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Fic: After the Camping There Was . . . Part 12/?

TITLE: After the Camping There Was . . . Part 12/?
RATING: pg-13
PARINGS: Addison/Izzie
DISCLAIMER:  Not mine, otherwise everyday would be Izzie/Addie day :D
SUMMARY: Sequel to Camping in Luxury which was the sequel to The Clichés of Camping.  In today’s instalment it’s the last evening/day in NYC

NOTES:  I really need your help with this, tell me if it's too fluffy or I need to conclude the story some time soon . . . thoughts please!!!



The young blonde flopped onto the bed as Addison took off her jacket and hung it in the wardrobe.  Izzie took her cell phone from her pocket and glanced at it.

“Oh crap.” The blonde said, her hands flopping back onto the bed above her head.

“What is it?” Addison asked as she kicked off her boots.

“I have a million missed calls off Meredith.”

“A million, you don’t think that’s a slight exaggeration?” the redhead smirked, padding over to the oversized bed.

“Have you met Meredith?” Izzie said, raising her head slightly looking at Addison.

“Point taken.” Said Addison as she climbed onto the bed.  The attending straddled her younger lover, sitting comfortably on the blonde’s thighs.  “I’m taking you out for dinner tonight, seeing as though we missed out last night.”  The blonde’s eyes lit up, she felt like dressing up for Addison, a romantic dinner for two was just what the doctor ordered.  She grinned at the irony.  She opened her mouth to reply when the shrill of her cell phone rang out in the room.

“She’s consistent I give her that.”  Addison said dismounting Izzie and collapsing down beside her.

“Hello?” Izzie said, answering the device.

“Derek flew the whole way across the country to be with Addison.”

“Don’t I know it.”

“Why did he do that Izzie, why is my boyfriend following his ex-wife across the country?”

“I don’t know Mer, I . . .”

“I told him to stay here, that she was perfectly safe with you and you would do the best by her, but he was insistent he had to go.”

“Meredith, I can’t account for Derek’s actions.”

“I know Izzie, I know.  Is he with you now?”

“No, I haven’t seen him since this morning.” Izzie sighed into the mouth piece. “But he loves you Meredith, he said so.”

“Why did he say so?  You pulled him up on it didn’t you? You asked him why he had gone to New York and asked him about me, didn’t you.”

“Mer, I . . .”

“You did.  Why would you do that if you didn’t feel threatened Izzie?”

“I don’t feel threatened Meredith, I trust Addison.” She said, looking at her girlfriend beside her.  Addison held out her hand, Izzie obliged and took it in her own.

“But you don’t trust Derek.”

“I didn’t say that.”

“You don’t need to.  I can’t get in touch with Derek, his cell phone keeps going to voicemail.  If you see him, tell him he has a lot of grovelling to do.”

“I will.” The blonde sighed.

“I’m sorry if I disturbed you.”

“You didn’t.  Try not to worry Mer.”

“Bye Iz.”

“Bye.” She said and ended the call.  She sighed heavily.  “Meredith is on the warpath.”

“I gathered.” Addison said as she turned onto her side and giving her girlfriend a loving kiss. “I don’t know what’s going on with Derek either.” She reassured.

“Can we not talk about him? Please?” Izzie said.

“Of course.” Addison agreed, kissing the blonde again with hungry eyes.




“I don’t think I’ve ever had so much sex in my life.” Addison smiled as Izzie was nuzzling her neck after another marathon love making session.

“Hey, don’t complain, we need to make the most of it.”

“Don’t get me wrong. I am soooo not complaining.  You make me feel so alive and young and free.”

“You are.” Izzie stated simply smiling down at her girlfriend.  The blonde was lying on her stomach leaning on her elbows over Addison, her hair cascading over her shoulders.

“Ohmygod.” Addison sat up suddenly, almost head butting Izzie in the process.

“One injury will suffice, thank you.” Izzie muttered. “What is it?” she enquired.

“I need a new outfit for the ball.  And what better place to be in to buy it?” the redhead grinned.  Izzie rolled her eyes, this meant an epic shopping trip, something she would not be looking forward to.  Addison sensed the blonde’s despondency, “It’s my one chance before I get all fat and frumpy.” She explained.

“Here’s a thought,” Izzie said, “do they do designer maternity wear?”  Addison’s eyes went wide, she had not thought about this herself.

“I don’t even know. I never paid attention.” She gasped, throwing herself backwards onto the pillows.

“They must do, I can’t imagine Jennifer Lopez wore Old Navy.” The blonde laughed.

“We’ll ask the concierge.” Addison said matter-of-factly.

