hand ascended in the air behind her.  The attending turned her head at the sound of her name, Richard Webber, the Chief of Surgery acting as the auctioneer for the evening.  His tone was questioning, the room fell silent as Addison vocalised her bid.  The surgeons on her table each looked at one another in disbelief and then at Addison before glancing at her lover.  Derek and Meredith avoiding eye contact with anyone and everyone having already been privy to this new information.

“Dr Montgomery, you want to bid on this item?”

“Yes, I do.” She said sternly.

“Why?” George asked.  Callie, embarrassed by her boyfriend’s momentary lapse in having a clue, slapped him on the arm. 

“Because,” Izzie began, looking at Addison for affirmation and receiving it, “because Addison and I are expecting a baby.” She finished, nervous at the reactions of her colleagues.


“Me.” Addison said, “I am pregnant and Izzie and I are going to be parents.” She confirmed.

“Whose baby is it?”

“Mine.” Izzie snapped.

“With all due respect Izzie, that’s kind of impossible.” Alex smirked.

“With all due respect Alex, biology has nothing to do with it.” Izzie glared.

“Erm, excuse me, we have a bid on this item.” Richard said over the microphone, attempting to remain composed having heard the news.

“Yes, carry on.” Addison urged.

“Do we have any more bidders?” Richard asked the room.  No one responded.  “Ok, going once, twice, sold to Dr. Montgomery who I will see in my office on Monday morning.”

“Was that really necessary?” Izzie announced to the table.

“It’s ok Izzie.”

“No it isn’t, he just humiliated you in front of the whole room.”

“Stevens, I would zip it if I were you.” Bailey said from across the table.  Izzie huffed, Addison comforted her with a soft sweet kiss on her lips.



The night continued with banter, drinking and dancing, Addison was the centre of attention regaling tales of her pregnancy, her relationship and her new home.  It was rare she had time to speak to various colleagues and hospital friends on a personal level and her popularity had skied since revelations were made.  Izzie, who was dancing with Alex looked on from afar as Addison was laughing and cajoling.  The blonde smiled wistfully enjoying the look of happiness on her lover’s face. 

“Is all this what you want Izzie?” Alex asked into Izzie’s ear.  She turned her head to look at him.

“Yes it is.” She stated simply.

“You do seem happy.” He said sadly.

“I am.”

“I’m sorry it didn’t work out between us,” he began, “but you’re better off now.  Dr Montgomery will treat you right.”

“She will.”  Izzie was short of words, “She does, I mean, I couldn’t wish for anything more, she’s perfect.”

“No one’s perfect Iz.” Alex scoffed.

“Then she’s as near perfection as you can get.”

“She’s hot I’ll give her that.”

“Hey,” Izzie swatted Alex shoulder, “she’s more than a piece of a$$.”

“Between you and I, how’s the s3x?”  Izzie stared at Alex, an incredulous look adorning her features before she slowly broke out into a huge grin.

“Truly amazing, I can barely form words to describe, it’s just so . . . mmmm . . . out of this world.” She gushed.

“I imagined she’d be good, and well, you’re not bad in the sack.” He laughed.

“Not bad? You know I’m great.” She smiled.

“Yeah, I do and I scr3wed it up.  But it all worked out in the end right?”

“Definitely right.”  Izzie felt a tap on her shoulder and turned to see Addison grinning at her.

“May I dance with my girl?” Addison asked Alex.

“Of course.” He said, offering Izzie’s hand to the attending.  Izzie moved gracefully into the arms of her lover, kissing her cheek before whispering in her ear.

“I love you.” She said.

“I love you too sweetheart.”

“Are you ok with everyone finding out?”

“Yes, it’s not quite how I envisaged it happening, but it’s out there.”

“You’ve been quite popular tonight.” The blonde observed.

“Only tonight?” Addison laughed, “Everyone has been very complimentary and congratulatory.  They all wish us well.”


“There were one or two who didn’t know we were together.”

“And here I thought the hospital was a thriving hot bed of gossip.”

“It is, but I can think of better hot beds.” The redhead breathed into the blonde’s ear.  Izzie trembled, Goosebumps spread across her skin, she closed her eyes, trying to compose herself.  “What are you thinking?” the attending asked.