“Oh Addie, one shopping objective at a time, please.” She begged.  Addison looked into Izzie’s puppy dog eyes. “We have ages till you need maternity wear.”

The attending resigned to Izzie’s request and sighed. “Ok, two dresses for the ball. One for you and one for me.”  She looked at Izzie’s quizzical look. “You’re having a new dress, end of discussion.” The attending warned.

“Ok, my lips are sealed.” Izzie said, feigning a locking motion at the corner of her mouth.

“So disappointing, I was going to invite you into the shower with me, but there’s no point if you’re going to keep your mouth shut.” Addison winked, she stood from the bed, the sheet dropping to the floor as Addison strolled toward the bathroom wearing nothing but a grin.  Izzie scrambled off the bed, she had never moved so quickly or clumsily in her life, falling to the floor, she picked herself up and followed the mother of her child into the bathroom.




The Tavern on the Green was a swanky exclusive restaurant in Central Park.  Izzie’s eyes were lit with anticipation and excitement as she gazed at the pretty lights adorning the exterior.  “How did you get reservations for this place?” the blonde asked, firmly holding onto Addison’s hand.

“An old friend of mine runs the place.” Was Addison’s simple explanation.  The host greeted them and asked for the name of the reservation.

Montgomery.” Addison said.  The host, a tall slender male with black hair slicked back smiled at Addison, her Gucci dress accentuating her figure, it was simple elegance, the cream of the material was a contrast against her auburn locks that fell loosely round her shoulders.  He roved his eyes over Izzie, she too was wearing a beautiful dress, a black and cream halter neck, not nearly as expensive but as graceful and effective as the redhead’s.  His eyes met her gaze and he frowned when he caught sight of the injury to her eye, Izzie bowing her head with embarrassment.  Addison caught the exchange and gently squeezed Izzie’s hand. “Not that it’s any of your business, but she was attacked unprovoked.  Can you please show us to our table?”

“Yes of course, I’m sorry ma’am.” He bowed his head in apology towards Izzie.  She followed her girlfriend to the table not once letting go of her hand, the other patrons taking notice of the two stunning women.  Several frowns were thrust their way. As Addison picked up her menu once sat, she perused it’s contents and spoke in a hushed tone to the blonde.

“They are looking at us.”

“Let them.  What right do they have to judge us?” Izzie said, herself looking at the menu before her.  Addison sighed.

“You’re right.” She said and set down her menu, taking Izzie’s hand in her own.

“Cooooiiiiiieeeee, Addison darling!” the redhead immediately cringed at the shriek from behind her.  She scrunched her eyes shut.

“Please don’t tell me it’s my mother.” She said.  The redhead met silence. “Iz?”

“I’m not telling you it’s your mother.” She said nonchalantly.

“Isobel, look at you, you look wonderful.” Juliet said as she reached the table.  A surprised Izzie simply smiled, unable to form a response.  Addison opened her eyes at the compliment to her girlfriend.  She knew Izzie looked a million dollars, but was slightly suspicious at her mother’s compliment.

Addison, darling, you remind me of me.” Juliet bragged.  Izzie’s eyes reacted in the only natural way she had responded to most things on this trip – wide.  She looked at Addison with disdain, she hoped to all the gods that Addison would not turn out like her mother.

“Mother, how lovely to see you.” Addison forced through gritted teeth.

“Say hello to my dinner guest ladies.” Juliet said turning slightly looking over her shoulder.

“Mom, what’s he doing here?” the attending asked.

“I couldn’t send him straight back to Seattle darling, he came so far.”

“Hello Addison, Izzie.”  The two doctors could not believe their eyes.

“You need to phone Meredith, she’s been trying to reach you all day.” Izzie said to Derek.

“Who’s Meredith?” asked Juliet.

Izzie spoke up first, she was going to have great pleasure in divulging this piece of information to the mother in law. “Meredith is Derek’s girlfriend.  The one Addison found him with when she arrived in Seattle, the one who Derek cheated on when Addison was desperately trying to make her marriage work.” She smiled. “Did I miss any thing out?”

“The panties.” Addison added.

“Oh yes, the one who’s panties Addison found in Derek’s pocket.” She beamed.

“Meredith’s going out of her mind Derek, just go home.” Addison said.

“Is this all true Derek?”

He couldn’t look Juliet in the eye. “Yes, Juliet it is true.”

“Hmmm, I think you have a phone call to make at least.  She must be something to leave our Addison for.” Juliet suggested.  Three jaws dropped, no one knew how to respond to that, the truth of the matter was it was a long complicated story, one that neither of them wanted to get into right now.  Addison and Izzie were not pleased having their date interrupted so they were not going to provide ammunition for the two intruders to stay.

“Mother, we were kind of having a quiet evening together.” She hinted.

“Alright dear, come on Derek, let’s get you sorted out.” The elder Montgomery said, pulling Derek by the arm. “Good evening ladies.” She then turned her attention to a nearby waiter, “No wine for that one,” Juliet pointed at Addison, “she’s with child.”

“Mom!” Addison warned.

“Make sure they have a pleasant evening, they need some time on their own.  Bye darlings.” And with that Juliet and her shadow were gone.

“I am so sorry.” Addison grovelled.

“This isn’t where Derek used to bring you is it?”

“What? No,” the redhead scoffed, “I think we came here once with a group of friends. We barely ate out. That was some weird coincidence which seems to be the theme of the trip.” Addison sighed. “Don’t let it ruin our evening.”

“I just don’t understand what Derek is up to.”

“I don’t think any one ever will figure him out.” Addison said, placing the napkin on her lap.  She reached across the table and took Izzie’s hands in her own.  “It’s just you and me Iz, let’s enjoy it.” The redhead smiled as a waiter came to take their order.




The evening had ended uneventful in terms of drama.  The next morning was hectic; Addison had dragged Izzie up and down Fifth Avenue for the perfect dresses for the ball that was rapidly approaching.  The attending had insisted on trying on numerous dresses resulting in dressing room shenanigans.  Izzie had to admit, that part of the shopping trip had been fun at least.  It was a race against time as their flight was due to leave late that afternoon and the two doctors had yet to visit the Forbes-Montgomerys.  Many changing rooms and frolics later, the blonde and the redhead had found themselves on the front steps of Addison’s childhood home once again.  It was clear from their discussions that her parents were accepting of their relationship, despite the dramas including Derek’s impromptu visit, Juliet had finally realised there was nothing Addison felt for Derek and saw how happy Izzie made her only daughter.  She was fond of Izzie, Juliet thought she was feisty which showed in her protectiveness of Addison.  She had a set determination that emanated every time she did something for anyone.  The blonde was caring and gentle as well, a comfortable balance that made her extremely likable, her adorable smile aided that. While the blonde seemed youthful at times, she was worldly in other ways, her experiences having taught her to grow up at a quicker rate, however it was evident the playful blonde hung on to elements of her youth and it had rubbed off on Addison.  The redhead had smiled and laughed more, been carefree in her approach to her life and for the first time in a long time, her career wasn’t her sole focus in life.


The family discussed the incident of the other night, blaming Matthew’s irresponsible temperament on poor judgement and alcohol.  Addison made a point of her brother owing them ‘big time’.  Juliet and Gerard had mentioned on more than one occasion that Matthew felt remorse and terrible guilt over his actions and understood if the couple wanted to press charges. Izzie was torn on the subject but trusted Addison’s judgement, after all, the redhead was a better character witness than herself, she would remain wary of Addison’s brother until he proved to her that he was in fact a decent human being.  She just could not shake off the image of Addison lying motionless before her.  She also still bared war wounds herself, the occasional throb reminding her.  Addison continued to reassure her it didn’t look that bad, but she knew better from the way people would look at her in the street, she had felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman when they had gone shopping that very morning, little did they know she had eight million dollars burning a hole in her bank account. 


Izzie revisited her thoughts once they boarded their west bound flight home.  She thought to herself about the money Denny had left her and what she could do that would benefit other people.  The intern did not feel comfortable keeping it all to herself, besides, Addison was on mega bucks, and it wouldn’t be long before Izzie would be earning a decent wage herself.  Izzie wasn’t particularly fazed by money, she just wanted to provide for her family and ensure they were comfortable, however, given the lifestyle to which Addison was accustomed, she would probably have to be more than savvy with the green stuff.


But it was ok, on paper Addison and Izzie were worlds apart, but in reality they were not that different.  For one they had both used their assets to fund med school, Addison’s family fortune, and Izzie’s amazingly beautiful body.  They had come together through their profession, Addison a leading obstetrician, Izzie her intern student. It was fate that brought them together, that is what they each believed.  The events that had lead to their meeting could not be discounted, Addison cheated on her absent husband who subsequently emigrated to Seattle where he fell into bed and then in love with Izzie’s fellow intern and housemate.  Addison followed her husband to Seattle after Mark had cheated on her, to reconcile and work at her marriage.  It was said marriage and Izzie’s flirtations with Alex Karev and then her ‘relationship’ with Denny Duquette that distanced the two women.  Until one fateful night that led to two women becoming single and alone.  It was merely a matter of time before fate dealt them a winning hand. 


Izzie was jolted awake when the wheels of the plane hit the tarmac.

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