“I’m thinking about you and me, alone in your bed.”

“Tomorrow we’ll be in our bed.” Addison smiled.

“In our home.”

“We are almost completely free now Iz, we’re out, the pregnancy is common knowledge and we are almost in our own home. No more secrets, no more constraints.” Izzie gazed into her lover’s eyes at Addison’s words.  The blonde leaned forward, her lips lightly pressing against the redheads, she ran her tongue along Addison’s lower lip.  Addison opened her mouth, inviting her lover in, their tongues partaking in a slow dance, mirroring their entwined bodies.




Her back hit the firm mattress with a thud, a slight bounce causing her body to jolt only to be pinned down by a strong stealth body.  Her hands were held down above her head while her face and neck were attacked by hot lips, a moist tongue and sharp teeth.  She hissed as the pearly white’s bit into her neck, her hips tried to buck, but her mate had straddled her, bolting her to the sheets beneath her.  She closed her eyes as the assault softened, red swollen lips sought her own soft pink lips.  Their tongues duelling and fighting for dominance, she surrendered complete control to her lover, sensing the need and the feral desire in her girlfriend. There was a new animalistic quality to her lover’s ministrations which she had not quite witnessed before, the domineering, almost aggressive side was a massive turn on, not that  her other encounters were not, this was altogether a different exhilarating experience and she couldn’t wait to find out what would happen next.


As she came around she was vaguely aware of her surroundings.  Flashes of the build up flashing through her mind, the nips, licks, the ultimate tease, the silk scarf, the fingers, the tongue, oh god the tongue, the fire in the eyes, the clear eyes, the blue eyes.  She blinked, the blue eyes were hovering above her, auburn hair tickling her shoulders, the biggest smile to end all that was wrong in the world.  Her body throbbed, ached, this was the sweetest hangover anyone could ever have and Addison was the greatest cause.  Izzie stirred, slowly becoming more familiar of her surroundings, pulling Addison down on top her to capture her lover’s lips in a soaring kiss.  Her lover never ceasing to surprise her, be it small seemingly insignificant gestures to languid devotions of love.  And tomorrow, they would begin a co inhabited life of learning and growing.




Breakfast in bed was a perfect way to begin the day Izzie thought as she fed Addison a strawberry.

“Mmmm,” Addison said munching on the fruit, “make the most of this, it’s not going to happen too often.” She laughed.

Champagne and strawberries? Come on, I have this for breakfast every day.” Izzie smirked.

“No champagne for me.” Addison sighed.

“The day little Montgomery-Stevens pops out, I am going to spoil you with all the things you love you can’t eat or drink.” The blonde smiled.

“That’s very sweet of you.” Addison thanked.

“In the meantime, you’ll have to stick with my muffins.”

“I’m more than happy with your muffins.” The redhead smirked.

“You need to get over the innuendos Addie.” The intern sighed rolling her eyes.

“Oh let me a have a little fun.” Addison poked the blonde in the side who in turn gasped at the contact.

“What was last night, mediocre evening entertainment?” Izzie said with mock disdain.

“It was ok I guess.” Addison smiled.  Izzie pouted. “Ok, ok, you know it was truly, wonderfully fantastic.” She conceded.  Izzie smiled and popped another strawberry into her mouth, washing it down with a swig of champagne.  The bubbles fizzed as they travelled coolly down her throat.  The blonde leaned over and kissed her girlfriend, Addison taking the opportunity to taste the forbidden drink.

“You taste so good.” She said pulling away.

“So you told me a million times last night.” Izzie said blaze.  The redhead laughed her lover’s manner.  “You know we should probably shower and dress, we have a big day ahead.” Izzie said.

“Yep, you’re right.” Addison groaned, “I’m so pleased we managed to say goodbye to this place last night.”

“Thoroughly.” Izzie added.

“In style.” Addison smiled, her eyes twinkling.

“Ok, one last time in the shower.” Izzie said, leaping from the bed, shedding her bath robe and running in the direction of the bathroom.  Addison sprang up and gave chase, knowing what her reward would be for coming second.

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